The ball – start well, finish poorly: Portugal lose but are in the “quarter” (under 17)

Portugal qualified for the quarter-finals of the European Under-17 Championship, which is being held in Israel.

Despite the defeat incurred on Monday afternoon, against Denmark (1-3), in the third and final round of the fourth group, the team managed from corner kicks to qualify for the second place of the group, and in this way it will face. Spain will participate in the quarter-finals of the competition, in a match scheduled for next Thursday.

Even Jose Lima’s men took the initiative, when Ivan Lima, in the 30th minute, ran from the left flank and opened the scoring, but the North side turned around in the second half, thanks to goals from Narty, Hansborg-Sorensen and Luís Gomes with his own goal, thus not winning the game Not only did he manage to win the group and move forward in the competition.

Remember the game movie:

end of the match! Portugal 1 Denmark 3.

A minimum of 6 minutes of extra time has been added for this second half.

90 + 1 min: Substitution in Portugal, with the departure of Ivan Lima, to enter Ossumani Dagalo.

90 minutes: A goal from Denmark! The free kick taken by Peskov and Luis Gomez, unfortunately, puts the ball in his own goal. 1-3.

88th minute: Leonardo Barroso yellow card.

86th minute: Sahsah’s cross from the right side and Hansborg-Sorensen’s shot was saved by Diogo Fernandes for a corner.

84th minute: An excellent pass from Ivan Lima and Vivaldo Semedo, who are already in the area, with the left foot for an excellent intervention by Sander, who rejected the equalizer for the Portuguese striker.

81 min: Substitution in Denmark with E. Hojlund leaving the Simmelhack entrance.

78 minutes: Substitution in Portugal, with the departure of Rafael Luis, to enter Joao Gonçalves.

70 minutes: A goal from Denmark! Hansborg-Sorensen, unmarked by the left, entered the Portuguese area and scored 1-2.

67 min: Double substitution in Denmark, with the departures of O. Hojlund and Fraulo, for the entrance of Byskov and Bakhit.

66 minutes: A double substitution in Portugal, with the departures of Jose Rodriguez and Rodrigo Ribeiro, for the entrances of Vivaldo Semedo and Afonso Moreira.

62nd minute: A goal from Denmark! Sohasa and Narti’s pass, close to the penalty mark, ended 1-1.

61 min: Leonardo Barroso penetrated the left flank, and already in the area, the Portuguese full-back hits the ball from the right post of Sander’s goal.

60th minute: Leonardo Barroso and Rodrigo Ribeiro cross from the left side in the middle of the area with a head slightly to the side of Sander’s goal.

The beginning of the second part!

Portugal’s forecast today was more than usual, but this strategy is paying off. In addition, there is also an advantage from Denmark, which is trying to make a living trying to move forward in this European Championship.

After an initial period of greater balance, the Danes wanted to take on the challenge, which ended up being fatal to them. All because, in a quick transition, after an excellent long pass from Leonardo Barroso, Ivan Lima ran to the left at high speed, and after entering the area already hit with his left foot for 1-0.

Denmark sensed the Portuguese goal, but tried to respond immediately, and some dangerous arrivals came close to Diego Fernandez, who showed himself attentive whenever called for an intervention.

This advantage of the Queens team ended up increasing the convenience of the competition’s quarter-final qualification calculations, remembering that the lottery is enough for Jose Lima’s men to stamp the passport for the next stage.

interval! Portugal 1 Denmark 0.

A minimum of two minutes of extra time has been added to this first half.

43 minutes: Jose Rodriguez is yellow card.

42 minutes: E. Hojlund and Hansborg-Sorensen pass, down the left wing, shot in the first time, into the side net.

32nd minute: A cross pass from the right side of O. Hojlund and Nartey, in the frontal area, already inside the area, hits the Diogo Fernandes goal.

30 minutes: Portugal’s goal! A long pass by Leonardo Barroso and Ivan Lima, after another blast in the left lane, entered the area and, in Sander’s face, hit with his left foot to make the score 1-0.

29th minute: Rafael Lewis, on the edge of the area, hits hard with his left foot, but Sander, in a good position, hit the ball.

20 minutes: Excellent singles play by Ivan Lima, left, with a cross heading to Jose Rodriguez who hit with his left foot for a beautiful intervention from Sander, from a corner kick.

13th minute: Hansburg Sorensen cross pass from the left flank, Diogo Fernandez did not hold back at first, but the Portuguese goalkeeper ended up shining immediately, depriving Sahsah of the goal who shot at the entrance to the small area. Excellent interference in the number 12 corner team.

12 min: O. Hojlund, on the edge of the area, gives the Danes the first danger signal, but a shot ends up crossing the crossbar.

The first 10 minutes were very balanced, with the teams studying each other. The match was played mainly in the middle, so there was no dangerous approach to any of the goals.

Match start!

Portugal: Diogo Fernandez, Joao Conceicao, Luis Gomez, Diogo Montero cLeonardo Barroso, Joao Veloso, Rafael Luis, Dario Isogo, Rodrigo Ribeiro, Jose Rodriguez and Ivan Lima

Alternatives: Francisco Silva, Joao Muniz, Osumani Dagalo, Martim Fernandez, Manuel Mendonca, Afonso Moreira, Thiago Andrade, Vivaldo Semedo and Joao Gonçalves

Coach: Jose Lima

Denmark: Sander, Frolio, Fra Jensen, Nebo, Grosso, O’Hoglund and Beck cNartey, Sahsah, E. Hojlund and Hansborg-Sorensen

Alternatives: Andreessen, Bekhit, Bondergaard, Simelhak, Jensen, Peskov, Wagner, Kvist and Mank

Coach: Kenneth Madsen

to rule: Igor Stoichevsky (North Macedonia)

Auxiliaries: Daniel Vasilevsky (North Macedonia) and Khachatur Hovhannisyan (Armenia)

Fourth ruling: Gökçen Ikshaga (Albania)

There really is a difference!

Remember, Portugal reached this round with two victories in the same number of matches, after beating Scotland (5-1) and Sweden (4-2).

The team coached by Jose Lima has a double chance to advance in the competition: a win or a draw automatically guarantees the next stage.

Portugal will play Denmark this afternoon (6 pm), in the third and final round match of Group D of the European Under-17 Championship, which will be held in Israel. BOLA online will tell you all about this match that could seal the corner set’s qualification for the quarter-finals of the competition.

Good afternoon!

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