Do not fool the children with Santa Claus! – Foreman

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No, sir, it is not true that children believe in letters to Santa Claus. First, because the letters are paper sheets and they are writing more and more on keyboards and the lettering is over. Then, pick up a wish that you feel in the air, choose it as a dream that translates into reality, hope (suffering) it doesn’t take long to arrive, and wish (much hope!) that someone listens for them – and kind, who takes care of them – it’s so close to Disney Or movies like Bambi and cheesy stuff like that, and that just doesn’t work. Moreover, between Santa Claus in shopping centers and hypermarkets, Santa climbing balconies, without leaving the same place, and Santa in all shop windows, at a certain point, in the middle of all Santa Claus, it is not clear whether Santa Claus is a clone Attaches a cap (red!) to a child or a true story.

but who is this mr. Santa Claus: A person lives in the sky and, like the rain of stars, opens his heart at this time and fills it with light? pity! Next, we just need to tell the kids that, after all, there is always life on Mars (even if the Christmas area seems like a place lost in the depths of space, or Santa Claus is like those people who get inside a Virgin capsule, for the sake of For example, do they fly at excessive speed, at an altitude of 100 km, for a little more than 10 minutes, and when they return, they bring the light of a person who has arrived from heaven with the ability to get another life)? But imagine the country of Natal as a formidable post office, with a dearth of manpower shining there, who is he who opens with a friendly smile the letters of children, reads them with time and tenderness, and answers them accurately. , then throwing the gift of their dreams down the chimney? …even because kids know more about smoke hoods and stoves, not to mention the aspect of farrusco that lends a touch of chimney charm. It should also be noted that children are told (and repeatedly!) that it is ugly to lie. Therefore, lying together is not a good educational practice!

Furthermore, if children have been separated from their grandparents for months on end, it is not at all clear that a person who is old enough to be a great-grandfather has freedom of movement and many risky behaviors (such as going out at night without a mask, without a coat and without social distancing), As much as the general trend of health recommends: “Christmas, yes, but with an open window!”. Or that calcitrim or anti-inflammatories for joint pain work wonders. Although Santa Claus is the kind of Glovo driver who dreams of our dreams and sees gift delivery to all children, between 10pm and 6am, an opportunity to complete his retirement. Especially since exceptional delivery services have an additional fee, making the work of Santa Claus a factor of massive social differentiation, as opposed to what is traditionally translated as the spirit of Christmas. Then – let’s get rid of things! – Reindeer do not fly! Does it have wings, perhaps? … and even if they can fly, animals also have rights and it is not said that they can work to exhaustion, loaded with tons of gifts, without rest and without urban restrictions on working time and without the most elementary protective protection!

But, after all, what are we waiting for: for a child to risk asking a virtual assistant at home — like those on Amazon or Google, for example — if Santa Claus is around and sees all the dreams he magically built and affection spreads in front of a cold, loud speaker Loud and full of AI, leading her to conclude that she was cheated so she can’t anymore? … Do the parents not remember the disappointment with which they found out that the father did not exist? Isn’t it enough for children to witness, at this time, some kind of debate between denial and affirmation of the Christmas spirit? Among those who interpret Christmas as a consumerist drift, and who reveal its religious dimension? between supporters and opponents? Between who wants it to pass slowly and lasts long, and who takes it grudgingly and wants it to pass quickly? Between who longs to gather the family and make it a party, and who lives with the family as though it were an inescapable convention or protocol? Or between those who believe Santa Claus does not exist and those who are delighted at the idea that he wanders.

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No, sir, Santa Claus does not exist. Of course, if it existed, the kids’ parents would benefit, and Christmas wouldn’t be the moment they received those expensive presents, wrapped in very colorful papers (and with a matching shiny bow) that had nothing to do with them. do with them. Which leads them to the conclusion that those they love are far from knowing how to interpret their desires! Even when the parents walked in through the window and left hints about what the true message to Santa Claus was. But no, Santa Claus does not exist. But what a vile fashion! …

Now, of course, if you believe that all the characters that are part of your heart exist, just for the sake of it; who are, in a way, a family; If you feel that although you have never spoken to any of the characters of your imagination, you have endless gratitude to them all for all they have given you; If you bring the people you love most to your feet and their smile always looks like a Christmas star; And if, regardless of modernity, you understand the stories about Santa Claus as an opportunity to return children to the magic with which miracles are built, and the use and abuse of Santa Claus! Make them understand that love always has this ability to bring us closer to each other, and to ride a true story just for us. And that these characters in our stories are like little boats or kites that we travel through our imaginations – and that we dream about! – Looking up at the sky. Is there anything nicer that brings us together? …and isn’t it Christmas every time we, like these, turn around in these stories, and discover that when we daydream in the company of those we all love, “Baby Jesus”? …and in these times, is there no Herod who can keep us away from miracles? …continued: Find someone you can dream about. Don’t close your eyes or else the magic won’t happen! (Daydream for two is head on!) Get in on the action! and happy birthday!

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