″Morita will be sold″

The Santa Clara president confirmed to O JOGO that the Sporting deal could go ahead this week. The Azores leader stresses the patience of the Lions in the process, stresses that all parties want the negotiations to reach a successful conclusion, and even praises the character of the Japanese player. “I learned from him,” he says.

Morita will not run away from Sporting, this is the main conclusion of Riccardo Pacheco’s speech to O JOGO. The president of the Clube Desportivo Santa Clara hopes that the negotiation process will come to a successful conclusion quickly. “It has not been closed or signed, but the Morita case will be resolved very soon. Some details are missing, which are being studied, but will be implemented soon,” says the leader assigned to the negotiations, stressing that it is not the general meeting on May 27, which could lead to A change in the fate of the Japanese.

Riccardo Pacheco, who remained on the sidelines, confirmed without taking any position regarding the possible dismissal of Ismail Ozon, considering that Moreta will indeed leave.

“There are things that don’t just depend on our will and everything is evaluated, even the payment methods. What I can say is that Sporting were very correct in the negotiation process. We know that Sporting really wants Moreta, Morita wants a lot from Sporting and we want to sell, because we know that it is from The important thing is to make money from our assets. We believe that the situation will be resolved and the deal will be done”, highlights Riccardo Pacheco.

According to O JOGO’s findings, Sporting put forward the initial proposal for the Japanese midfielder, which is an express wish of Robin Amorim. At the moment, there will be approximately 3.8 million euros on the table, and there are still slices depending on the goals. Remember that Santa Clara owns 70% of the player’s passes, and therefore is trying to make the most profit from the deal, which may be the biggest transfer received from the Azoreans. According to the information collected by our newspaper, the plan of the Azoreans is to keep 5% of the ticket, which can subsequently generate an added value in the event of a future sale by Sporting.

Morita is currently in Japan, duly accompanied by his family, and obtained important guarantees from the club before heading for the holidays, as he remained calm with the outcome of the negotiations. The player was invited to the Kawasaki Frontale meeting, the logo from which he departed for the Azores, giving up more than two-thirds of his salary in pursuit of the European dream. Playing in the Champions League, THE GAME wrote in May, is his big dream. “Murita was very right throughout the process. I can say that I learned a lot from him,” praises Ricardo Pacheco.

Action may include assignment of players

Sporting are still packing the house for 2022/23, therefore, they still have to settle in and leave the team. However, according to what O JOGO has learned, there is a possibility that the Lions will talk to Santa Clara about transferring the assets, although this situation should only be after Morita’s official approval.

In the Lions, the priority will be for the loan players to have minutes to develop and, therefore, to study the situations that the Liga clubs desperately need. Good relations allowed Santa Clara to receive Luis Felipe, the unsuccessful Brazilian striker in the Azores, who scored only once for the club in the 12 meetings that took place. In Uvi Crete, the results were different, as she scored eight goals in 13 matches.

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