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Hypnotherapist Shawn Resnick, 44, from Victoria, Australia, has always dreamed of becoming a father. Since he was 24 years old, when he announced that he is gay, he has been searching for the perfect partner to start a family. At the age of forty, disappointed, Sean decided to become a single parent and began looking for alternatives. Right before the baby was born, he realized he was in love with his friend Sean – and today the two are raising little Ellie together.

Parents pose with their son after birth via surrogacy (Image: Playback/Instagram/Shawn Resnick)

Parents pose with their son after birth via surrogacy (Image: Playback/Instagram/Shawn Resnick)

In an interview with Kidspot, Shaun – who was the first single man from Victoria, Australia, to have given birth to a child through surrogacy – said only another man had obtained consent to have a child through surrogacy for his life. “When I started looking for a surrogate, I wasn’t excited. I was scared,” he said. “The father found three women who agreed to have his child, but all three were forbidden for legal reasons.” “I was devastated more and more. I cried a lot.”

Sean then travels to Melbourne to meet Carla, who was expecting a child from another couple. “We became close friends and mentors during our two-year surrogacy journeys,” he explained. After giving birth to the third child I had as a surrogate, Carla told me, ‘Don’t stress, I’ll hold your baby for you. “I cried a lot, she’s a wonderful human being,” he said, anguished.

Egg donor Brie also became a great friend of Sean and was present when Carla found out she was pregnant in July 2021. “The three of us met in a park. Carla peed on a stick and put it in her pocket, so we could look at it together,” he remembers, laughing. “When we saw the lines that indicated a positive result, we jumped up and down and we were hydrated,” he continued.

Four months before little Eli Michael was born, he started looking differently at his best friend, Sean. “We dated once before, to no avail, but this time the timing was perfect for both of us. I knew he wanted to be a dad and he would be great at it, but it was a huge turnaround to allow him to be a part of this journey that was totally mine.”

On March 22 of this year, three and a half years after Sean began his search for a surrogate, Carla gave birth. “I put my hand on his head as soon as he began to be crowned and born in my arms. It was pure joy. As I cut the umbilical cord, I felt like a chapter was approaching and a new chapter was beginning,” Shaun said.

The father further stated that he couldn’t be happier to share his fatherly journey with Sean. “He will be called ‘Dad’ and I will also be called ‘Dad.’ We plan to legally adopt Sean Ellie.”

Sean wants Carla and Brie to continue to be a part of Baby’s life, too. “I purposely searched for an egg donor and a local surrogate because I wanted my son to have a relationship with the moms-to-be. Ellie could call Brie ‘Mama Brie’ and Carla would be like Auntie. I finally have the family I’ve always wanted and it’s so sweet.”

In Brazil, what does the law say?

In Brazil, Belly Solidarity has been approved since 2017, including for single parents. “Free will is key. Embryologist Philip Wolff, of Clínica Genics, explained in an interview that people want to donate, they want to have independent production, and we often run into situations of people who don’t want a partner, they just want to be parents with CRESCER.

According to Philip, this is already common in the US and Europe, but since there is no financial involvement in Brazil, the process takes longer. “We’re crawling in that direction, but we’re already beginning to break out of a restricted situation and open up a range of options for people who can’t get pregnant,” he says.

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