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A portrait of Belchior by artist Carlos Bracher, 80, of Minas Gerais has disappeared, as has his portrait. Five years after the death of the musician, Brasher and his family are trying to find the painting he painted during the singer’s visit to his home, in Ouro Preto, in the central region of Minas Gerais.

In the midst of one of his wanderings across the country, Belchiore knocked on Brasher’s house door without warning, says the painter. The two did not know each other, but they had a very strong connection.

“It was one of the most amazing things in my life. It was something totally extraordinary and unexpected. Normally, these meetings are arranged in advance, that’s the social norm, isn’t it? Not him! He arrived and knocked on my door and all of a sudden I was in front of Belchiore,” as Brasher says.

According to the artist, he invited Belchior inside, they talked for a few hours and visited his studio, where he showed the singer his paintings. Belchiore was particularly fascinated by Brasher’s portraits.

“I don’t remember if he asked for a portrait of him, or if I showed it. So we did, right then and there.”

Actress Larissa Brasher, the painter’s daughter, says her main memory at the meeting is how cultured Belchiore was. She also says she was surprised that he lived for years in a seminary.

“He showed us a book he was writing, a big book, a fountain pen, like a quill. He would draw the lines with a very thin pencil and then erase them, but it was a book without a line and it was written in medieval handwriting, out of reach,” she says.

Father and daughter also remember that the singer decorated the work “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri. Belchiore was reading excerpts from the work during a meeting with the Brasher family.

On the same day, when he left, the singer picked up the plate. Brasher never knew where the painting was again.

It was the daughter of Larisa who began the search for the photo. She posted a post on her Instagram account in honor of the five years since the singer’s death this year and talked about the lost work.

According to her, the first time they searched for the painting was in 2014, even before Belchiore’s death. At that time, his father presented the exhibition “Bracher: Pintura e Permanentência” at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, which had a section devoted to pictures that he signed.

Brasher drew more than 300 portraits. The exhibition was attended by paintings representing Chico Boarque, Milton Nascimento, Maria Bethania, Nee Matogrosso, Jorge Amado, Pepe Ferreira, Leonardo Buff and even the American Tony Bennett.

That year, no Belchior painting was found as part of the exhibition. Now, the Brasher family is once again trying to figure out where to work.

“We never got that picture of Belchior again. It really looked like an apparition. It came out of nowhere, and it just disappeared out of nowhere,” Larissa says.

Larissa and her father say they do not remember the date of the visit on which the picture was painted. She remembers that it was a month off, probably July, and that she went from Rio de Janeiro to her parents’ house in Ouro Preto.

The family says that if they can get the picture back, it will have a prominent space in Casa Brasher’s studio. Several works by Carlos and his wife, the painter Fanny Brasher, are on display.

The painter believes that Belchiore may have left the painting in some places he passed during his travels. The singer died in April 2017, in Santa Cruz do Sul (RS), at the age of 70.

In the footsteps of Belchior

2007Belchiore divorces his ex-wife, moves in with Edna Prometheo, and makes his last contact with his children

2008Appearing in “Programa do Jô”, he abandoned his car in São Paulo and stopped paying hotels in Rio de Janeiro. To be charged in the pension court

2009He leaves the apartment without paying rent in São Paulo, takes the stage for the last time at a show by Tom Zee and goes to Uruguay. It passes through Montevideo and Sacramento and stops at a hotel in San Gregorio de Polanco, where it was found Fantastic

2010Vacancies in cities in the south of the country, such as São Lourenço do Sul and Jaguarão

2011He defaults at a hotel in Lagoa Mirim, passes through Santana do Livramento and enters a hotel in Artigas, Uruguay. Burn a DVD that was never released

2012His accounts are banned, he defaults again and goes to Porto Alegre, where he is pursued by journalists and stays at the home of fans.

2013It is hosted by fans in the suburbs and in the hippie community in the center of the state capital, as well as a beach house in Atlântida Sul and a farm in Guaíba in Rio Grande do Sul. It passes through an agricultural camp in Sabri and an eco-village in Santa Cruz do Sul. Spend Christmas in an abandoned building

2014He goes to the Mosteiro da Santíssima Trindade and takes shelter in the mansion of a young man who has become rich online. Meet Zika Ballero

2015Moves to another house of the same businessman

2016It remains a secret all this year

2017He died and was buried in Fortaleza

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