Nuno Homem de Sá wants to become a father again and handle stress with Quinaz. “He got the hang of it” – Big Brother

Nuno Homem de Sá was kicked out of the “Big Brother – Desafio Final” on Sunday, May 22, after receiving 54% of the audience’s vote. He lost the duel against Gonzalo Quinaz, the second most voted, with 46% of the vote. The actor left the most-watched home in the country after what was the “most intense week” on the show, according to Christina Ferreira.

On Wednesday, Homem de Sá and Quinaz engaged in a confrontation that nearly escalated into physical violence. Outside, on Monday, the actor spoke to reporters about the experience and, as expected, that was the main topic of conversation. For Nuno, the confusion existed because Quinaz “conceived to himself” what “was going on with Leandro”.

“I was close to Leandro. We were very close, because we knew each other abroad and from the other side,” he began to explain. “When Leandro left, Quinaz was commissioned and told me it still backfired and we’d see how it goes.”He went on to say that the commentator had an “idea” that Nuno would talk about it with Leandro, but the actor assumed he only listened and agreed.

“If it was Macau, I still think twice. Queenas is a chicken”

The relationship between Quinaz and Leandro was not the best. According to Nuno, Quinaz “was stalking Leandro, melting away, just to destabilize, nothing serious.” Therefore, thanks to the closeness of the two, Quinaz will, according to Nuno, make the actor a target for his downfall. The pranks between the two culminated in what happened on Wednesday.

Ana Barbosa, Quinaz’s great friend within the game, was kicked out by the Portuguese (instead of Nuno), so the actor took the opportunity to provoke, he admits, his housemate, who “later went into the personal sphere.” “He has a direct relationship with Cristina Ferreira,” Nuno recalls. “He made a list of things that were totally wrong and I’m no better with the wrong.”continues to explain to reporters.

“I let him speak, turned around and said, ‘You are a big liar and a short-legged lie’.” After Gonzalo previously stated that his children would be watching over him, Nuno ended up taking that statement. He cited, “I hope they watch to see the bad example you set.” “And then the exchange of slogans begins.”

When asked by reporters if he feared physical abuse from Quinaz, he replied: “If I had been in Macau, I would still think twice.. Chicken kinase. I’ve practiced martial arts all my life, and I know how to defend myself”. “He did what he accused me of,” asked the actor, who admitted he looked at Quinaz with a “provocative look. What kind of example is that?”

“He’s not that smart and things ended up changing,” he added, noting that the businessman had already talked about Leandro’s children and wife. “Before entering the program, he mentioned my partner without knowing her at all, without knowing who she was, without seeing her,” he added, despite his assertion that he did not take “any grudge” at home. “He got the hang of it himself.”

“He’s so interested in looking good and showing that he’s a rejuvenating guy that he ends up without a game.”

The last pictures seen of the strong argument between the two were of Kinaz in the bathroom, ordered by the older brother. Sometimes, after he starts “smashing things,” Nonno says, he starts running toward the living room, and ends up “angry” by pushing Catarina Sequeira. Nothing else is seen. According to Nuno, Quinaz “go straight into the room again, but the older brother closed the doors and started kicking the doors.”

“I was there, waiting to see when the boy broke through there and whether or not I would have to defend myself,” he said. “I never believed that Gonzalo had any intention of attacking me. He’s a smart guy, and I’m not saying he’s smart. He knows that if there’s an assault, it’s direct expulsion.”protection, believing he “should have been kicked out” for “kicking damage to equipment.”

And the actor believes that the ex-footballer “caused tension there … horrific, especially in Bruna”. “Since he was part of the majority group, they proceeded to understand him,” he explained to reporters, as he spoke of his children. On the outside, he has no intention of talking to the Koinas unless their paths cross.

“I will treat him with respect as I treat everyone else, as long as he does not come in aggression and tread on my toes with my chacha talk.”, Warn. The two reconciled this Saturday at the initiative of Nuno Homem de Sá, who still believes Quinaz is the weakest link. He believes, “He’s so interested in looking good and showing that he’s a fresh guy that he ended up not playing a match. He’s trying to get past the raindrops and get to the final.”

“I’ve always believed that people would eventually understand how I play, and that we wouldn’t have to go that low when it came to slander.”

For Nuno, “Quinaz is the weakest player, because he rides with Catarina, Ana Barbosa, and now Macau,” which “in itself, doesn’t have a great game either.” The fair winner, for the actor, is Pedro Geddes, who “manages to be good with everyone without missing out on the truth, without ceasing to be himself” and is a “harmonious and real person, who likes to be good in the world”.

A TVI representative thought the contestants were “overwhelming some allies” they had at home. “Trying to denigrate myself, trying to cancel myself out, trying to isolate myself, trying to make some kind of anti-game. If I don’t have enough tools to create things, I’ll play with others”He explained that he believed the “main obstacle” was his “innocence”.

“Because I’ve always believed that people will eventually understand how I play, that we won’t have to stoop too low when it comes to swearing, swearing, etc.” Compared to the “Big Brother Famosos 1” in which he participated, this edition was found to be “less harsh”. Compare “Here I had more space to play, to do more for the program. Here I also had more time.” All in all it was a very positive experience.

After leaving the show, Jaciara and Ana Barbosa revealed that Nuno sent them messages before entering the house. Gasyara even said that the actor tried to form an alliance with him, which he now denies. “I wasn’t looking for alliances. If there is sympathy, at least we have that point of contact”he argued.

“I sent messages to all the people I came into contact with who appeared in the press somewhere. My messages were ‘Are you going to join the programme?'” Can you say that? ’,” he claims, admitting to being “a fan” of Ana Barbosa at BB21. “And I was very excited when I heard it was possible for her to join the show.” “With Jaciara it was exactly the same, but it was more vain with her, because I knew her Already from the other version.”

“Jaciara should file a lawsuit against herself. She’s doing all this circus. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter. She’s going back to her land.”

The Brazilian, who is still on Jaciara, said she had plans to file a lawsuit against the actress and that her lawyer would already deal with the matter. Faced with this situation, Nuno Homme de Sa believes “Jacchiara should file a case against herself”. “She’s doing all this circus. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense. She will have to go back to her land, and make her life there,” he said.

The 60-year-old actor is confused as to what goes between the two: “I still want to know what you did to her, because she doesn’t explain.” “And then there’s the little flag of a woman who has been humiliated, for God’s sake. How many women do you see yourself in Jagiara?”“What harm have I done to you,” he asked before he began to sing, Leandro’s subject.

For the future, there is a “project in the field of television”, “very likely” for TVI. As for his personal life, the actor has plans to be a father again, this time with his current partner, Frederica Lima, who, according to him, is “very proud” of her boyfriend’s performance.

Nuno Homem de Sá already has three children from previous relationships. At the age of 60, he wants to be a “divorced” father. “I was the one who thought I had already closed the shop to little children”He recalls, noting that in this case “it is impossible not to want to give genetics a chance.”

“I think it would be a very beautiful thing,” he emphasized. “Being a grandfather to my child is a bit weird,” he joked.

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