A year without a scientific cape: MPs salute the MP who was killed by COVID-19

scientific cap

Scientific Capo – (Image: Publicity)

With one minute of silence, followed by a round of applause, state representatives remember the death of Cabo Alme (PT) during the plenary session on Tuesday (24th), in the Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso do Sul (ALEMS), who died a year ago as a victim of Covid-19 .

The person initiating the tribute was Representative Amarildo Cruz (PT), who took the vacant Almy position as the first substitute. I want to speak publicly about the first year of the death of Representative Kabu Elmi. A companion, a partner, the status of a human being he has, his generosity, loyalty, humble, simple person, he always upped his story, his family members, I’ve always been a huge fan of that, with tremendous dignity. See the simplicity of the precious things in life. On weekends he would grow cassava with his family. He would go out into the street, and talk to the more humble, and everyone knew him, not because he was a deputy or he was on a campaign, but mainly because he was spending time in the pub, spending a lot of time in the pub, talking to Dona Maria,” he considered.

The President of ALEMS, Representative Paulo Corre (PSDB), added to his friend’s reverence. “For the friendship we all had, the reference of wisdom, humility and patience, the man was born in his simplicity respect. The gentle way in which he treated everyone, I have never seen him change his voice to anyone or do anything against our house. Yes, he vigorously defended the flags, always In favor of modesty. His star shines there, in red for sure,” the President honored.

For Pedro Kemp, in addition to being a wonderful person, my knowledge was a great loss to Pt. “He was an example of a fighter, a humble and simple person, carrying out his combat activity, attended by everyone. He helped those who needed health referrals and social assistance. And the people who lived there, I sat next to him, listening to his cell phone, always with great patience. Leaving our comrade It was a great loss , story. Those who have had the honor of living together know we need politicians like that, with so much idealism and conviction. Kemp asked God all the best he has done in this world.

In the same way, Paolo Duarte (PSB) referred to his colleague. “A very sad day for all of us, we can’t help but mention the rare characteristics in the political environment. The deputy’s humility and discretion. I’ve never had to yell, damn anybody. Today people want to win in yell, in violence, it’s never been like this, I’ve lived With him since he became a member of the council, it has always been this way,” he noted.

In the plenary, Capo’s son Flavio Mora accompanied Alami the honor. For him, Vice Professor Reinaldo (Podemos) thought that Elmi was one of the last politicians to “make his house an extension of the Cabinet”. “No matter the day or the time, he was always helpful, communicating with the most vulnerable. The joy of knowing where he went left his legacy. Knowing that he came from the countryside, was a bus collector, then went to the police, entered politics as an advisor, and came to the council I came with this honor, I ask God to console the family and for the children to follow the path that the father took.”

For Rep. Col. David (PL), Rep. Capo Elmi is also needed. “In terms of the way he acted and the strength with which he defended his point of view. As much as we had clashes in the ideological field, I admired him even for being a brother in uniform. I remember when I was in the General Command, I was surprised one day that he came to talk to me, sitting in the waiting room , I humbly saw him talking to the local police, because not all men do. May God perfect his legacy.”

In the legislature, the Capo Elmi meeting room is named in honor of the former deputy. “Kip of Science is still alive among us. He is very much lost. I want to pay my respects and miss him, even with differing opinions, but in his friendship, and his conduct, as a common man, as the father of a family,” said the First Secretary of the Law Board, Rep. Ze Teixeira (PSDB), His physical absence completes a year, but he’s still among us.

Representative Renato Camara (MDB) referred to the connection to the rules. “He comes with a very beautiful path and has never lost his roots. He continued until his last day defending this community. He leaves many friends, a very powerful story, that inspires a lot of people. May God keep him in the good place he deserves.”

Similarly, Herculano Borges (Republicans) and Barbosina (People’s Party) regained their tracks. “Everyone here has a history with him. I met him when I was running for chancellor, went to take a picture and met him at the reception and we talked a lot. From there we were advisers and then MPs here. He was my friend, he never yelled or kicked, he always respected his convictions,” he said. Herculano: “He lives in our hearts.”

We had the opportunity to promote high quality discussions and debates. He had this ability to expose his thoughts, sometimes contradictory, but at a very high level. Every time I had the opportunity to learn from him, that popular science from the countryside. The man is gone and the legacy remains. It’s nice to see the son here in plenary and to see his father’s feelings for his peers, he is an example to all of us. Barbosina concluded that when the good seed is sown, that legacy remains.”

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