Mbappe in Paris Saint-Germain The debate over financial fair play in football rages – 05/23/2022

Mbappe’s decision to stay in Paris Saint-Germain shook world football last Saturday (21). The 23-year-old turned down a tempting offer from Real Madrid and agreed to a proposal to renew his relationship with the French club for another three years, until 2025. A statement questioned the amounts involved in the negotiation and promised to sue UEFA against Nasser Al. Al-Khelaifi team.

“The financial sustainability of the football industry is one of the most important topics discussed at the moment. Football has become a very expensive and very unbalanced business. There are clubs in the major leagues with 45, 50 athletes in their teams. Signatures of the season, in financial terms, are players They cannot even be included in the most important matches, because in football they can only play 11 at a time. This is frustrating for the poorest clubs, for the fans of these clubs, and bad for the sport. Sport needs to be competitive and not spread”, says Thiago Gomez, a lawyer who specializes in in sports law.

“La Liga shows recurring concern about financial fair play in European football. Recently, new, stricter measures have been approved, which promise to close blockades against clubs that do not comply with the rules of economic control. However, it is worth noting that LaLiga has also come under some criticism over the Barcelona has failed to comply with internal economic control, which should grow further as the window opens and the Catalans perform in the market,” says Joao Paulo de Carlo, a lawyer specializing in sports law and a columnist at Law in the field.

“The same goes for the possibility of a particular club paying ridiculous amounts to a single player, even as the financial losses continue. UEFA has tried to do its part by putting in place strict financial regulations. But clubs are looking for ways to circumvent this in some way, clubs should too. Realize that these behaviors are detrimental to the sport in the long term,” Tiago Gomez.

For economist Cesar Grafitti, the negotiations between PSG and Mbappe have many nuances.

“First you have to pay attention to the method of payment, to what was agreed in the contract. At the moment, there is a lot of speculation. We need to understand what PSG will do to avoid penalties. I remind you that the calculation formula takes into account salaries and depreciation of signatures, Paris does not Saint-Germain has extinguished the contracts of its main stars (Neymar, Messi, Mbappe, Donnarumma, among others) because they came for the so-called “zero cost”, without paying an economic wage. In addition, the club must give up the athletes, and compensate the expenses. In addition In addition, it is about understanding how revenue will be controlled. If there are additions coming from related parties and how that will be controlled,” he assessed.

Lawyer Joao Paulo de Carlo understands that there is not enough basis for LaLiga to suspect a possible violation of economic rules in European football in the negotiations.

“We cannot forget that the subsequent examination of European rules is the competence of UEFA, and without documents and details of negotiation for the renewal of Mbappe, LaLiga does not seem to have sufficient evidence to claim a violation by the Parisians… We will wait for the next developments,” he said.

Andre Kampf, a lawyer specializing in sports law, journalist and author of this column, highlights a fact that must be taken into account: “The challenge of creating internal rules that maintain some sporting balance, managing responsible values ​​and respecting the law, is huge. That rival Paris Saint-Germain today It’s Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​Bayern….as a result, the rules should be the same for everyone.”

In a statement, Laliga stated that the main objective is to “defend and sustain European football’s economic ecosystem”.

“It is a shame that a club like Paris Saint-Germain, last season lost more than 220 million euros, after incurring losses of 700 million euros in recent seasons (even the announcement of income from sponsorships of very dubious value) at a cost to sports workers about 650 million dollars. For the 2021/22 season, they could face an agreement with these characteristics while clubs that can arrange the player’s arrival without seeing their salaries jeopardized, cannot sign him”, says an excerpt of it.

LaLiga states that it has already lodged complaints against PSG on other occasions for non-compliance with the UEFA Financial Fair Play, although the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) “overturned them by a strange decision”.

According to the French press, PSG paid 300 million euros in gloves and offered a salary of 100 million euros annually to extend Mbappe’s contract until 2025. It was these figures, which were not officially disclosed, that prompted Real Madrid to question the economic disparity and shortage. control mechanisms.

The current financial fair play is no longer a target of criticism today. Law in the field Already wrote about this problem.

“The new UEFA financial control system is good, but it has to be activated. We will have a good test at the beginning. Moreover, Real Madrid have done the same for years, paying high salaries to experienced players. Just remember the Galacticos. It is part of football dynamics. This does not fail to reinforce that it is essential to have effective external control systems”, Cesar Grafitti.

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