HONOR Watch GS 3 is stylish and supports 100 sport modes

Another smartwatch has appeared on the market, to the delight of fans of this segment. The HONOR Watch GS 3 has reached the international markets, and it has a series of news that may interest users who want a new smartwatch with the user experience offered by the brand.

In such a competitive segment, it is important not to be “one last in the crowd”. HONOR is making an effort to present relevant differences for its new smartwatch.

There is no doubt that the HONOR Watch GS 3 is a beautiful product. However, it is not only beauty that will gain attention to attract users.

In this post, we will show you the main features of the HONOR Watch GS 3, as well as its price and promotion for the global launch.

HONOR Watch GS 3: Key Features

The first thing that catches the eye of the HONOR Watch GS 3 is its 1.43-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 326 pixels per inch, which offers sharper graphics and a higher-quality display. The 3D curved screens enhance the device’s ultra-thin design, leaving an elegant imprint on its lines.

Another point that enhances the finer build quality is its brushed stainless steel body with carbon that offers a thickness of 10.5mm and a weight of 44g. The elegance is complemented by a nappa leather strap, making the whole ensemble extremely comfortable.

The HONOR Watch GS 3 has three color options (ocean blue, classic gold and midnight black), catering to all tastes and aesthetic needs. Its dial features different themes to match different user styles.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the technologies that are included in the device. The HONOR Watch GS 3 features an 8-channel heart rate sensor enhanced by AI-powered monitoring. In addition, the dual-engine algorithm makes heart rate recording more accurate.

The model can also check blood oxygen states, with continuous monitoring that issues a warning to the user before acceptable limits fall below the recommended level.

With the combination of these technologies, the HONOR Watch GS 3 also provides stress monitoring, recommending the user some downtime to avoid more serious health problems.

The user’s location is more accurate on the HONOR Watch GS 3 as the device supports dual-frequency GNSS. In this way, the first position is 47% faster, and the accuracy of the site increases by 167%.

There are more than 100 training modes built into the device, including 85 custom modes and 10 professional training modes. All of this is considered for your best performance during sports activities.

Finally, the HONOR Watch GS 3 has features that can improve its use on the device. For example, its fast recharge mode which provides up to 30 hours of continuous use with active GPS or up to 14 days of operation with location system disabled. In addition, it is possible to guarantee a full day of operation with just 5 minutes of charging.

The device allows the user to accept or reject calls with a simple touch on the screen, in addition to allowing basic functions such as playing music, alarm clock, flashlight, weather forecast, compass etc, with the help of its integrated virtual assistant, useful.

HONOR Watch GS 3: How much does this watch cost? I got promoted?

The HONOR Watch GS 3 is available globally for $199. HONOR Official Store on AliExpress will conduct a promotion between May 23-27, 2022, and the most loyal customers of the brand will be able to pay a more competitive price for the product.

For example, the top ten buyers of the HONOR Watch GS 3 can pay half the product MSRP using the code HONORWOW. And for the first 100 buyers to use the code HONOR30, they receive a $30 discount, leaving the final value of the product at $169.

Remember that the product includes free shipping to Brazil.

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