Candangos coaches talk about the importance of qualifying in football

Published on 05/23/2022 06:00

    (Credit: Thais Magalhães/CBF)

(Credit: Thais Magalhães/CBF)

Earlier this week, Brasiliense Kaká indicated a possible career path in football, now in the technical field. The former midfielder has retired from the field since 2017, proudly publishing his Certificate of Graduation from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) License A. The course is the highest required level for anyone seeking a license to lead a team in Brazil. “All that’s missing is the team,” he joked. But the 2007 World Player of the Year is just the tip of the iceberg for Kandanga School of Coaches immersed in the professional disciplines offered by the entity.

Names such as Rodrigo Campos and Rodrigoinho Lopez were born in the Federal District, part of the Brasilia group that graduated from the Brazilian Football Confederation to practice the position of coach at various levels. The first three boast the same Pro license as Kaká, which is required to work on professional teams in the technical field.

The last of them has a B license, and is intended for coaches who specialize in youth categories. There are also two other types: A, also for professional teams, and C, specifically for soccer schools. All are basic requirements for those who want to develop and advance.

With stints on the women’s teams Minas Brasilia and Cruzeiro in the Brazilian Championship, Rodrigo Campos has always bet on qualification as a career victory on the edge of the field. “I have always been sure that preparing myself is the best way to advance my career. The CBF course was one of the ways I found to train myself, to exchange information with other professionals, to update myself, to update myself. Course in 2016, in C license. Currently , I am finalizing the Pro license,” he says, when mailprofessional from Brasilia.

Series B champion of the Brazilian Championship in 1998 by Gama, former midfielder Rodrigoinho also bet on the qualification of the entity. “I believe that knowledge is of fundamental importance. I congratulate the CBF Academy for the excellent work you are doing. As a former athlete, I value knowledge very much. I even make an analogy between sports and medicine: we must be in constant development”, he guarantees. “Being a huge fan of knowledge and learning, I saw myself in this opportunity to learn more about football,” he explains.

wide graduation

During his seven years at CBF Academy, Campos accumulated 1,000 hours of practical and theoretical training. The coach highlights the breadth of the off-grass courses. “It covers not only the tactical part, but seeks to train in all aspects: how to deal with athletes, manage teams in a positive way, deal with the press, plan in a meticulous way, think about the work week, but also at the macro level, with a medium and long-term project” . “The people responsible for this work give us the opportunity to reach new heights in sport,” Rodrigueño points out.

Currently with a political project for the pre-candidate for federal vice-candidate, Rodrigueno is leaving open the possibility of bypassing the B license, emphasizing the graduation of coaches as a way to develop the game played in Brazil.

“In all areas, not just in football, we know that development is essential,” he says. “It’s good to feel, see and contribute to this scenario that Brazil extends to.” “This is developed both in the lectures and in the exchange of information between us, the coaches, during the courses,” Campos continues.

In fact, contact with professionals from different regions of Brazil is indicated as a high point of training by two Brazilians. “We’ve met great coaches, especially great people, and we’re going to take that for the rest of our lives. What I really take away from the NFL Academy courses is how much knowledge they give us the opportunity to outsmart and it’s the relationships and friendship we build,” Rodrigueno says.

Rodrigo Campos is heading in the same direction. “I was always one of the youngest students in the class. Being able to listen and learn from coaches who are standardized on the national and international scene helps me a lot in my development,” he quotes.

What is the cost of graduating from CBF Academy?

– Professional license * (technician in professional teams): 19900.00 BRL
– License A* (technical in professional teams): 10,500.00 Brazilian riyals
– License B * (technical in youth teams): 7,700.00 Brazilian Real
License C (Football School Coach): 4,990.00 Brazilian Real

* The previous levels are prerequisites for obtaining the certificate

“The CBF course was one of the ways I’ve found to train myself, share information with other professionals, refresh myself, and refresh myself. I’m currently finalizing my Pro license”

Rodrigo Campos, coach

“I congratulate the CBF Academy for the excellent work you are doing. As a former athlete, I really appreciate the knowledge. We must be in constant development”

Rodrigueño, Director of Football at Gama

Campos Rodrigo

Rodrigo Campos, the former coach of women’s soccer teams, such as Minas Brasilia and Cruzeiro, has earned more than a thousand hours in the CBF Academy as he completes his graduation from the professional licence. “I’ve always been sure that preparing myself is the best way to advance my career.”


1998 Campeonato Brasileiro Série B champion with Gama, former midfielder Rodrigueno currently holds a B license from the CBF Academy. “As I am a big fan of knowledge and learning, I saw myself in this opportunity to learn more about football.”


Former midfielder Kaka has been retired from the field since 2017, and recently completed his graduation from the Brazilian Football Confederation Academy. The Brazilian, the best player in the world in 2007, published the coach’s A-license certificate and joked: “The only thing missing is the team.”

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