Matthias reveals to Leonidas that he is the father of Heloisa’s daughter

Posted on 05/23/2022 06:01

    (Credit: Globo/Sergio Zalis)

(Credit: Globo/Sergio Zalis)

The biggest secret of Heloisa (Paloma Duarte)’s past in behind the illusion About to reveal Leonidas (Eriberto Liao). During a conversation after another outbreak of disease, Matias (Antonio Calloni) will tell Leonidas that he is the father of the missing child of Heluisa.

Heloisa has always kept this secret so that the truth does not end with the marriage of her sister, Violetta (Malu Galli). For this reason, and in order not to lose it, Heloisa denied Matthias’ version of Leonidas, arguing that his son-in-law must be confusing things.

Leonidas is not convinced of Heloisa’s justification. He pursues Manuela (Maria da Pena) to find out which version of the story is the truth.

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Source: TV Globo

Davy watches the delegate from El Salvador take Isadora. Violetta receives news of her daughter’s arrest and despairs. Nelcinho faces Salvador. Davy goes with Augusta to the police station. Joachim sits next to a police poster showing a picture of Duffy as requested. Violetta confronts Isadora. Aguinaldo worries about Tenório. With Augusta’s help, Duffy removes his poster from the police station. Isadora finds out that she will have to sleep at the police station and is afraid. Joachim threatens the owner of the ice cream shop. Julenha puts Tavito to work with Mariana. Nelcino lends Isadora his hotel room.

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Nilsenio alludes to Isadora. Violetta asks Raphael to help find her daughter. The weaver’s owner complains about Eugenio’s involvement with Ursula. Davy asks Arminda to help him find Isadora. Nelcinio provokes Rafael. Isadora tells Arminda where she lives. Heloisa is pleased with Leonidas’ praise. Tenório gets sick at school. David searches for Isadora. Eugenio decided to mortgage the house to invest in textiles. David kisses Isadora.

the fourth
Isadora gets angry at Raphael. Olivia asks to return to the fabric. Isadora fights with Arminda because she tells Raphael her whereabouts. Joachim is worried when he finds out where his ex-fiancée lives. Mariana accepts Tavito. Giovanna scolds Emilia. Heloísa tries to talk to Isadora. Leonidas is worried about Matthias. Joachim can’t face Nelsenio. Davi offers to go into town at Lorenzo’s place, to pick up fireworks from the village party. Mariana blackmails Arminda for a New Year’s Eve party at the casino. Davy sees Nilsinho with a drug dealer and fears Isadora.

Davi does not find Isadora in the hotel room and despairs. Arminda gets angry with Mariana. Ursula guarantees that she will marry Eugenio. Davy warns Arminda of Isadora’s disappearance. Ursula provokes violets. Joachim and Davy try to talk to Tavenio. Nilsenio kisses Isadora. Tavito treats Mariana and consoles Arminda. Violetta is hostile towards Ursula. Arminda discovers where Nelcinio took Isadora and tells Rafael and Joaquim. Nelcinio deceives Isadora. Joleneha and Margot confront her. Inácio helps Arminda capture Tavito. Isadora feels bad, and Nelsinho takes her to the hotel room. Duffy and Joachim pursue them.

Duffy and Joachim stop Nilsenio from harming Isadora. Margo and Joliene fight on the stage. Joachim is surprised by Raphael’s absence when he arrives with the vicar in the hotel room. Isadora is back in business. Joachim interrogates Raphael about his disappearance. Isadora feels bad, and David is worried. Ursula is hostile to Olivia. Inacio hits his head when Tavito drops him. Salvador goes to the textile factory to talk to Isadora. Inacio does not remember Arminda. Tenório leaves Alcaçek and returns to Campos. Matthias tells Leonidas that he is the father of the daughter of Heloisa. Isadora faints in Violetta’s arms. Salvador is looking for Rafael.

David despairs in the presence of the Savior. Leonidas is fascinated by the story that Matthias tells of Heloisa. Davy goes to meet Isadora in the hospital. Tenorio and Olivia talk to Benny and Fatima. Heloisa denies Leonidas the story Matthias told them. Ursula thinks of sabotaging Eugenio’s meeting with the Americans. Leonidas interrogates Manuela about the father of Heluisa’s daughter. Julinha has an idea to improve her image and ends up causing misunderstandings with Darcy Vargas. David takes care of Isadora. Tenório and Olivia announced in the village that they were going to marry. Iolanda waits for Rafael for dinner. Isadora asks Rafael to spend the night in her room. Ursula decides to strike a blow at the textile industry.

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