A young man said of my stepmother accused of poisoning him: “She would do anything to get my father to fight me.”

Had it not been for a throat scratched from intubation during hospitalization, no one would have imagined that Bruno had suffered an attempted poisoning exactly a week ago when he ate a bitter pill at his stepmother’s house last Sunday. The 16-year-old welcomed his friends home on Friday, and was looking forward to lunch with his mum on Saturday evening, not thinking about missing his mock Sunday at school.

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“It has to be done, right?” Simulation guide. But if I can, I don’t want to go back to school on Monday, no,” he says with a laugh, already knowing that despite the shock, his mom wouldn’t give him that little spoon.
At home after four days of hospital treatment, Bruno says everything is going well at his father’s house on Sunday, and that he has never suspected his stepmother’s position.
– Since I’ve rarely gone there, it’s always been a good day, and she doesn’t bother me anymore – He says that after eating, he feels that something is wrong, but not so much. “I thought I was going to get sick, but I never imagined what would happen.

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The young man moved into his father’s house at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic mitigation. Soon, it was Fernanda’s turn to go, too. He recalls his relationship with his stepmother Cynthia, accused of being responsible for his poisoning. She is also suspected of poisoning her sister, who died in March of this year after suffering a heart attack.
“She was always a strange woman. Sometimes everything was beautiful, and suddenly she began to play horror – says the young man, saying that the treatment with his father was different. “She was criticizing us and treating my father like a king. I didn’t do anything for my father. A woman treats you like a king, what would you do?
Bruno understands his father’s behavior and is keen to point out that he is not responsible for anything that happened.
“He blames himself for everything that happens, but he doesn’t have to blame him. He lost his daughter, he almost lost me… I just want to reassure him so he doesn’t get sick,” says Bruno, crushing all his generosity. “My dad is very family. Right now, he doesn’t want anything else. Maybe in the future, but now he just wants me.
At home, everyday life was full of ups and downs. Nothing serious yet. Prostitutes, but they have exhausted their socialization.

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It was silly stuff. I remember my sister wanted to sleep with the bedroom door closed, and Cíntia wanted to leave the door open for the air conditioner into the living room. My sister closed it, Cynthia opened it. My sister closed it, Cynthia opened it. Until a quarrel broke out – says Bruno, who avoided clashes. – She who came to fight with us, found a way to manipulate my father into coming and complaining to us. She would do anything to get my father to fight me.
It was the repetition of these episodes that made Bruno ask to go home after six months.
– I hid my school card, took the money for my ticket, so I had to ask for more from my parents, and I deleted our letters … – Bruno quotes. – When I went to talk to my father, we quarreled. In his mind, we had an affair with her, and she did everything to be that way. He didn’t believe me, I didn’t want to fight right away, so I left. That’s when I said I couldn’t stand there any longer and called my mom.

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Despite all the struggles, Bruno never thought something like this could happen.
“I thought they might get worse as a tease, yes. From never dying. What I really thought was that one day she would try to cheat my father, a financial scam. But that was it,” he says. – The thing that there was no jealousy, no. It was money. My dad is awesome with that money. If you want to take his card and take it, he lets you. She didn’t brag, but she had his card. You don’t even have to ask.
More than avoiding a major tragedy, Bruno feels encouraged to do something in his sister’s memory.
– I have no feeling that I saved my father, but I must have done my sister – he thinks. – I will never forget, but I want to find calm. A woman who had never given me anything, took my sister and almost took me.
In his third year of high school, Bruno is still not sure what career he should pursue. The first option is to be a player, and earn money playing online. And he’s good at it. He is in the top 50 of the League of Legends ranking in Brazil, and trains, on average, five hours a day.
– I even managed to earn a little money, but it was not much. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll work with my dad in the book trade.

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