Get to know Pedro Clero, the jewel of motorsports in Brasilia

Posted on 05/22/2022 21:28 / Updated on 05/22/2022 21:29

    (Credit: Materials Provided to Post Office)

(Credit: Materials Provided to Post Office)

Little age, but very quickly. This may be the motto of Pedro Clerot, a young Formula 4 driver from Brasilia. At the age of fifteen, he pulls the streak as one of the biggest motorsports landmarks in the Federal Capital and the new crop on the national scene.

Flying low in the basic categories, Clerot has expressive results and a winning mentality. A teenager’s bet in the Federal District responds to expectations like an adult. On the shelves, he won the Brazilian Open Kart Championship for the second time, and third in the category in Brasilia, in addition to winning the Formula Delta Championship last year.

In addition to the national shoot, Brasilia also accumulates miles on international tracks. The pre-season for F4’s debut in Brazil was held in Italy, with work on traditional global motorsport circuits, such as Omola and Monza.

The Brazilian F4 will give the youngster the opportunity to compete on the racetrack in the country’s capital for the first time. Don’t hide the animation. “It’s great to be able to represent Brasilia, I’m really looking forward to racing here,” he said.

To Correio, Pedro Clerot opens the doors of his house, talks about the moment he is living in and plans a sequel to the season.

an offer

I started in motorsports in 2016, but in 2017 I entered some competition. In 2018, things started moving forever, with trips out of Brasilia and races in Sao Paulo. At the time, I was fifth in my first Brazilian Kart Championship. In 2019 we competed in the SP Light Cup. She lost the championship that year in the last race, in a triple round, with the grid reversing.

The year 2020 was marked by an accident in September, when I broke my foot and went 45 days without walking. I was the Brazilian Vice Champion that year, but I missed the SP Light Cup because of my accident. Last year I started with some problems and we decided to switch from karting to Formula, where I was Delta Champion and made it to Formula 4. It wasn’t easy years, but I learned a lot and it strengthened me a lot.

family support

Nobody in my family is involved in motorsport. I think my mom’s or great-grandfather was a Williams mechanic, but we’re not involved. My dad liked it so much, he did some motorbike trails in Autódromo de Brasília and I accompanied him. He took a while to get me to the kart, but he ended up putting me on the kart because it’s something we like. My parents were always very supportive.

accident in 2020

It happened on an exercise I wasn’t supposed to go to. It was Friday afternoon, a friend of mine called me for a jog and I was excited. It turns out I broke my foot during the accident and hadn’t run for 45 days. My father, who was elsewhere, had to move to the hospital. It wasn’t great. All of this happened 60 days before the Brazilian Championship and two weeks before the final stage of the Copa Sao Paulo Light Championship, where I was leading. However, it helped me a lot, because it was a moment when I could decide to continue or stop altogether. It turned around and made me mentally stronger.

F4 Predictions 2022

We have prepared very well for the start of the season. We’ve done an amazing job full time. We had a good car setup, not the best, but enough to match the group. We dominated the first stage in Velocita, we even took the lead, winning race number one with a lot of money. In the second, with the net reversal, we started in eighth and reached fourth. In the last race we started second and won again. We are on top with twice as many points as second place. She is trying to maintain that pace until the end of the season.

The importance of the preparatory season in Italy

It helped me a lot, but the victory did not come from that 100%. A lot of people think I only got the advantage by doing prep in Italy, but many F4 drivers have more than 3,000 laps on the Italian tracks. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve been there and we aligned the track really well and were fast. There were passengers of my level and even better, but we were able to outpace them. It was about head and maturity. A lot of people were interested in the kart, but we were able to be a step ahead.

How do you reconcile adolescence and the life of the pilot?

I don’t have a normal life. I practically live for motorsports. I rarely go to parties because I don’t have time. To give you an idea, the last couple of weeks I left for Italy, came back to Brazil, went to the racetrack, did training and even competed over the weekend. I don’t stop. When I have a break, I focus on losing weight because of all the travel.

I get up and practice on the simulator and go to kart training. When I’m not doing these things, I go to the gym and study. Study four to five hours a day. Now, I’m in an online school, and I’m faced with the routine, the fact that I can’t keep up with the class. All this hurt me. So I went to a school for athletes. My routine focuses on motorsports.

Hobbies off piste

There are not many things. When I’m not riding in real life, I practice and have fun in the simulator. Of course, I like to follow races of different modalities, because those who don’t watch don’t learn. Away from the asphalt, I enjoy kitesurfing, which is something we love to do as a family.

Do you have competitors in F4?

I don’t have anything in particular. I was surprised by the level of everyone there, they ride very well and very well adapted to the car. However, of everyone out there, I think the battle for the championship is centered on five drivers. It will not be easy.

Compete with older riders

It is quiet. What can affect a lot is how experienced the pilot is. It may sound strange, but sometimes it’s harder to race with 12- to 14-year-old drivers, with seven years of motorsports, than for a 17-year-old with two years of racing. Despite their maturity, they may not have the same amount of tricks.

Do you feel any kind of pressure?

I do not feel. It is very quiet. I love competing with the Brazilian flag, but I don’t feel any pressure about it.

Beware the euphoria of victories

I always learn from the victories. I never party much because I know it’s not every time we have a good weekend. When we win, I always try to get the most out of what we did and succeeded. Keep that, and leave the euphoria aside, because this will help us in the future. I always try to stay calm. There’s no point in winning the race and thinking I’m the best. Mentally affects.

F1 inspiration

The idea was inspired by Max Verstappen. He’s the current champion and my fans went for him, because I think Hamilton has already won a lot (laughs). I look at myself and see myself a lot in Verstappen, especially his aggressiveness, which I see in myself as well. He’s a very good driver, he arrived young in Formula 1, but he already has a lot of mileage. To me, it is the most complete in this category today. He may not have the best car, but he is content with what he has.

Difficulties of basic groups in Brazil

Currency is the biggest difficulty we face in Brazil today. Even though you earn well here, you still lag behind someone in the same role in Europe, for example. In Brazil we have to work even harder to try to get things right. Going to Europe is not a good investment without sponsorship. Car racing is very expensive. Going to Italy has always been my dream and I plan to go there in the future. We are looking for sponsorship, but nothing has come of it.

Feeling like representing Brazil

It’s nice to be able to represent Brasilia, and I’m really looking forward to racing here. I haven’t competed in the Autódromo yet, but my dad says the city has the best track. Our scenario is great, we have and we still have many good local drivers, such as Nelson Beckett, Felipe Nasr and others.

Passion from Brasilia with you and with motorsport

After the victories in the first stage I received letters. I was surprised, but it’s really cool. Overall, we are in a great moment for Brazilian motorsport, with plenty of publicity and commentary from various races and classes. It would be good to compete here in the capital, in front of the public, with media coverage. it was good.

Does the long break between steps make it difficult?

It is not a good idea to remain still for a long time, and even not to walk. I’ll do my best to keep training and connecting with the car, but it’s really hard to go two months without racing and you end up forgetting what it’s like a little bit. And when he does come back, it takes a very quick adaptation and it just fits everything together. It’s not great, but the way the tournament is held.

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