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Moussoronesi Alice Melo won the Brazilian Championship in three races

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Mossoro Ice Milo cyclist

Mossoro cyclist Alice Melo won the Brazilian cyclist twice this weekend, in a dispute held at the Rio de Janeiro track.

The achievement is very important for Alice’s project to compete in the next Olympics, in 2024, in Paris.

Alice is part of the ABEC team, from Rio Claro-SP. She competed in four events: Madison, Olympic Speed, Team Chasing and Omnium. She was successful in everything.

More than 120 cyclists from all over the country participated in the competition, including those who are part of the Brazilian national team, as is the case with the cyclist from Mossoró.

Journalist Larissa Maciel interviewed Alice Mello for her prestigious blog ( The article was published on March 17th. Read:

1- remember what or what you me She said from Incentive to me sports via from is yours Baba! How do It was This is amazing beginning? Some Souvenir Do not forget?

It all started because my dad was a marathon runner and I followed him and followed his training on his bike. It was a family pastime on the weekends and things were starting to get really intense. The cool event at the time was that I accelerated on the bike so he could speed up my run. This made me nervous a little bit and he bought a bike to ride with me as well. I took it very seriously, worked out the night and arrived very tired, so he invited a friend to accompany me on my cycling training. It’s starting to become a routine. Samuel, my father’s friend, became my first coach. I was 13 years old at the time.

two- How do It started The growth Give method? The desire for every Competitions And Consequently at Get out from Country?

When I entered my first competition at the age of 13, my intention to participate in the competition created a competitive ability I didn’t realize I had. When I saw myself the last one in the race, it made me want to train more to see how far I could go. When I was 15, I began to understand the meaning of sports in my routine. That’s when it consumed me. I ordered my first Speed And my mother gave it to me, and I began to study more about cycling. I’ve always been a curious person, I’ve admired athletes from São Paulo like Valkeria, one of the athletes I love so much. I didn’t understand why, it was something that came from my heart. Probably because of my father’s signal, because he can’t make a living from this sport. I admit I don’t know how to explain why I felt this way, But me Think what or what I me Concludes Recently. This connection to my father became a very good thing for me to want more and to show that it was possible to do so. I was looking for a lot of information and through the Center of Excellence in São Paulo and I was able to stand out.

3- between two at Larger Difficulties from sports that it, Consequently The lack at the support. today you that it One Athlete Professionals new In the Brazil And In the Globalism. How do that it who – which expertise?

Unfortunately, we still face a lot of difficulties in terms of investing. However, when you do a great project, have self-knowledge, things get easier. The lack of information in our country often makes things more difficult, an example of which is the lack of knowledge of the Sports Promotion Act from the federal government. You have to prepare a project, raise the money, and see the profitability, it takes time. Bureaucratic part, laborious even. It’s hard to have an athlete succumb to a situation like this. It’s hard to find women who want to work competing in cycling. Much of the cultural issue goes to the Brazilian punch the knife. Sports can be a money-making alternative, but it takes time. Today we live with a desire that not many teams have the courage to face. It is the Brazilian culture and it will only change with the shock of reality. What I can say is: Today, in our country, if we have people who believe that they are our leaders, the work will develop. Core projects were coming to an end, and there was corruption. I thank God that I participated in the right moments. Today, what our team does is what Brazil should do, but the Brazilian team does not support any of our travels, and today we have to prove to the Olympic Committee what is happening.

4- The public at 2021 It was very agent to you! The What is the price This public for him Engines In the dream Olympic?

Whatever we kept, we were able to show it. We are going through many difficulties through the Brazilian Federation. We have difficulty even participating in the World Cup. All this for the sake of political ego. These are the things that “catch” in our sport. To be an Olympic athlete you have to have at least three years working abroad to get a pointer and by the end of 2021 we were in 20th place, but you have to be between 18. So this year we will try to travel more. It’s been an exciting year because we showed that we had the conditions and that we were more motivated to compete, and we showed our ability mainly outside. We need to make 100% of the trips think about those two remaining Olympic years. What we want today is for the Federation to take us to Pan Americano, South America, to the Pan American Games next year, to bring the competitions to Brazil.

5- And One A question the outside from Globalism Athlete. from that it The Alice melon In addition Give passion fur Cycling?

Alice is the daughter of a northeastern people, humble people, full of love, a blackberry mother, a great friend, a person devoted to sport, discipline, and friends, and grateful to have so many people by our side. Often people who do not have certain powers, but have the powers of hearing. Perhaps I am all this and of course, no matter what, a lover of sports and wants to contribute to the growth of our region, our city. I want to be treated as someone who wants the growth of Mossoro’s sport. My dad suffered a lot from prejudice due to training early on, and he was considered crazy, he is a very special person to me and a lot of people might think that my ass are other cyclists, but no, it’s my dad. Today I want to accomplish what he could not.

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