‘Um bro’ or ‘plane flight with grandma’: CTT has already started receiving messages to Santa Claus and ensures that everyone is answered

The initiative, which began in the 1980s, aims to engage children in the “magic” of Christmas and has a team of Santa Claus helpers who strive to answer all the messages they receive each year.

CTT – Correios de Portugal has already started receiving letters written by many children from all over the country addressed to Father Christmas, which are delivered to them “automatically”. This year, the company expects to receive about 160,000 messages, to which an official from the CTT team of Santa Claus helpers, who sends out 900 to 1,000 response messages per day, respond.

Speaking to CNN Portugal, Miguel Salema Garso, Director of Communications at CTT, said that this initiative appeared in the 1980s, when the company began to notice that at this time, a large number of correspondence appeared in its distribution network, that is, in mailboxes. , addressed to Santa Claus. “It was a group of unsealed letters addressed to Lapland, Belém, in short, to the most varied destinations, letters which came in envelopes and contained writings or drawings written by children,” he recalls.

Since then, the company has realized that this could be an opportunity to “transform the children’s birthday”, involve them in the “magic” of the court and, in this sense, began to mobilize a team to help Santa Claus, “in response to all the letters that came to them”. This is how “Santa’s Office” was born, where seven Santa Claus helpers work “full-time to ensure all children get an answer” through a service completely free of charge.

“This project, at this time of year, has its own dynamics, therefore, there is a group of assistants who are in our production and logistics center, in Lisbon, and the assistants who are workers from the CTT world and who do this work by receiving, identifying and after processing the data before responding On messages,” Miguel Salima explained.

Monica Lisboa, a Santa Claus assistant at CTT who has been working on the project for 16 years, added that so far, the team has received 17,000 messages. On a day, between 1,500 and 2,000 letters are delivered to the CTT of Santa Claus, and requests vary according to age, explained Monica Lisbon, who adds that children from the age of three have already started sending letters to Santa Claus, and there are also those who do so at the age of 13 .

“It all depends on the age group. There are some who ask for educational games, modular pasta. (…) Older ones ask for computer games,” he numbered, adding, then, that it is also common to have some unusual requests, such as ” Bro for Dads” or “A Plane Trip with Grandma”.

Christmas tree at CTT

This year, the official said, the company expects to receive about 160,000 letters addressed to Santa Claus, a number “received over the years.” “Sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more, but, in a rough sense, there are about 160,180,000 letters written by children and sent to Father Christmas,” said Miguel Salima.

Despite the large volume of messages delivered, the company guarantees that there is no message left unanswered – as long as it is correctly identified: “Most messages have the sender in the envelope, and therefore, it becomes much easier [a resposta]. Therefore, all those who come with a sender that is visible, legible and identifiable, we take the opportunity to give Santa Claus the possibility to respond.”

Speaking to CNN in Portugal, Monica Lisbon said “between 900 and 1,000 characters” are sent per day. For Santa Claus’s assistant in the CTT, this is a “very satisfying feat”, as it allows the “Christmas illusion” to continue.

He added, “This is a very complicated month, full of euphoria, but everything is working 100%, (…) there is a whole teamwork behind it.”

Miguel Salima noted that after receiving the correspondence, “it takes a few days” to respond “about “five or six”, during which it is necessary to carry out a “full process of treatment and response.” However, this is a “dynamic and easy process”, he considered, not least because “messages do not all arrive at the same time, they arrive throughout the month, and sometimes, [a receção] It extends to the Day of the Three Kings”, which is celebrated on January 6.

Bearing in mind that “this is indeed the second Christmas” being celebrated in the middle of the pandemic, CTT stated, in a statement, that response messages would “add a small token gift,” without saying, however, what it would be, in order to “not spoil the surprise.”

Christmas gifts in CTT store

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