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At the start of every season, the Premier League is the most important title for us.

– Pep Guardiola

Not that the Champions League is in the background or that it hasn’t paid off – quite the contrary – but Pep Guardiola makes no secret that his yearly obsession is directly linked to National League titles. Last Sunday, the 51-year-old Spaniard’s success in competitions of this kind appeared again. Now there are 10 awards in 13 years of work.

+ Manchester City managed to come back in five minutes and win the English title

There were three La Liga titles in the first three years with Barcelona’s first team, three Bundesliga titles in three years with Bayern Munich, and now four Premier League titles in six seasons with Manchester City. The number that isolates Guardiola in both the cut since 2008/09, when he first appeared, and into the twenty-first century.

What’s more: In all history, only sir. Alex Ferguson achieved more, taking first place in the top five leagues of the world – England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. The Scot has won 13 times with Manchester United, but in a period of time twice as much as Guardiola’s career. He stayed at the club between 1986/87 and 2012/2013.

Rankings of the coaches with the most titles in Europe’s top five leagues – Photo: Editoria de Arte

Guardiola’s teams have an average of around 90 points per league release – this is based on the fact that the Bundesliga has four fewer games than the English and Spanish leagues. On his way to victories, Pep led seven times the best attack, nine times the best defense and 10 times the team with the best balance. See the numbers:

  • 13 seasons
  • 10 Addresses
  • two vices
  • 1 third place
  • 482 games
  • 367 victories
  • 65 He paints
  • 50 defeats
  • 1231 goals scored
  • 349 goals accepted
  • average score: 89.6

A crushing start in Spain

Guardiola took charge of Barcelona’s first team in 2008 replacing Frank Rijkaard, and soon announced changes to the squad. Then he was a rookie and had a season of experience at the helm of Team B, he said that Ronaldinho Gaucho, Deco and Eto’o were not in his plans. The goal was to pave the way for Lionel Messi to play a major role.

Guardiola with the 2009/10 La Liga Cup – Photo: Dennis Doyle/Getty

Eto’o ended up staying longer, and Guardiola began assembling a team that, in addition to being a three-time Spanish champion, would charm Europe with two Champions League titles. Busquets climbed off base, Pique returned and Daniel Alves was hired. Together with names like Valdés, Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta, they formed a team that stands out in the pages of football history.

Messi became a top scorer after Guardiola’s arrival and admitted that with the coach he has grown more as a footballer. Pep’s team averaged 103 goals in the national leagues per edition, but surprisingly the defensive numbers were unbeatable: Barcelona had always been the best defense in LaLiga between 2008/09 and 2011/2012.

Guardiola’s campaigns in the League

season splatter Wins He paints defeats professional goals Special goals Balance Exploit location
2008/09 87 27 6 5 105 35 70 76.31% the first
2009/10 99 31 6 1 98 24 74 86.84% the first
2010/11 96 30 6 two 95 21 74 84% the first
2011/12 91 28 7 3 114 29 85 79.8% The second
Total 373 116 25 11 412 109 303 81.7%

Real Madrid finished second in all three titles, once with each coach: Juande Ramos, Manuel Pellegrini and Jose Mourinho. However, it was the Portuguese who experienced the most notable rivalry and the first to defeat Guardiola’s side in the league – his team scored 100 points and scored 121 goals for it.

In 2012, after a difficult period and when Barcelona became a base for Spain’s World Cup and European Cup, Pep announced his departure on leave. “Time disturbs everything” – the last chapter was a 3-0 win over Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final, the captain said after winning 13 titles in total.

Even before the end of the rest year, Bayern surprised and announced a deal with Guardiola for the 2013-14 season. The coach’s desire was already to coach an English team, but the goal ended up being postponed. Pep took German lessons and packed his bags to work outside Spain.

Upon arriving at the new club, the bar was loud. The 2012/13 season, led by Jupp Heynckes, was magical by achieving the Triple Crown. Previous years, however, were failures in the German championship. Borussia Dortmund under Jürgen Klopp won a double championship in 2010/11 and 2011/2012.

Guardiola made changes to Bayern’s playing style and led the team to three unstoppable victories in the Bundesliga. With sprints in the first round, he was able to take the advantage in the second. He won the titles by 19 points over Borussia Dortmund in the first year, and 10 over Wolfsburg and Dortmund in the following years..

Guardiola’s campaigns in the German League

season splatter Wins He paints defeats professional goals Special goals Balance Exploit location
2013/14 90 29 3 two 94 23 71 88.2% the first
2014/15 79 25 4 5 80 18 62 78% the first
2015/16 88 28 4 two 80 17 63 86% the first
Total 257 82 11 9 254 58 196 83.9%

His first big signing was Goetze, who was not asked to do so. In the first season, Guardiola sought to lure Thiago Alcantara to Barcelona and make him one of his trusted men. In the following years, the team lost Kroos and Schweinsteiger, but had important signings such as Xabi Alonso, Lewandowski and Vidal, among others. The athletes who formed the backbone of the team along with Neuer, Lahm, Boateng, Thomas Muller, Robin and Ribery.

One of the Spaniard’s legacy to the players at the German club was the fact that he turned many of them into all-round players. As he did with Mascherano, Javi Martinez and Vidal withdrew to play in defence. Occasionally, Lahm appeared in the center of the field.

Bayern Munich takes a beer bath in one of Bayern’s titles in the German League – Photo: Reuters

Failure in the Champions League was a negative point in the coach’s passing, he was always eliminated in the semi-finals by Spanish teams – Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real. At the end of the decade, Guardiola finally left for England. In his words, not because of the financial problem, but because of the challenges.

The new target in England

I am young enough and need a new challenge. My career has a long way to go.

– Pep Guardiola

And what path did he take in the lead up to Manchester City. Specifically in the league with the most new champions, Guardiola had the most records in the Premier League in terms of national titles. Campaign 100 points, mark 32 victories, 106 goals, and the balance 79 appears among the highlights.

Guardiola’s title campaign numbers – Photo: Editoria de Arte

Pep arrived after Manuel Pellegrini’s team finished fourth, the year Leicester debuted in England. The team, which just acquired parts like De Bruyne and Sterling, has been slow to pack up. In 2016/17, he finished third – Guardiola’s worst performance in the league – and saw Antonio Conte win the cup.

But the following seasons was one of dominance, of a kind the Premier League had only seen before with Alex Ferguson’s United. Speaking of the contender from the same city, there have been two achievements as the Red Devils seduced the Underworld by several points – 19 and 12 respectively, in 2017/18 and 2020/21.

+ Manchester City wins the Premier League title for the eighth time; See the full list

It seems that Liverpool’s confrontation with Klopp, just as Real Madrid did with Mourinho in the days of Spain. He has been one point behind City on two occasions and has overtaken them in a season in which he scored 99 points in the Premier League.

Guardiola’s campaigns in the Premier League

season splatter Wins He paints defeats professional goals Special goals Balance Exploit location
2016/17 78 23 9 6 80 39 41 68.4% the third
2017/18 100 32 4 two 106 27 79 87.71% the first
2018/19 98 32 two 4 95 23 72 85.96% the first
2019/20 81 26 3 9 102 35 67 71.05% The second
2020/21 86 27 5 6 83 32 51 75.43% the first
2021/22 93 29 6 3 99 26 73 81.6% the first
Total 536 169 29 30 565 182 383 78.3%

Year after year, Guardiola would hire the pieces that would make up the current squad. Gundogan and Gabriel Jesus arrived in 2016/17, Ederson Walker and Bernardo Silva arrived in 2017/18, Mahrez in 2018/19, Joao Cancelo and Rodri in 2019/20, Robin Dias in 2020/21 and Grealish in 2021/22. And if it counts on the first big reinforcements for next season, fans can be excited to continue the celebration. Haaland is coming.

The tenth victory had an air of drama against Aston Villa, and Guardiola’s screaming return 3-2 in Manchester shows that the excitement of the victory is still there even when he is used to always being in the top spot.

Pep Guardiola shakes his fourth Premier League title with Manchester City – Photo: Getty Images

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