Penalty double: Porto beat Tondela in Jamor – football

On Sunday, Porto won the ninth double by joining the 18th Portuguese Cup to the championship title, after beating Tondila in Jamor 3-1, in a match with two penalty kicks that sparked some controversy.In the clash of opposites, with the champion and one of the teams relegated to League Two, there was a one-way match, i.e. Niasse goal.
The Dragons provided a bobble and themed soccer ball. It was easy to see that the tactic identified by Sergio Conceicao was to score early. The Tondileans played with the weapon they had: their hearts. Organizers of defense, they made unity and solidarity their main weapon. did not arrive.Bibi was in the first dangerous situation, but ended up asking for a penalty kick from Sagnan. The judge ordered him to continue, but apparently it was a mistake.
It didn’t take long and VAR was called up again. This time with the hand of Marcelo Alves when he was jumping with Ottavio. After watching the move on the stadium TV, Rui Costa awarded the penalty kick, which Taremi converted and fired FC Porto for another victory. However, the Iranians seem to be in an irregular situation.After his loss, Tondela was forced to search for other lands. He stretched the blanket, but never managed to upset Marchesin, the Argentine goalkeeper who always played in the cup. He explains 75 percent of ball possession in this first half.In the supplementary phase, Porto kept his foot on the accelerator. After a two-episode tie between Niasse and Pepê, Vitinha upped the Dragons advantage, wrapping up a good mix with Pepê.Winger Pepê was unstoppable and earned another penalty for the Whites and the Blues, after picking up a light touch from Sagnan on the shoulder.
Taremi wanted to score the maximum penalty kick, but he hit the post, wasting the state of the sovereign goal.In one of his few attacking strikes, Tondela reduced the score to 2-1 by Neto Borges. But Tondilian fans were still celebrating in the stands, while Taremi regained the lead with two goals, after a superb pass from Ottavio. An undeniable victory.

Positive and negative:

Sergio Pisa in the double
On Sunday, coach Sérgio Conceição became the first FC Porto coach to win the Portuguese Championship and Cup twice in the same season. The Porto coach has reworked the feat he achieved in the 2019/20 season.

So much soul, little lung
Tondela, frustrated by the relegation to the second division, could not implement the plan to stop the champion. A duel between David and Goliath. The defensive wall can only hold out for 20 minutes. There was a soul and a heart, but everything else was missing.

Arbitration: Controversial penalties

Three shots on the penalty shootout and the referee ruled two, which sparked controversy. In the first, Taremi appears to be off-putting and in the second, Sagnan’s touch on Pepê is light. In the 8th minute, there was a penalty kick for Pepe, but the referee ordered the start of the match.

“I gladly climbed another 300 steps.”

“Records are valuable when we win titles. This year we have the two most important domestically. We are happy about that,” said Sergio Conceicao, having become the first Portuguese coach to do two singles leagues and it didn’t cost him even to go up the Jamor stairs: “I cut nearly 20 km and climbed another 300 degrees with pleasure. ”

‘We left a positive picture’
“It is a final that we will remember for the positive things, we got here. He should enjoy it. We could not discuss the match until the end but we left a positive image,” Tondela coach Nuno Campos said this Sunday, adding: “It was a pity that we did not We can give this trophy to our fans. We believed until the end.”

An inspiring trio helping Taremi solve the problem

The Marchesin He didn’t offer a single defense. Crazy exit in 34 minutes.
The Joao Mario He was not very effective in supporting the attack and left the opponent on his back in the Tondela goal.
The Mpemba A big farewell with no wasted movement and a quick fold in the folds.
The baby At this level it is no surprise that he is the oldest field player to ever win the cup.
The increase There are no bargaining bugs, but it doesn’t have much effect on the attack.
The Gruich The king and master of midfield. Several balls were recovered, as in 3-1.
The Vitinha He helped raise the level of the team in the second half. The combination with Pepê for 1-2 is perfect.
The baby – He missed a goal in the 49th minute, but made up for it with a Wittenha pass to score and win the second penalty kick.
The Octavio – Best dragon until the first half. He won a penalty, made a crucial cut in his area, and even set the ball up for Taremi to score twice.
The Al-Tarimi – It’s true he missed a penalty when it hit the post, but he made another kick and it was a great 3-1 finish. He always explored depth well, as in the pass Pepe missed.
The Evanelson – He missed his chance at 45′ + 1.
The Galen – an effort.
The F. Imagine – The instigator.
The Uribe – He came back after the injury.
The Tony Martinez – Complied.

Neto’s head was the only one that came out of the suffocation

The Niase Too complicated to play with two feet never reassures the team. A couple of good defenses are not enough to erase mistakes.
The Thiago Almeida – Effort but unable to stop the opponent’s strength.
The Eduardo Quaresma Fighting spirit and a little more.
The Marcelo Alves – He managed to make the referee score a penalty kick by negligence.
The sajnan Pepe took advantage of his ingenuity to score the second penalty kick in the afternoon in Jamor.
The Pedro Augusto – Grujic swallowed it and Vitina.
The undabarrina – Like his fellow midfield, he had no power to stop FC Porto’s struggle.
The Salvador Agra Excellent cross, to the right place, for Neto Borges to score.
The Daniel Dos Anjos The only time he had the ball and the space he was slow and fluff.
The Rafael Barbosa – Skip the game.
The Joao Pedro – Nothing has changed.
The Dadashov – illogical.
The Netto Borges – He didn’t have an easy task before Bibi but he resisted. And he still has the strength to be the only one who creates a threat in the attack. In addition to the excellent header, he also hit another ball at the post.
The child – Update the path.
The Thiago Dantas – Only with him did Tondela get the ball. Second place after Neto Borges.
The Boselli Bad vision.

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