WRNP begins its 23rd edition to address major technological developments

The National Education and Research Network (RNP) kicked off today (23) the 23rd edition of the RNP Workshop (WRNP 2022) which, for the third time, is 100% Online. The traditional meeting of researchers, professors, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as information technology (IT) and innovation professionals, brings current topics this year such as cybersecurity, Metaverse networks, 5G and 6G networks, artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum. Techniques addressed by Brazilian and international experts.

WRNP aims to bring the public closer to the major technological developments in research and development in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), both within Brazil and abroad. The event is free and will run until tomorrow (24). Entries can be made by Link. The table can be accessed at location.

when talking to Brazil AgencyRNP Research, Development and Innovation Director, Iara Machado, explained that the event has been running since 1999, in parallel with the Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC), organized annually by the Brazilian Computer Society ( SBC), and brings this whole community together. “As an academic network, RNP has a very strong partnership with this community,” said Ira.

During the event, there is an exchange of knowledge, as well as listening to new ideas and proposals and signing new partnerships. “It’s a very important moment for the exchange, where we also have this community involved, to tell us what they’re doing.” Universities, research centers, technology parks, and university hospitals participate “in short, the entire community that uses these systems and follows the technological development.” Ira Machado emphasized that the dialogue is about the future. “We talk a lot about what lies ahead, the new challenges. How to introduce new technologies into teaching and research. This is the main objective of the event,” said the RNP Director. Assess that the event, which deals with research, innovation and advanced internet, has the spirit of innovation start (A company based on emerging technology).


Among the speakers is Lianne Tarocco, a researcher at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and a member of the Internet Hall of Fame. Iara Machado gave an interview to Liane Tarouco this morning (23) about her career path, which followed the developments of the Internet in Brazil. She has been collaborating with RNP for many years.

“She is a partner in the RNP and has been part of building the Internet in Brazil,” explained Ira. Liane’s participation also meant that society appreciated her for her path as a woman who excelled in a predominantly male environment. The first book on computer networks was written by Lian Tarocco in Brazil. I trained more than 150 researchers.” In addition, Liane encouraged other women to enter this technological field. “She encouraged me, she inspired me so much. She is a reference for all of us on a successful career; that possibility exists,” said Ira Machado.

Another special guest at this edition of WRNP 2022 is Walter Willinger, chief scientist at cybersecurity firm Niksun and one of the world’s leading experts in artificial intelligence (AI). Tomorrow (24) Willinger will talk at 9:10 a.m. about advances in artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of computer networking. “How can we use technology in our business,” explained the director. Since Willinger works in the private market, he will be able to see how this area is evolving and how AI can be used on the network.

The program will also address the transformation of quantitative information into market value, opportunities for new generations of mobile networks in academic networks, and how to prepare the workforce for the challenges of accelerating digital transformation and the increasing risks of cyber attacks, among many others. topics.


RNP is a private, non-profit association created with the aim of providing services and operating an academic network, striving to develop the Internet and to provide students and researchers with an advanced virtual space. The RNP is qualified by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) as a social organization and assists the government in implementing public policies. “We are the Brazilian Network for Education and Research, providing secure, high-capacity Internet, personalized services, and promoting innovation projects,” Iara Machado defined. The system includes universities, educational and cultural institutes, research agencies, teaching hospitals, parks and technology centers, benefiting 4 million Brazilian students, professors and researchers.

The network helps bring the Internet to Brazil and currently reaches all units of the Federation. It is also connected to other education and research networks in Latin America, North America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania through terrestrial and marine fiber optic cables. The RNP is maintained by MCTI, along with the Ministries of Education (MEC), Communication (MCom), Tourism (Mtur), Health (MS) and Defense (MD), which participate in the Interministerial RNP Program (PRO-RNP). It is also certified by bodies such as the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), among others.

Iara Machado reports that the management contract with MCTI provides the RNP with resources that are directed toward funding research in this area, through public notifications. Next July, a public notice should be launched, under the R&D and Advanced Services Program, targeting working groups and Startups Which brings innovative projects that can be developed and then converted into services for universities. “These are ideas for us to expand our range of services to provide to universities and research centers.” It is an open innovation programme, in the context of education, research, digital health and also a subject that primarily involves society and the Internet.

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