Campinas Chamber votes on a bill allowing pets in public transport and a plan of action for orphans of victims of domestic violence | Campinas and the region

The members of the Council of Campinas (SP) will vote in the session on Monday (23) on a bill (PL) allowing attendance of Pets in public transport from the city. Other highlights of the agenda are a Action plan for orphans who are victims of domestic violence In the city, a motion overrules the requirement to provide proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

The meeting begins at 6:00 pm and will take place at the Bento Quirino Theatre, where the official building of the Legislature is undergoing renovation work. This is the third session with an audience and has a capacity of 200 seats. The broadcast can also be followed by the audience on TV Câmara or Casa’s website.

Rules for pets in gatherings

The text to be discussed and voted for the second time by parliamentarians authorizes the presence of pets in public transport vehicles, provided that the responsible person fulfills the following requirements: The pet must weigh up to 15 kg, it must be secured inside a crate or bag made of a resistant material so as not to cause inconvenience to other occupants, and the guardian must have a permit indicating the need to move for the purpose of veterinary care or vaccination.

“It is prohibited to transport an animal that, due to its virulence and venom, causes discomfort or endangers the safety of users, third parties and the vehicle,” it says. The supplementary law also states that the responsible person will only pay a regular tariff for the line.

If the bill is approved by the House of Representatives, by Fernando Méndez (Republics) and Hegor Diego (Republicans), it must still be signed by the mayor, Dario Saadi (Republicans), in real.

Procedures for orphans of violence

The seven-item agenda also provides for the PL’s second vote during the meeting, which addresses the city council’s commitment to creating a registry and implementing a series of safeguards aimed at Children and adolescents who have lost their mothers as a result of domestic violence. Proposal from Chancellor Deborah Palermo (PSC).

Among the actions planned are policies to organize nursery, school monitoring to prevent dropouts, inclusion in vocational rehabilitation programs, as well as the establishment of specialized care in psychosocial care centers (hats), with the aim of strengthening care associated with emotional grief. The period and consequences after the loss of the mother.

PL against vaccine proof

The motion banning the requirement for proof of Covid-19 vaccination to get anywhere, as well as potential penalties for non-compliance, was signed in November 2021 and its legality will be debated in the first vote by the House of Representatives. It only entered the agenda after the author, exclusive advisor Nelson (PSD), used an art-based application. 144 of the bylaws.

The text specifies that executive or legislative projects that have been processed for more than 90 days, except for those requiring a public hearing, shall be on the agenda, regardless of the opinion of the discussion and voting committees.

  • Read the full text here

In March, YouTube restricted Campinas Chamber’s channel for “publishing incorrect medical information” about the Covid-19 pandemic. The action followed a public hearing proposed by Al-Hosari to discuss the vaccine passport, the policy adopted by the city council to require proof of vaccination before events or venues are allowed to enter.

Chamber sessions are held in the theater building due to the renovation of the official building located in the Ponte Prieta area. According to Casa’s press office, the first phase began in mid-April, and the work is scheduled to be fully completed between October and November.

Works focus on the structural restoration of the building’s floors, the most important of which is the repair of two girders and a column, due to the risks of collapse. The entire investment will amount to about 836 thousand Rls – see the notice here. The theater is located in Rua Lusitana, 1555, downtown.

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