3 hardworking pets have a badge

For some time now, companies around the world have allowed employees to bring their pets to work. However, in some cases, the pet itself gets a “position” in the enterprise (Gospel and everything).

Recently, Luísa Sonza’s dogs stole the show by winning Sony badges. This happened after The singer announced on Wednesday (5/18) that she has signed a $20 million, roughly $100 million contract with Sony, and her dogs have not been left out. In a video posted to the beauty’s Instagram, she and her pets signed the contract with the label.

Luisa Sonza's dogs win the Sony badge
Luisa Sonza’s dogs win the Sony badge

And there’s nothing sweeter than seeing these and other stories of those little guys out there making a difference. With this in mind, the capital Cities collected the best. paying off:


No competition deserves to isolate Sully the dog as Employee of the Month at SSM Health St. Joseph, Missouri (USA). The Golden Retriever is a therapy dog ​​who visits the hospital daily to help relieve the pressure on staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sully belongs to the director of nursing in the hospital’s emergency department, Erika Jensen. The Fox 2 employee has now told Fox that she is taking the pet to work with her as they face ups and downs in the battle against covid-19.



Alfredo is a head lane gas station located in the northern region of Teresina. The Dog Without Specific Breed (SRD) arrived at the site about 7 years ago and has never left.

According to the staff in an interview with G1, Alfredo belonged to the owner of a nearby mechanic shop, but chose the position as a new home after his previous owner’s trip. There he received care, affection and food and since then has not left there.

The name came about after a former employee of the establishment honored a client of the place. The idea for the badge came from a former manager, Romario Bettencourt, who decided to designate Alfredo and make him official as an employee of the position. In an interview with the site, he confirmed that Alfredo is doing the work properly, inspecting the work and checking the condition of the vehicles’ tires.



The employees and customers of a company located in São José do Rio Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, received a pleasant acquisition in the staff: a kitten. His name is Bennu, he is a friendly cat who has always appeared on site and won a spot.

In an interview with G1, company employees said the little boy arrives on time, interacts with workers and customers and even eats lunchtime. After some time, Beno quickly becomes an amulet, leaving everyone in love with his docile, calm and affectionate way.

According to hostess Lara Beatriz Veloso, cats also help out in stressful situations. “Benno has helped a lot, because sometimes the taxpayer is nervous or upset with some pending issues, and Benno ends up arriving and calming the person down,” he told G1.

In addition to the charm of the employees, Bino also wins over every customer that arrives at the unit. People and pets play and have fun with the cat. A lot of love and sympathy caused the pet to be promoted: he is now a companion and has an official employee badge. Cute, isn’t it?


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