Angel Pilot Group Joins Repsol and Honda to Invest 2 Million in Lagoa

Repsol’s first service station in the municipality of Lagoa, as well as the new dedicated Honda Motos store in West Algarve, opened on Thursday, May 19, in the Pateiro Industrial Estate, next to Parchal.

Alessandro Balzer, founder of the Angel Pilot group, revealed to south information It is an investment of “two million euros with the participation of Repsol”.

Stefania Balzer, the daughter of the founder and one of the group’s presidents today, explained to our newspaper that “The Repsol project arose from my father’s conviction that here in this area there was a need for a gas station and that this would be an ideal location, because it is central ».

Photo: Elizabeth Rodriguez | south information

“The process progressed slowly, because this is not our area at all, while we devoted ourselves to all our other activities, and in the end, with the support of Repsol, we were able to make the investment and get all the support to understand the business that suits us. completely unknown”, added the Group’s Director of Sales and Marketing, in an interview with south information.

“The project was just a gas pump and a multi-purpose building, without knowing what we were going to do there, but in 2017, my sister Alessandra Balzer, who deals in motorcycles, started a partnership with Honda, for marketing,” he added. . From the brand in the West Algarve.

The partnership with the Japanese brand went so well that new plans emerged: “We knew it would be a good bet, but it was a real surprise, it changed so much the way the motorcycle business of the group was framed. There was a much greater expression of the boat trade and that has changed.”

At that time Alessandra Balzer decided to “create an exclusive Honda space for motorcyclists in our building.”

“We felt that with the customer base we were able to create with Honda, it was essential to have our own site. They were with us there in Dukapiska, but we are more connected with boating,” added Stefania.

Photo: Elizabeth Rodriguez | south information

At the opening of the service station and Honda dealerships, Annabella Simويسes, Vice President of Lagoa City Council, stressed the importance of this additional commitment by the Balzer family, who “has been investing in the county for more than thirty years”.

“In the midst of the pandemic, they had the courage to make this investment, which creates new jobs and provides services that were not present here,” the mayor added.

Jorge Ribeiro, responsible for managing Repsol’s commercial network, noted that “with more than 500 service stations across the country, Repsol had none of them in Lagoa, an important municipality in the Algarve.” He added that the investment was only possible because “we found the perfect partners, locals, from an entrepreneurial family”.

Jose Correia Luis, who is responsible for the Japanese brand’s motorcycle business in Portugal and Spain, highlighted the happy coincidence of being “our first Repsol/Honda dealership”. Now, he predicted, since Repsol/Honda is “the most successful team in the Moto GP, this will certainly also be a successful partnership”.

“Now we have only one purpose: to meet the needs of our customers,” said Alessandra Balzer, Angel Pilot Group Officer, Honda Motorcycle Dealership.

As a gesture of goodwill, the new Repsol service station will provide volunteer firefighters in Lagoa with a tank full of fuel in one of their tanker trucks. The car did not attend the opening only because, as explained by Tito Manuel Januaro, deputy chief of the Lagos Fire Department, it was on a precautionary basis, due to the heat wave. That official thanked “the generosity,” because fuel is one of the main costs for the firefighters on their mission.

The new service station operates every day from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm and will provide its customers with a full range of liquid fuels – Diesel e + 10 Neotech, Efitec 98 Neotech, Efitec 95 Premium Formula Neotech, Simple Gasoline, Simple Diesel and Agrodiesel e + 10 – In addition to AutoGás and AdBlue in bulk and charging point for electric cars. It will also have an ATM, a convenience store and a cafeteria.

Pictures: Elizabeth Rodriguez | south information

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