Zlatan is already facing his death | football

Milan returned to the titles after 11 years, a period when Serie A was one of the most monotonous on the planet – nine”scudetti“Out of a possible ten for Juventus – that’s a nickname for many parents. From Stefano Pioli, the coach who had the time, to Paolo Maldini, ‘il capitano’ has been promoted to sporting director, through Olivier Giroud, the Frenchman who has once again found himself with goals In San Siro, Rafael Leao, the young Portuguesecent a million”, Minyan, the Frenchman who made the “traitor” Donnarumma forget the goal, or Sandro Tonali, the center of gravity in the midfield. But that title is also the son of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the immortal Swedish striker who, at 40, is forced to face his own yard. And you aghast.

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