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If you like a car with a sporty design, but do not give up comfort or like a powerful engine, but want an economy car, Chevrolet Cruze Sport 6RS It may be a good car choice for you. The sporty version of the Cruze Sport 6 has a 153-horsepower turbo engine, a six-speed automatic transmission and high technology.

Product Manager metronortiSimon Wardell highlights that the car is a leader in economy, with best-in-class energy efficiency.

“The Chevrolet Cruze Sport 6 RS is equipped with the reliable Turbo flex engine of 153 horsepower (E) and 24.5 million kilograms of torque (E), combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission with Active Select for manual shifts, providing good performance Driving and driving pleasure,” says the director.

.’s appearance Chevrolet Cruze Sport 6 RS highlights a very striking feature: sports. The car has many interior and exterior elements that show this, such as the wheels with an exclusive finish, the sunroof and spoiler, the mirror caps painted black, the front grille with dark elements, the interior with the steering wheel, the leather seats with clear stitching in red and the black interior and roof lining.

Technology, comfort and safety

However, anyone who thinks that due to the sporty characteristics the car is not suitable for family transportation, is mistaken.

“With numerous built-in technologies, which provide the very best in safety and comfort, Chevrolet Cruze Sport 6 RS Yes, it can be used with the family. It has six airbags, traction and stability control, forget-me-not alert for children and rear-seat items, an ISO-fix system and a top-attachment system for the child seat, Simon says.

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The car also features electronic stability and traction control, which ensures the car can be controlled, even in the tightest corners, in sudden turns and poorly gripped floors, for example. This way, when the vehicle detects a loss of steering control, it applies automatic brake corrections, helping to steer the vehicle in the correct direction.

The owner also owns security and emergency services, such as OnStar . TechnologyWhich acts as a personal assistant that assists the driver with emergency, security, communication and navigation services and can be activated via a button.

In addition, on board this sports car you will find all the means of communication you want. The new Cruze Sport6 ​​RS has an 8-inch touchscreen display, the next generation of MyLink, as well as exclusive OnStar technology and dual USB ports for the front seats. How do My Chevrolet Appthe owner can give remote commands, get vehicle services, location information, and more.

“It still has the highest level of connectivity on the market, with native Wifi providing 4.5G high speed internet for up to 7 devices simultaneously,” Simon says.

With all this you should think, at the very least, that the Cruze RS must be expensive. However, this is not true. The Car A sales leader in its classwithout competitors, precisely because although there are many nuances and options, it does not cost more.

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“Today the price of the Cruze RS is R$157,790.00, which is the average price for a small SUV on the market, which doesn’t offer the same options and engine as the mid-slot. The Cruze RS comes with a factory-configured LTZ version., which has kept its average price , without difference in values,” says Simon.

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