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Thousands of owners in Spain

Yesterday, Manchester City and AC Milan won the national football titles in England and Italy respectively. After Real Madrid (Spain), Bayern Munich (Germany) and Paris Saint-Germain (France) lifted the cups in the past weeks, the Manchester and Milan logos closed the accounts of the “Big Five”, five major tournaments in Europe.

Let’s go to stock accounts. We open the book with elite unions.

The canvas primarily reveals the motherland of football and the English Premier League, the leader of the European Football Association ranking. The Nationals celebrated the title of English champion, the fourth in Pep Guardiola’s five years as coach. However, they are not the club that often raises their arms to celebrate in the current century.

Equals Chelsea’s number of Londoners (5 during the Abramovich era), two victories behind Manchester United’s neighbors and rivals, a motto embedded in Cristiano Ronaldo’s chest (he added three national titles on his first visit to Old Tradford, from 2006 to 2009). The Red Devils are also the most famous club in Premier League history: 20 trophies, one more than Liverpool’s.

Arsenal (2), the local Beatles and the “poor relative”, added Leicester, who in 2015-2016 wrote one of the most beautiful stories in football, to the group of English champions.

In Spain (La Liga), Real Madrid, eight-time champions since 2000-2001, celebrated their 35th championship and shared dominance in Spanish football with Barcelona (26-time champion). The club that is “Més que um – More than a club”, owned by more than 140,000 members, is, however, the most famous title at the league level in just over two decades: 10 in total. The two clubs are owned by both members in a clear embodiment of democracy in football tones.

Valencia (Peter Lim, Singapore tycoon) and Atletico Madrid (33.96% owned by Aris Management, private equity), twice entered into this rivalry between the main clubs of the two main cities, Madrid and Barcelona.

OA by Agnelli, Audi, Allianz and Adidas

Let’s continue across southern Europe and land in the European boot. Italy (Series A). Eleven years later, Milan returned to celebrate the Chodeto, succeeding neighboring Inter. Rossoneri Rafael Liao, best player in the league and Ibrahimovic (he was in Milan’s last title, in 2011), totaling three in the 21st century, half of whom were conquered by the Nerazzurri. Out of curiosity, each of the field-sharing rivals (São Siro or Giuseppe Meazza, depending on whether Milan or Inter play) have each put their name on the list of champions in Italy since the start of the tournament, away from Juventus 36. Vecchia Signora, owned by The Agnelli family has had eleven championships in the current century, nine of which have been consecutive. Rome gave an air of grace by opening the century with an internal victory, the third in its history.

Travel north. Bundesliga. Bayern Munich celebrated its 10th consecutive championship, a record in the “Big Five”, and 16th place in the accounts under consideration, like many others who triumphed in the back. With 32 national championships, she also has a personal record. Thomas Müller lifted the Meisterschale 11 times, a feat no player had ever aimed for.

Borussia Dortmund (3), Wolfsburg, VFB Stuttgart and Werder Bremen, one each, also entered the German wall of fame.

Arab sheikhs money and American funds

Finally, France. Paris Saint-Germain regained the first division title, which it lost last year to Renato Sanchez Lille, and beat Lyon (7) in the number of local championships in the period under review. The Parisians have won 8 titles (10 in their total history and they are, along with Saint-Etienne, Kings of France) in 11 years of leadership by Nasser Al-Ghanim Khelaifi, CEO of QSI (Qatar Sports Investments), an investment fund linked to the government of Qatar and owner of PSG. The money that was collected between Neymar Jr (100 goals in Paris) and Messi and managed to convince the star Mbappe to stay in Paris.

In addition to Paris Saint-Germain (8) and Lyon (7), six other clubs have won championship titles in the twenty-first century: Lille (2), Bordeaux, Monaco, Montpellier, Nantes and Olympique Marseille (1).

Speaking of ownership, the Arab capital has also been mentioned in Man City by Bernardo Silva, Joao Cancelo and Ruben Dias. In 2008, Abu Dhabi United Group A privacy equality From the United Arab Emirates owned by Sheikh Mansour, he joined the club, and owns the majority of shares in the City Football Group, a holding company based in England with stakes in several clubs.

In Italy, money changes nationality. he is American. The AC Milan Champions have been owned by Elliott Management since spring 2018, after acquiring the club’s capital from Chinese businessman Yonghong Li (successor to Silvio Berlusconi). However, the future could change and RedBird Capital, minority shareholders in Liverpool and the American baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, appear as a serious candidate.

In the most famous club, if the letter “A” of Agnelli is the owner and master of Juventus, in Germany, the Bavarians triple the first letter of the alphabet by three representing three companies, three sponsors and three “owners” and together they have 25% of the club: they are the brand Sportswear, Adidas, Audi Motor Company and Allianz Insurance Group. FC Bayern München AG, a subsidiary, controls the remaining 75%.

The power of the dragon in Portugal and the bull in Austria

Portugal and Liga NOS appear immediately after Group 5. FC Porto, the current season’s champions, have added 12 games since the secular round (30 in total) and are followed by SL Benfica (7), the Eagles whose world record rises to 37 Lisbon Sporting Lisbon. (2) Boavista (one championship in the entire history) complete the list.

In the Netherlands (seventh in the UEFA rankings), the Eredivisie is divided between two teams from two cities: Ajax (Amsterdam), a three-time champion, and PSV (Eindhoven), both of which have won nine titles. In total, the Amsterdam club’s total number of accounts is 36, which is a large distance from the 24 on the walls of Eindhoven. Feyenoord (Rotterdam), Alkmaar (Alkmaar) and Twente (Enschede) all scored in the Champions Stats.

In Austria (Austrian League) money is a sign of bonds. RB Salzburgo, who was christened in 2005 by the energy drink company Red Bull, has been crowned champion seven times (9 consecutive championships). It has lifted the cup 13 times in the last 22 years (15 times if we go back to the name of its parent club, Casino Salzburg) and has begun to steal the dominance of the two Vienna emblems, Rapid (32 national titles) and Austria. From Vienna (24). The green club, Rapid, has been crowned champion twice, minus once its purple neighbors from 2000 to the present. FC Tirol has opened the timeline and soon with a double championship. The city of Graz has contributed to two accidental champions: Grazer AK and Sturm Graz.

Semi-monochrome heroes of Scotland and Greece

Finally, two tournaments for chronic champions. In the Scottish Premier League (Scotland), Celtic regained the title they lost last year to rival Rangers.

Glasgow Catholics have won 16 titles this century, 9 in the past 10 years, a path to victory that has shortened the distance in the historical record. He won 52 championships compared to 55 for the Protestant club (six titles in the last 22 years, a difference explained by the relegation in 2012 to the fourth degree due to bankruptcy. Note to

James Forrest, Green and White Wing: 10 trophies in his personal portfolio. And already renewed.

From the British Isles to a country of more than 200 inhabited islands. In Greece, one team dominated the Premier League. Olympiacos (Athens) was crowned national champion three times and added the 18th title to a museum where 47 champions are counted.

The Greek capital gave two more champions (AEK, 1 and Panathinaikos, 2) and Thessaloniki (PAOK) only once entered the list of winners.

Pep Guardiola, more headlines. Ancelotti, “Big Five” champion

The proposed flight would not be complete without looking at the men sitting on the seat. In this regard, two coaches have stood out from the rest in the twenty-first century. Spanish and Italian.

Pep Guardiola counts four English leagues, all with City, three in Germany (Bayern Munich) and the same number in Spain with Barcelona. In all, 10 national titles in three “Big Five” tournaments.

Carlo Ancelotti reached an unprecedented feat at Real Madrid when he became the first coach to win the national titles of the five biggest leagues on the continent: LaLiga (Spain, Real Madrid), English Premier League (England, Chelsea), Serie A (Italy). Milan), Bundesliga (Germany, Bayern Munich) and Ligue 1 (France, Paris Saint-Germain).

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