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Neymar finished the 2021/22 season, his fifth year at Paris Saint-Germain, With the fewest goals per club in a single campaign since arriving in Europe. The striker had to deal once again with injuries that kept him out of action for months, suspensions and team irregularity.

His last goal came last weekend, against Metz. Neymar has played 28 of the 50 games Paris Saint-Germain has played this season. He scored 13 goals and provided eight assists, adding his performance in the French Championship and the Champions League. The Brazilian did not score in the Champions League for the first time in his career.

  • Neymar reaches 100 goals with Paris Saint-Germain and becomes the fifth top scorer in the club’s history

Neymar’s numbers in 2021/20 through competition

Contest French Championship Champions League
games 22 6
Minutes per field (average) 84.5 78
Objectives 13 0
help 6 two
Kicks (except prohibited) 44 5
goal kicks 30 1
Correct passes (%) 82.2% 84.4%
cards 10 1
Absence received 70 20
mistakes made 31 4

The number of goals this season is even lower than his first in European football, in 2013/14, for Barcelona. That year, he scored 15 goals in 41 matches. In comparison, the current average of goals (0.46) is better than a debut in Europe (0.36), but is far from the first season of Paris Saint-Germain, in 2017/18, scoring 28 goals in 30 games (0.93).

Neymar’s matches and goals per season in Europe

Between 2013/2014 and 2016/2017, the striker was at Barcelona. Then it was five years in Paris Saint-Germain

Source: Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain

Neymar ended the 2021/22 season by scoring only 13 goals in 28 games for Paris Saint-Germain – Photo: Getty Images

  • Neymar: Highest yellow card rate since arriving in Europe

This was the year the striker played as many games as possible in PSG’s total (56%) a percentage but little difference from its predecessors (average 52.75%). Additionally, the average minutes per match was the second worst average in the past five years.

  • 2021/22 – 28 games (56%); An average of 83 minutes per game.
  • 2020/21 – 31 games (54%); Average 75 minutes of a game.
  • 2019/20 – 27 games (55%); Average of 88 minutes per game.
  • 2018/19 – 28 games (50%); An average of 84 minutes per game.
  • 2017/18 – 30 games (52%); Average of 89 minutes per game.

Neymar has missed 13 games this season (26% of PSG’s total) due to Severe injury to the left ankle ligamentswho suffered in November, in the match against Saint-Etienne of the French championship.

After this issue so far, I fixed 14 matches unharmed.. He missed the match between Angers and Montpellier in April and May with suspension. A scenario similar to the last extension of the previous season, where he closed the calendar with 13 consecutive games (excluding suspensions) after overcoming an adductor muscle injury in his left thigh.

“I would say Neymar’s season has been really bad, the worst since he arrived at PSG in terms of numbers. It was the worst because he had all the usual setups, injuries, suspensions and some controversy, but he didn’t have that brilliance that he was able to show. From time to time those fast races, the dribbles, that genius, I’ve seen little French journalist Eric Frosio, reporter for L’Equipe, France Football and Canal Plus, and author of “Neymar: O Principe do Brasil”.

I think the audience is tired, and I imagine most of them want a change of behaviour. They don’t want him to leave, they know his talent, but they want another Neymar.”

– Eric Frosio, a French journalist who has followed Neymar’s career for years

  • Injuries, few matches… Neymar is out of the top three in FIFA’s best for the fourth year in a row.

Neymar’s first match after recovering from an ankle injury was against Real Madrid, in the round of 16 of the Champions League. Participate in Mbappe’s amazing goal in Princes Park. He also assisted in the second leg at the Santiago Bernabeu, but saw that PSG lost completely in the second half.

The newspaper “Marca” published the day after the exclusion Neymar reportedly had a falling out with goalkeeper Donnarumma in the dressing room. Both players denied Any kind of fighting.

The Brazilian striker openly admitted the blow of the defeat to Real Madrid in the Round of 16, just a week later. In the meantime, He was booed a lot by PSG fans during almost the entire match against Bordeauxin the middle of March.

I came back from the injury and my life cleared up in that moment. As much as you were supposed to lose, at least I’ll be with the team that gives the slap.”

Neymar at a promotional event in Paris after the Champions League exit

Neymar faces Valverde during the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain – Photo: Getty Images

News of the alleged feud with Donnarumma was followed by other feuds in the months after the Champions League tumble, the main competition for the club’s goals. French journalist Daniel Riolo, from RMC, said on the programme Laughterfoot That the Brazilian is “training in tatters, about to get drunk”.

Neymar made fun of it twice, After the victory over Lorient, And when celebrating With three goals in the victory over Clermont. wanted by General ElectricParis Saint-Germain said he had nothing to say.

Neymar has reached the age of 30 amid the rise and fall of Paris Saint-Germain – Photo: AFP

Spanish daily AS questioned in March about the fact that the Brazilian plays poker, a habit that would harm his football performance. The former player Fabio Aurelio also criticized the progression of the striker’s career, who responded on social media.

In the documentary series about the life of an ace, which was released this year on Netflix, Neymar announced in one episode: “People are a little angry because I am Neymar like this, I focus on the field, but also take life. Nobody has been able to do it well. I am making. ”

The Brazilian legend ended the season with the French championship title. The 13th Cup as a member of the Paris Saint-Germain team. In the match that ended the conquest against Lens, He was booed again.

There is no doubt about Neymar’s talent. It is true that conditions do fluctuate over the years. This season he suffered a serious injury. He didn’t have the continuity that players of this level need, with this quality, to reach their best level. I think he had some ups and downs, as did the team – coach Mauricio Pochettino commented, at the end of April.

In addition to being the French Ligue 1 champion and being eliminated in the first knockout stage of the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain fell in the French Cup round of 16 and lost the French Super Cup decision to Lille.

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Neymar’s season was hampered by a left ankle injury (Photo: AFP)

The coaching staff of the Brazilian national team considers this the final sequence of Neymar’s season without a positive injury. There is confidence in his performance for the national team. In the six matches he played for Brazil in the 2021/22 calendar, he scored three goals and provided four assists.

With one more match (from the suspended match against Argentina), Neymar finished South American Qualifiers As one of the top scorers, with eight goals, two goals ahead of Marcelo Moreno – six fewer games too.

Neymar scored the best average (0.8 goals/match) and was also the one to provide the most goal assists in the competition (eight assists). Perhaps his best performance of the year was with the Selection jersey, In defeat over Uruguay.

In those matches for Brazil, Neymar received four yellow cards. He missed the matches against Ecuador and Paraguay in January and February with an ankle injury. Prior to that, he was absent from the classic match against Argentina due to a muscle problem.

The first match with the Brazilian national team in 2021/22 was against Chile in September of last year. The player’s physical form at the time was the subject of questions on social media.. The last match was against Chile, at the end of March, In a possible farewell to the Brazilian fans before the World Cup. Neymar suffered and scored a penalty kick.

* Reporter Raphael Zarco contributed to this article

Neymar speaks to Brazil fans after the victory over Chile – Photo: Andre Durao

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