The new PS Plus – the first cult classics and exotics in the catalog

The new PlayStation Plus will be available in a month in Europe, but gamers in Asia will already have access to Sony’s new version of the service this week. As we look forward to announcing more classics and games for this new era of subscription service, there are already some classics and eps worth mentioning.

This is a list for those who want suggestions outside of multiplayer games, the different titles that had an impact on their original releases. There are a number of offbeat titles on this initial PlayStation menu, and if you’re looking for something that won’t show up, go for it.

Transfer of Ownership

Originally released on PS4 in 2016, Alienation is one of the best Housemarque games, and probably the best before Returnal arrived. If you woke up to the Finnish studio with the arrival of this game on PS5, you can not miss this title in the form of an isometric two-stick shooter with RPG mechanics that can be played in a cooperative mode of up to 4 players. There is still a lot of fun.

Concrete harvest

It’s another game from the PS4 era and it was already available as a new monthly PS Plus version, but we can’t let it go. There is nothing quite like this cool and relaxing game from Pixelopus. It is a game about using art to overcome life’s problems, it deals with things like bullying and in addition to the beautiful visual style, it has a captivating soundtrack.

Gravity Rush 2

I could list the first game here, but the sequel also serves to illustrate PlayStation Japan Studios’ latest effort and the silliness they’ve brought this home. The vast majority of hardcore video game fans are familiar with this name, but it has completely escaped the masses and we can’t help but honor PlayStation Japan Studios with the mention of this Kat series and gravity manipulation.

just run away

Ape Escape was one of the first major original series developed by Japanese PlayStation studios and this 3D game is the first in a series that featured prominently in the company’s early generations. We haven’t had a new Ape Escape game since 2010 and the monkey business is starting to get serious, so we’re recommending this classic in the hope that the rest of the series will come to PS Plus, especially since the younger ones deserve to know Ape Escape.

Intelligent Intelligence Qube

These days, it’s very difficult to explain a game like IQ Intelligent Qube, but back in 1997, this puzzle game really liked it. Available on demo discs, this game is something that few people remember with particular fondness, and encourages a mixture of quick thinking and action, resulting in an experience that at the time was as simple as it was great.

dark cloud

Before Ni No Kuni, Professor Layton, Yo-kai Watch, Inazuma Eleven, Snack World, Dragon Quest 8 or even Rogue Galaxy, level 5 became known to the world using the Dark Cloud. This was a launch game for PS2, an action RPG that already includes city-building elements and many mechanisms that later became important in the company’s games and series. It all started here and deserves attention.

LocoRoco Remastered

LocoRoco is another series from PlayStation Japan Studios that shows the world the disdain that abounded in Sony Interactive Entertainment. This colorful platformer game gives you the rhythm and cool gameplay of LocoRoco to beat challenges and complete levels. It is a pleasure to play this game and something special about it.

Asura’s wrath

Released in 2012 for PS3, Asura’s Wrath is a unique Capcom experience and perhaps one of the biggest risks this generation has taken. So far and ever since, the company hasn’t done anything like Asura’s Wrath, which can only be described as an interactive anime, really epic and crazy.


We’ve already started repeating ourselves a lot, but the truth is that the most unusual and out of the ordinary experiences developed on PlayStation have come from Japan Studio. Released in 2008 for PSP and PS3 consoles, the game challenges you to move the stage until the character reaches their destination. This puzzle game with a perspective as the main gameplay tool can only be seen as an odd title in the PlayStation catalog, which arrived long before Monument Valley became a worldwide hit on mobile.

doll engine

One of Japan Studio’s last great original games (yes, another one) was released for the PS3 console and we’re still wondering why it didn’t receive an updated version for a newer console. It’s a platform title that marks a great moment in the PlayStation journey on PS3. He deserves a lot of affection.

Is raining

Developed by Sony in conjunction with Acquire, rain has become another “weird” in the PlayStation catalog over the years. Released in digital format only in Europe, Rain takes you to Paris and invites you to discover a very sad experience, and its main gameplay mechanic is that only when it is flooded with rain do all the characters appear. It is a great game and full of good moments.

Tokyo jungle

In 2012, PlayStation presented the world with the animal survival action game for PS3. This game takes you to Tokyo, which has become a jungle after the disappearance of humans. In animal control, you will have to survive and follow the journeys to gradually discover what happened. It’s surreal.

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