Grasshopper Manufacture and Nagoshi Studio talked about NetEase in official interviews

NetEase Games has released two short videos of an interview with President and CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture Goichi “Suda 51” Suda, and Nagoshi Studio President and CEO Toshihiro Nagoshi.

The Chinese company has acquired Grasshopper Manufacture, the developer of No more heroesin October 2021 and established Nagoshi Studio, led by the series maker yakuzain January 2022.

Grasshopper manufacturing

Goichi Suda: “Well, about that…to quote someone…”I’m ecstatic and terrified to be picked…”That’s how I felt when I started Grasshopper. I used to throw in little bits. You know, like… A little vomiting sometimes.

At Grasshopper, our studio has been completely independent for a long time. Now that we’ve joined the NetEase group, we’ve received a great deal of support for creating games.

We recently opened our new studio, which we named “Yabukiri Studio”. So we went with Yabukiri Studio. One of the unique things about Grasshopper is that I don’t have my own “boss desk”. Everyone is in my field of vision, and I am also within everyone else’s field of vision… We’ve done this since the company was founded, and I didn’t really want to change that.

So I set up this studio called “Grasshopper” and I feel it’s kind of the perfect “full” studio. So the games that we make in this studio… I mean really cool new games, and we’ll keep making them, and I think everyone is really going to be impressed…

I wonder when I can announce this…? Maybe at the end of the year? I’m not sure… It could be over next year, let’s see how it goes. Anyway, I want to hurry up and show everyone what we’re doing.

These days, I’ve been working on back-to-back projects and would like to start a second one when the time comes…I want to do a project that focuses on the younger Grasshopper team and getting them to get creative with their new playstyle. First, I’d like to start with this… and then see if we can come up with a second and third title. I really want to get it right and make it work.

I can’t wait to show everyone Grasshopper 5.1. We are born again. It’s almost like getting rid of our skin. Grasshopper has gone through several versions so far, but this latest one is completely different. I feel the best thing we can do is continue to bring new games into the world. So stay tuned for some really cool stuff, guys.”

Nagoshi studio

If you were asked to describe Studio Nagoshi in three words, what would it be?

Toshihiro Nagoshi: “The first word I would say is ‘Globality’. For me, instead of spending my time on production, I’d rather do things more efficiently. ‘Speed’ would be the second word. But the most important is ‘Opening’, which I also put On our homepage. After all, we are a team working on a game. For a team, I think communication is essential. That’s why I chose the word ‘Openness’ to emphasize our attitude towards communication.”

How does the partnership with NetEase Games affect the studio’s vision?

Nagoshi: “From the point of view of development, I think we are professionals in console games, while NetEase has very popular mobile games, such as online games. Their games are very popular among gamers. So we both have some technologies that the other one does not have. We can learn something from each other. In the meantime, we will maintain our current strength as well. In terms of techniques, skills, assimilation and learning, we can become better. This is the relationship I want to develop between us.

Because of COVID-19, I cannot go to China. This is a real shame. We are working on different ways of communication to share our thoughts on what we are doing right now. When we have problems, if we can communicate, if there is an open section like this to improve both of us, I think we can maintain a healthy partnership. I will make it my own project.”

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