What is still missing to match?

Credit: Victor Szabo/Pexels

Brazilian clubs are still not exploring the full potential of their brands on social networks like YouTube and Instagram (Credit: Viktor Szabó/Pexels)

Professional football is synonymous with billionaire numbers around the world. And more and more. In Brazil, in particular, the current season marks the entry of the sport into the country at levels never seen before. On the other hand, we had the first two clubs to announce their budgets with revenues in the billions. Flamengo, with R$1.081 billion and a surplus of R$177 million, is the largest in its history. Palmeiras, which reached the billionaire’s house, with revenues of 972 million Brazilian riyals and a surplus of 123 million Brazilian riyals. On the other hand, global players are diving into the coveted sports market. Amazon Prime, the retailer’s streaming service, began streaming Copa do Brasil games this year. The company already broadcasts the best European leagues.

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Another turning point occurs in social networks. The 10 most popular clubs in Brazil, according to a 2019 (latest) Datafolha poll show that of the 160 million Brazilians over the age of 16, Flamengo leads the number of fans. The standings with a margin of error of two points are as follows (club / percentage of fans / number of fans):

Flamingo 20% 32.0 million

Corinthians 14% 22.4 million

Sao Paulo 8% 12.8 million

Palm 6% 9.6 million

Cruzeiro, Gremio and Vasco 4% 6.4 million

Inter-RS and Santos 3% 4.8 million

Atlético-MG 2% 3.2 million

The official YouTube channels offer exclusive content that attracts some of these fans. The most telling case is that of Santos, who has the equivalent of 23% of her fans who are also connected to the platform. Next comes Flamingo (20%) and Palmeiras (18%). In the ranking of the same ten clubs (the club / YouTube followers / percentage in relation to the total number of fans) we have the following position.

Flamingo 6.5 million 20%

Corinthians 1.6 million 7%

São Paulo 1.6 million 12%

Nakheel 1.7 million 18%

cruise 489 thousand 7%

Syndicate 800 thousand 12%

Vasco 1 million 15%

Inter-RS 330 thousand 7%

Santos 1.1 million 23%

Atlético-MG 537 A 17%

And to the extent that there are positive examples, it is still not possible to compete with the world leader in this dispute, the official channel of Barcelona, ​​​​which has 13.4 million subscribers, twice the number of subscribers of its rival Real Madrid (7.7 million). On Instagram, the national fight brings up a phenomenon called Atlético-MG. The club has 2.3 million followers on the channel, which is equivalent to 72% of all its fans over the age of 16 who are subscribed to the social network. In absolute numbers, Flamengo is still ahead, with 13.3 million people linked to its official account. The arrangement is like this:

Flamingo 13.3 million 41%

Corinthians 7.2 million 32%

Sao Paulo 4.3 million 33%

Nakheel 3.9 million 40%

cruise 1.9 million 29%

Syndicate 2.2 million 34%

Vasco 1.8 million 28%

Inter-RS 1.6 million 33%

Santos 1.8 million 37%

Atlético-MG 2.3 million 72%

Worldwide, Real Madrid (117 million) and Barcelona (108 million) have nearly five times more followers combined than the population of Spain (47 million). Paris Saint-Germain, which has never won the Champions League, has nearly 60 million people on its Instagram account. These are examples of how consistent performance in the digital channels of national brands can be transformed into global clubs.

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