White Eagle invests in technology to improve bus travel

With the increase in airline tickets, bus travel has gained more space among travelers and has also become the most attractive option for Brazilians. This is demonstrated in a study of consumption habits conducted by Marcopolo in partnership with Orbit DatScience.

For 64% of Brazilians, the bus is the most preferred mode of transportation for intercity or interstate travel.

In addition to being a practical and generally cheaper mode of transportation compared to airfares, the bus has the advantage of easy ticket purchase. Especially when companies facilitate the buying process and payment methods.

With Águia Branca, for example, a traditional airline in Espírito Santo, it is possible to travel with a digital ticket Without the need to print or go to an agency to validate the ticket.

If you purchased a bus ticket through the site, The route is more practical: just provide the QR code at the time of boarding, along with the identification document. There is also possible to access discount coupons, such as TAON30, which give 30% on a return ticket to any destination, including the most popular sectors such as From Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro And From Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo.

There is also the possibility of getting a percentage of the investment in the buyback with the cashback function. However, the company recommends that the safest way to save is to buy in advance.

Go with everything. Go with the white eagle

Nothing is better than choosing a destination and making sure the company is there Best rates and convenience also work on site. Águia Branca serves more than 700 venues throughout Brazil and offers offers bus ticket In Minas Gerais, Espiritu Santo, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Alagoas and Sergipe.

Bus journey differences: safety, comfort and practicality

What makes the bus journey experience enjoyable is a host of factors that range from values ​​to comfort, cleanliness and safety. Of course, prices are often decisive, but there are companies that are distinguished by thinking also about the needs and comfort of travelers.

For long trips, comfortable chairs are essential, for example. Also, having a variety of seats makes it easy to choose the best seat. The types of armchairs offered by Águia Branca are bed, semi-bed, bed, traditional and executive. TheThe vehicles also feature the latest technology, such as the G8 model, which features comfortable, ergonomic seats, Wi-Fi and individual USB ports.

With regard to baggage, travelers from the company also receive up to 3 kg of excess baggage free of charge. It should be noted that according to the law, a passenger can carry up to 30 kg in the trunk of the car and 5 kg inside the bus.

In addition to these advantages, there is the possibility of taking the pet to the final destination without bureaucracy. Specific rules for traveling with animals can be accessed here. In order for everyone to feel safe, The company offers the tool to share the trip in real time with the people near you. Simply enter the service code on your boarding pass.


Who is the white eagle?

Viação Águia Branca was the first company to form part of the Águia Branca group and became a reference in road transport. It currently carries about 10 million passengers annually, across 347 interstate and intercity lines. There are more than 3,700 direct and indirect jobs and 350 points of sale, both internal and external, spread across the seven states in which the company operates.

In 2011, it won the Best Practices Award for Road Passenger Transportation (ANTP/ABRATI) in the “Social and Environmental Responsibility” category. One of the most prominent sustainable measures is the internal policy for the reuse of water used to wash the company’s buses.

The initiative provides a 50% reduction in water consumption and also reuses 31.2 million liters annually, which will fill 12 Olympic swimming pools. Another measure is to use rainwater in some garages for car washes and changing rooms.

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