Sporting beat Benfica to win the Portuguese Cup

The Sporting won, on Saturday, the Portuguese Cup after beating rivals Benfica (4-3), in a match that was linked to the series from the first minute to the last minute. In the 24th edition of the Queen’s Contest, Lions ended up winning and won their ninth cup to their history.

The Lions continued to win, with a goal opening soon, and extended their lead soon after, but saw the opponent score two goals in 18 seconds and equalize the match before the break.

In the second half, the Eagles managed to complete a somersault on the scoreboard, but there was a new turn at Sinnis and it was Sporting who smiled after the final whistle.

With this achievement, Sporting won the Queen’s Championship for the fourth time in a row, and is even the club with the most Portuguese Cups (9). Benfica, in turn, has seven titles, but has not won any of them this season in 2016-2017.

live report

40′- The match ends in Sines! Sporting defeats rivals Benfica (4-3) and wins the Portuguese Cup!

The last minutes of the Portuguese Cup final. anything could happen…

35′- Target! Thomas Baku scored two goals and Sporting returned to the front of the scoreboard (4-3)!

34′- Defend Andre Sousa! Benfica goalkeeper prevented Cardinal from putting Sporting in the lead after a free kick from 10 meters!

31′- Guitta stops Arthur’s “bomb”! A very strong shot from the Benfica player, but the Lyon goalkeeper was in a good position.

29′- Goal! Esteban was in the right place to turn the ball into the goal and restore parity (3-3)!

28′- Rocha hits the pole! The Benfica player was on the verge of completing a hat-trick.

26′- The Cardinal hits the crossbar! What a danger! Sporting almost put a tie on the scoreboard again!

“Game madness” in the pockets! Benfica managed to turn the tables with a goal of 20 seconds in the second half.

21′- Target! Roca scores two goals and Benfica (3-2) jumps to the top!

21′- The match resumes in Sines! The second part of Benfica-Sporting is already playing!


20′ – Clutch! Benfica and Sporting tied in the cup final. Even the Lions seemed to be in control of everything, but they saw the Eagles score two goals in one go and the equaliser returned to the scoreboard. Everything is decided in the second part in Sines!

19′ – Eric shoots to the side!

19′- Joao Matos kicks off hard, but Andre Sousa hunts without problems!

15′- Target! Rocha also scored and Benfica equalized the match (2-2) in less than a minute!

15′- Target! Chichkala reduces the disadvantage of Benfica (1-2)!

14′- Target! Merlim shoots and Eric Mendonca deviates to Sporting the second goal (2-0)!

13′ – Merlin next door! Great move by Sporting, but the shot went out of no way.

11′- Another great save by Andre Sousa! This time it was Cavanato who saw the goal to be avoided.

11′- What a rescue for Andre Sousa! Cardinal’s powerful and low shot, but the Benfica goalkeeper went all out to avoid Sporting’s second goal.

9′- Polita hits the post! Sporting was about to expand the lead…

6′- Cavanato runs strong, but for Andre Souza.

6′- Martim Figueira, Benfica’s substitute goalkeeper, shows the yellow card for the protests.

5′- Romulo is once again on the cusp of goal! Benfica responds to the disadvantages…

4′- Romulo shoots in the air! Benfica was on the verge of a tie!

1′- Target! Thomas Baku opened the scoring after just nine seconds and put Sporting (1-0) ahead!

1′- Roll the ball into the pockets! The Futsal Cup Final is already playing!

starting teams

Benfica: Andre Sousa, Romulo, Robinho, Ivan Chichkala and Rocha.

Substitutes: Martim Figueira, Afonso Jesus, Arthur, Rafael Henmi, Nelson, Bruno Sintra, Carlos Monteiro and Jacari.

Sporting: Guitta, João Matos, Merlin, Cavinato, and Tomás Paçó.

Substitutes: Bernardo Paco, Cardinal, Eric, Poletta, Pani Varela, Cayo Ruiz, Esteban


This Saturday is the day of the Lisbon Futsal Derby…in Cinés. Benfica and Sporting will face each other, this evening, in the final of the Portuguese Cup and only one of them will be able to win the Queen’s competition.

The Eagles reached this decisive stage after defeating Maritimo (3-2) in the semi-finals and Caxenas (3-1) in the “quarters”, while the Lions sealed their presence in the final after eliminating Quinta dos Lombos (4-2). ) and Candoso (9-2).

Follow, live, the report of the match between Benfica and Sporting, in sports per minute From 8 pm in the Sense Multipurpose Suite.

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