How is the electric car with the future footprint

Some cars go down in industry history for a number of reasons. It could be because of the revolutionary design or groundbreaking technology. While it’s still too early to solve the problem, the BMW iX has everything to remember for both reasons.

The SUV is the second 100% electric model sold by the German brand in Brazil. Available in two variants, the iX has been a huge hit in pre-sales and is set to win new hearts in the coming months, especially from those who love technology.

UOL . cars The iX in its top-of-the-range version of the xDrive 50, which features two electric motors, rated more than 500 horsepower and enough autonomy to stay weeks (or even months) out of the socket.

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Few cars today are as impressive as the iX. From futuristic design to compact technologies, SUVs are one of the best buys for anyone looking for a luxury vehicle that is hard to see on the streets. If you want to ditch the gas, your SUV should be right in your garage. As long as money is not an issue, of course.

Design and interior space

BMW iX 1 - Alexandre Batibogli / 1st March - Alexandre Battibugli / 1st March

The giant grid looks less symmetrical in the style of futuristic iX

Photo: Alexandre Batibougli / 1st March

Talking about design in the latest BMW models can lead to hours of heated debate. The new visual identity of the brand that spawned a huge number of memes in the M3 is also present in the iX. But, in my humble opinion, the result was much more interesting in an SUV.

The gigantic grille matches well with the futuristic display and generous dimensions of the iX. The headlights are more horizontal and tapered, which also happens with the taillights. By the way, in the back, the look is cleaner (and harmonious) than the front.

Despite the controversial style, the iX is beautiful and attracts attention wherever you go. Few of the cars for sale today are as futuristic as him.

But nothing like the cabin with its bold and simple design surprised me. There are very few buttons in sight, as the main functions are grouped together on a huge 14.9-inch screen for the multimedia center. Due to the wheelbase of 2.98 meters, the interior is quite spacious, especially in the back seat. The seats are very comfortable and warm. And the surprise: it brings the speakers inside the backrest itself.


BMW iX 2 - Alexandre Battibugli / 1st March - Alexandre Battibugli / 1st March

With two motors, the iX has powerful acceleration

Photo: Alexandre Batibougli / 1st March

The iX xDrive 50 is powered by two electric motors that deliver 523 hp and an instantaneous torque of 78 kgf/min. According to BMW, the traction force can be distributed by 60% on the rear axle and 40% on the front axle. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes 4.6 seconds, which is an impressive time given that it is a car that weighs 2.5 tons.

In Sport driving mode, the iX is noticeably more choppy, albeit without the harsh behavior of the brand’s purebred sports cars. However, the driver gets good doses of fun by holding on to the seat with every throttle complete.

The steering has direct and precise responses, befitting a good BMW. In the most complex maneuvers, the rear steering axle helps a lot in getting out of tight spaces – and contributes to stability at high speeds, by guiding the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels when cornering.

The autonomy declared by the manufacturer is 630 km, according to the WLTP cycle, commonly used in Europe.

The SUV supports up to 195 kW while charging, allowing you to get 70% of the battery level in just 35 minutes connected to a charging station. Autonomy, in turn, reaches 150 kilometers in just 10 minutes.

As with the i3, the iX features a mode that extends brake regeneration and activates the system as soon as the driver takes their foot off the accelerator pedal. It is a very practical system, since the car can be driven practically without applying the brakes while charging the batteries.


BMW iX 3 - Disclosure - Disclosure

The cabin is futuristic and full of equipment

Image: disclosure

Here it will be necessary to make a full assessment only to mention all the iX equipment. The most complete version costs R$799,950 and comes with a very large list of items.

On the outside, the SUV comes with laser headlights and unprecedented technology that revamps the front grille in the event of minor damage from rocks or even surface scratches. In the cabin, the iX has such items as a head-up display, four-zone digital air conditioning, power-adjustable front seats, a 12.3-inch digital panel, electronic door handles (just push a button to open the door), suction-close doors and push-buttons. The interior is made of crystal.

The multimedia center supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wirelessly and includes a voice-activated personal assistant, which can even recognize gestures: just turn your finger to the right to increase the volume of Bowers & Wilkins, for example. Speaking of which, there are no less than 30 (!) speakers scattered around the iX cabin.

The sunroof has no cover to protect occupants from the sun’s rays. That’s because the film makes the roof matte if the sun bothers the occupants. Just click a button to change the transparency of the part.

The iX, by the way, is the first BMW model to come standard with the Flexible Quick Charger, a portable charger that includes a 1.8kW 3-pin connector, although there are cable options that boost power up to 11kW. The buyer also takes home a 22kW wallbox charging station to install in his garage.


BMW iX 4 - Alexandre Battibugli / 1st March - Alexandre Battibugli / 1st March

SUVs have a long list of driving assistance systems

Photo: Alexandre Batibougli / 1st March

As with the equipment list, the iX also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to security.

There are numerous driving aids, including adaptive cruise control capable of accelerating, braking and making smoother turns, forward collision alert, blind spot sensor, lane-keeping assist, cross-traffic alert and a front-view camera system. 360 degrees (including even the internal camera). The parking assistant is 100% autonomous: there is no need to accelerate or brake.

The owner can also control various functions via a smartphone app called My BMW App. With it, it is possible to unlock the doors (including when approaching the car), view the surroundings where the car is parked, activate the lights and even make recordings with the camera in the car’s cabin.


BMW iX 6 - Alexandre Battibugli / 1st March - Alexandre Battibugli / 1st March

The Audi e-tron emerges as a major competitor to the BMW iX

Photo: Alexandre Batibougli / 1st March

The iX is positioned in a very specific niche even for the luxury market. Its main competitor is the BMW e-tron SUV, which has less power (408 hp) and a shorter range (436 km).

However, the Audi representative is similar in size to the iX and even offers technologies absent in its country, such as cameras that replace traditional rear-view mirrors.

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