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On the eve of the hearing in court to challenge the dismissal of Clube Desportivo Nacional, for allegedly discovering financial irregularities, the former leader of the islanders, Margarida Camacho, openly destroyed the existing white-and-white board and raises questions about finances. Islanders Management.

Through an extended text posted on her Facebook account, the former head of SAD at Nacional da Madeira – a position she was appointed to in 2014 on the occasion of Rui Alves’ nomination for the presidency of the association – admitted that she “never did”. He spoke ‘what happened’, in this case his resignation ‘despite the spread of speculation and lies’.

With the trial scheduled for 9:30 a.m. this Tuesday at the Funchal Labor Court, the lawyer looks at “another frustrating sports season” and asks, “What will the financial loss be?” – In an apparent reference to the process that included his suspension, as he allegedly seized the club’s financial assets.

Margarida Camacho, who is now filing a lawsuit against Nacional, lists a series of six questions about what she really considers “serious financial harm”, without naming the current head of the White and White team – just last week Rui Alves complained about funds earmarked to support the sport by the government. Regional: In 2000, in the second league, the public funding was 1.5 million euros. Now, after 22 years, the price is 875 thousand euros.

I ask if in theory, it would not be a serious financial harm to those around six to Dubai to sign such an important player, which is very important, and it would be interesting to make a comparison of the recruitment cost (recruitment only) versus the minutes. Than play!
Margarida Camacho

The first question concerns the appointment of Sardor Rashidov. The Uzbekistan international striker who played in seven games for Nacional in the 2018/19 season – arrived in the January market – and intriguingly scored three goals in a hat-trick against Ferencé. In all, it took 452 minutes.

Margarida Camacho also talks about “using Western Union” – an exchange company – to “send money to South America” ​​and “hire a player”, but in a different amount than what can be agreed “by letter”.

Criticism continues, for example, with the alleged distraction “negotiating with a friend and being deceived by a few million euros” or the fact “walking checks, contracts and various documents on the streets in the middle of traffic and in parks, because the managers who are paid cannot go to the office”.

I ask if, in theory, making a reservation, buying and checking in multiple times for the same flight and, ultimately, not making the trip shouldn’t be a huge financial loss.
Margarida Camacho

“I am not Jesus Christ”

In a veritable upheaval regarding the make-up of Nacional’s professional soccer team, Rui Alves said last week that “it is a matter of time until slipping becomes an irreversible fact” and gave Onio da Madeira as an example.

“It is no coincidence that another club that was also in the professional leagues followed the path that it followed, it is no coincidence, it is not the responsibility of the managers only. I am Roy Alves and not Jesus Christ. A new reality,” the captain explained, referring to reduced flights: maintenance struggle .

It is very easy to assign responsibilities to the management and the whole structure of the club, which we have and you assume, but in 2000, to be in the second league, the public funding was one and a half million euros. Now, after 22 years, the price is 875 thousand euros. If someone does the same thing with half the money, then he is not called Roy Alves, but Jesus Christ.
Roy Alves

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