Tondela boss wants ‘more than ever’ support for return to I Liga – Observer

This Monday, the Tondela president asked “more than ever” for the club’s support to return, early next year, to League I football, on the day the Tondela mayor welcomed the team.

I will ask, now more than ever, of all the fans, to the whole Temple, to all the people who are friends of Tondela, to the whole Temple who has always accompanied me and continues to accompany me, if they have helped me even now, if they are present, now write your name In large letters, because we will fight again,” pleaded Gilberto Coimbra.

The President of Clube Desportivo do Tondela (CDT) was speaking in the main hall of the Tondela City Council, where the President, Carla Antunes Borges, and the rest of the Executive received the entire structure of the club to be honored for doing so. Reached the final of the Portuguese Cup and for seven consecutive years in the first league.

We will help in the fight, the skilled masses will be with us and all the partners. If there are a thousand now, there must be two, three, four or five thousand, in order to bring the club back to the first Spanish league.‘ continued the chief.

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Gilberto Coimbra admitted that “this time it fell to Tondela” and recalled that he “said many times” that the club “achieved the championship of suffering”, bearing in mind that he only guaranteed maintenance at the end of the tournament and lamented “the absence of any Cristiano Ronaldo” in team, but make it clear “The club has not taken a step bigger than its legs”.

The club president admitted that he had a meeting with SAD president David Bellinguer on Tuesday to start preparations for next season, as he wants Tondella’s return “quickly, preferably next year”. I League.

“I was ready to help with whatever was necessary, so that, if possible, the return to the bigger football league would be quick, if possible, in the current year, because a year, two, three years in the second league, it is no longer a team of the first and a club of the second, And it became even more difficult,” he defended.

At the club reception, on the part of the municipal executive, there was still no shortage of words of mutual thanks for “the support and pride”, at a ceremony the mayor said was a form of “Repay what the CDT did, for Tondela, to the citizens, but also to a region, the center region, the region of Beira”.

“Thank you for getting the name Tondela out of doors every day and also allowing national and international recognition of Tondela and its citizens, and when they see the name Tondela they always want to visit Tondela and, best of all, get to know Tondela.”

Carla Antunes Borges admitted that Tondela “is one of the ambassadors” of the peoples of the region, “for the center of business, associations, individuals and, above all, values” that she said had been defended.

“The values ​​of competitiveness, perseverance, never giving up, never giving up and above all, Be proud of who we are and what we stand for“, defend.

For his part, captain Joao Pedro said Tondela’s players “always felt and were proud to represent” the club they’ve been through, also leaving a complementary word for the fans, “who, over the years, have always had exemplary behaviour.

“yesterday [domingo]In Jamor, at the party they had, they had a huge “fair play”, because there was nowhere, and it was never heard, that our fans created a bad vibe or bad atmosphere anywhere, and that is also a cause for pride for the club, for the city and for the region.”

Pride was also a word often used by coach Nuno Campos, who did not praise the institutions, players, fans and “all people” and, therefore, and “no matter what the future” assumed, that from now on he would “always celebrate all the victories of Tondela”.

The CEO paid a tribute to all elements of the club, writing that “the municipality appreciates all the work, dedication and commitment of the Portuguese Football Federation” and that “being in the Portuguese Cup final was an unforgettable moment for the municipality and the Tondela region.”

In return, the CDT offered the local authority an official jersey and ball signed by all the athletes.

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