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Forget the old opinion formed about Fernando Dinez. At this beginning of work on Fluminense, the coach showed that the clip from the first clip, in 2019, is in the past. In “version 2.0” results appear more often, even if the glamorous performances of the three-week work have not been carried out recently. Last Sunday, the team did not present beautiful football but rather frightened its fans, but won an important away result by beating Fortaleza 1-0 in Castellao, connecting to the top of the Brazil table.

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Fluminense started the match in the same way as other victories under Deniz’s leadership: with a goal until the tenth minute of the match. Nathan gave a good pass to Luiz Henrique, who gave Capixaba a nice cut and opened the scoring. From there, the team backed off, and Fortaleza began to dominate the match, with influenza increasingly rushing into her field of defense.

Luiz Henrique celebrates at Fortaleza x Fluminense – Photo: Lucas Emanuel / AGIF

We want Fluminense to play in a more fluid way. We’ll always try to do that, that was the idea. But our plan B is very well designed to defend ourselves well. After aiming, there is naturally a recoil action, instinctively, which I don’t like to do. The team is divided between pressure and defense and when that becomes the case it becomes more dangerous

Leão finished the first half with more possession (59% x 41%) and 11 shots against only two Flo, who had difficulties in possession from the center forward, took advantage of the counter-attacks and became more powerful. With a slow transition, Luiz Henrique was one of the few speed options on the team. The shirt 11, even, left in the 24th minute of the second half completely worn out.

Fluminense did not change his position in the second half, followed by a strategy of low defenses and saw Fortaleza insisting on staying in the attacking area. Despite Lion’s playing size, it’s important to note that the chances of High Hazard weren’t as many as the 24 shots.

Fortaleza x Fluminense, Fernando Diniz – Photo: Thiago Gadelha / SVM

But Fortaleza had chances, yes, to score, and Fabio was going through Fabio’s hands a lot. The big name of the match, the best player on the field, made great saves, especially in chances with Silvio Romero, Jossa and Renato Kaiser, and ensured the victory of the flu.

There were also two goals disallowed after the VAR consultation: one for Fortaleza due to a foul on Yago Felipe at the start of the play, and another after the review indicated an offside by Cano – a move that sparked much debate over the position it was taken in. Lines traced.

Caio Paulista replaced Luis Henrique and managed to give Fluminense more movement and speed from midway through the second half. Well into the match, the 70’s jersey pulled off the counter-attacks and gave good passes into the offensive field, with the right of the pool wasted by Yago Felipe after going off in front of goal.

game numbers

Energy Fluminense
possession of the ball 57% 43%
Submissions 24 7
Finishes saved 8 two
Finishing on beam 1 0
Pass accuracy, pass accuracy 81% 77%
angles 12 5

As much as it wasn’t Denise’s traditional playing style, the coach chose to do what seemed possible in the game. “We have to play as we can at the moment,” he said at the press conference. Nathan’s departure in the first half was surprising as he was one of Fluminense’s best players on the pitch so far, but the coach’s choice was based on what the team would suggest until the end of the match.

– We had to defend ourselves better. Players who gave us more movement in midfield. Yago gives us that mobility (Samuel went to the side), gives us more possession and defines Samuel home. I’ve played in Fluminense before with Ganso and Daniel, we can play with Ganso and Nathan, but for that we need more ball control. He explained that the low line is meaningless.

Initially, Deniz intended to score with higher streaks, but chose Plan B due to the circumstances he found in the game. Coming from someone notorious for “death in arms” with his convictions, the coach’s choice can be seen as an advance in the midst of the team’s decline. Although the strategy resulted in less glamorous football, it also fulfilled what the coach and the team needed: good results.

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The coach believes that with time and training, the team will find it easier to implement the ideas of “Dinizismo”. Through six matches, Fluminense beat the undefeated and renewed Deniz with four wins and two draws. In the Brazilian championship, the team jumped to seventh place with 11 points, three points behind leaders Corinthians. On Thursday, at 9:30pm (GMT), Tricolor returned to the field to face Oriente Petrolero, of Bolivia, with little chance of qualifying for the South American Championship. On Sunday, at 18:00 (Brasilia time), they will face Flamengo in the Brazilian League.

“Something happened, but the three points came,” Gabriel says | crowd sound

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