The Voice Kids: Full of Hits, Day 4 of Blindness Auditions Has the Story of Overcoming and Revealing Mayara | 2022

With a repertoire full of greats International visits From stars like Beyoncé, Adele and Bruno Mars, Day 4 of Blind Auditions has highlighted the talent and stories of young voices taking the first steps in their musical careers.

On Sunday’s show, 5/22, coaches Carlinhos Brown, Michel Teló and Maiara & Maraisa continued their mission to select the best prodigy kids for their teams. On the penultimate day of blind testsThey were very keen to make up the last positions of their teams, which will each have 21 members until the end of this phase.

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In addition to the outstanding performance, a highlight of the program was the insistence of participant Eve Maria, who finally had the opportunity to perform on stage at The Voice Kids and won a place on Team Maiara & Maraisa after registering six times to participate in the competition. Another great moment happened on the show when Mayara revealed that she would like to be an actress on Globo if she wasn’t a singer. you understand! 👇

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Isis Testa sings a song

Isis Testa sings “Listen” at Blind Auditions

Isis Testa was born into a family of musicians and became interested in art early on. At the age of 10, the participant came from Natal (RN) and enjoyed singing the song “Listen”, by BeyonceA song chosen by his mother.

  • phrase: “My dad’s friends used to joke with him that I wouldn’t cry [ao nascer]They said I would be born and sing “(Isis Testa)
  • Technical opinion: “You moved me. You have a childlike voice, but it’s very powerful and harmonious. I chose a very difficult song and controlled that song with precision.” (Michel Telo)

Julia Almeida sings

Julia Almeida sings “The Evidence” at blind auditions

Julia Almeida from the city of Sete Lagoas in the state of Minas Gerais, learned the love of music at home, with her father, a singer and with his daughter he performed to 10,000 people. In auditions, the 14-year-old sang the classic “Proof”, an anthem of Chitaozinho & Xororó.

  • phrase: “[Meu sonho é] To be recognized, musically, bring music to many people. I think music heals a lot of people.” (Julia Almeida)
  • Technical opinion: “I was impressed by her persistence in singing […] You have your own way of singing. You have already become a great singer at the age of fourteen. (Michelle Tello)

Duda Sena sings a song

Duda Sena sings “Canto das Três Raças” at auditions for the blind

Duda Sina became interested in music after she started singing in church and she also loves to express herself through dancing. At the age of 13, the participant came from Nazaré Paulista (SP) and presented “Canto das Três Raças”, a classic of Clara Nunes.

  • phrase: “I have a big dream of walking around singing and dancing and showing who I am to the people who accompany me. And maybe, one day, to get a Grammy.” Follow Favorite
  • Technical opinion: “This girl sings a lot.” (Michel Telo)

Antonio Marques sings

Antonio Marques sings “Qui Nem Giló” at blind auditions

From the city of Cabedelo, Paraíba, Antonio Márquez has animated The Voice Kids theater with the filming of the artist’s classic “Qui Nem Giló” Louise Gonzagato the program stage. The 10-year-old made all the technicians spin their chairs to the bayou!

  • phrase: “When I was four years old, my parents used to sing in church. There was a day when I decided to sing with my mother and fell in love with music.” (Antonio Marquez)
  • Technical opinion: “You sing so beautifully, and you bring us joy” (Michelle Tello)

Laís Paixão sings

Laís Paixão sings “Estrada da Vida” at auditions for the blind

Laís Paixão, 11, from São Paulo, grew up in a musical environment and chose to take a song she learned to love at home to Blind Auditions: “Estrada da Vida,” by the duo. Millionaire and Jose Rico.

  • phrase: “My grandmother used to sing at weddings and restaurants, and I always liked music very much. I have karaoke at home and my whole family sings. We enjoy singing old songs that we like.” Follow Favorite
  • Technical opinion: “What a beautiful thing, people!” (Michel Telo)

Nanda Santiago sings

Nanda Santiago Sings “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” at Blind Auditions

Nanda Santiago is a 13-year-old from Aracaju (southeast) who had another international hit on Blind Auditions, with live translation of Adele’s “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”.

  • phrase: “I’ve always loved music, but I started practicing for the vocal part when I joined the choir. I’m a very anxious person and I think I feel more comfortable singing with more people.” (Nanda Santiago)
  • Technical opinion: “You have a beautiful voice.” (Michel Telo)

Bernardo Yuri sings

Bernardo Yuri sings “Romaria” at the auditions for the blind

Bernardo Yuri was born in Santa Catarina, from the city of Abelardo Luz, he is 11 years old and has a lot of tuning. He used his talent for blind auditions to sing the classic “Romaria”. Renato Teixeira.

  • phrase: “I learned to speak and was already singing some songs.” (Bernard Urey)
  • Technical opinion: “That sparkle in your eyes, that purity. Here is the beginning of many things you will enjoy in your life.” (Michel Telo)

Eve Maria sings

Eve Maria sings “I just wanted to love you (¡Korean!)” at the blind auditions

Yves Maria is 13 years old and hails from Itaquatara, Amazonas. She started singing at the age of five, inspired by Lady Gaga. After registering six times for the program, Yves made his debut in Blind Auditions singing “Eu Só Quero Te Amar (¡Corre!)”.

  • phrase: “My dream is to show my voice to the world, to sing in other places, cities, and other countries.” (Eve Maria)
  • Technical opinion: “You have a very mature voice. You sing well.” (Michel Telo)

🎤 Maria Alice (no team)

Maria Alice sings João e Maria at auditions for the blind

Maria Alice sings João e Maria at auditions for the blind

Maria Alice is 11 years old and hails from Valenhos, in the interior of São Paulo. She sang the artist’s classic “João e Maria” Chico Bouarquebut did not progress to the next stage.

  • phrase: “I’m very selective, but what I really like to sing is MPB and pop.” (Mary Alice)
  • Technical opinion: “This is just a process in your life, okay? Here you’ll be able to try to come in as many times as you can. I want to tell you that aside from those chairs, you can count on me and Marissa to be a part of your story. You sing so much, you’re so tuned.” (Miara)

things to sing

Amora sings “Billionaire” at Blind Auditions

Amora sang “Billionaire” by Bruno Mars at Blind Auditions and coaches admired his talent. At 14, this voice from Fortaleza (CE), sings, plays sports, and actually composes her own songs and even gives a bit of a taste of composition.

  • phrase: “I don’t make music just because I love someone. I love love, the art of loving.” (Black Berry)
  • Technical opinion: “What a joy, what a bootyWhat a magical thing about your singing. I liked it a lot when this reggae got into the hip-hop part.” (Carlinhos Brown)

Bianca Guterres sings

Bianca Guterres sings “Like a Wave” at auditions for the blind

Bianca Guterres is 14 years old from Brasilia. She started in music under the influence of her father, has been singing since she was seven years old and has already released her own songs, including a partnership with an American rapper. On The Voice Kids, she sang “Como uma Onda”, a classic song composed by Lulu Santos.

  • phrase: “I want to touch people through music, to make them identify with what I sing.” (Bianca Gutierrez)
  • Technical opinion: “I loved your voice, your voice. There was a moment in the song where I said ‘I want to press this button’ and that’s how I felt in my heart, because I really saw that you are a great singer.” (Michel Teleo)

Julie sings a cat story at Blind Auditions

Julie sings a cat story at Blind Auditions

Julie was an 11-year-old from Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, and she brought a lot of tenderness and liveliness to the program with her fun version of “Historia de Uma Gata,” a song from the musical. Mummers.

  • phrase: “I think this song is lively and beautiful and I love cats too. I think it suits me.” (Julie)
  • Technical opinion: “What you did is very nice. In addition to being a great singer, you are able to communicate wonderfully. You are ready and it is very good to see someone like that, with such charisma, on our show.” (Carlinhos Brown)

Igor Valenka sings

Igor Valenka sings “Feeling Good” at auditions for the blind

Igor Valenca is a distant cousin of Alceu Valença, who is 10 years old and hails from Recife, the capital of Pernambuco. With experience on the stage (singing, dancing and acting), the boy brought the classic “Feeling Good” famous with the voice Nina Simonefor blind tests.

  • phrase: “Music for me is a way to express my feelings.” (Igor Valenza)
  • Technical opinion: “Congratulations on your talent. This song is hard as hell. You rocked it!” (Marissa)

Mel Gribbin sings

Mel Gribbin sings “I’ll Always Love You” at blind auditions

Gaucho from Canoas, Mel Grebin is only 11 years old, but he sang like an adult when interpreting his version of “I Will Always Love You,” a song he immortalized Whitney Houstonin blind tests.

  • phrase: “I’ve been singing since I was little. My mother works as a music teacher. She teaches vocal technique, so she was always there to help me.” (honey kinky)
  • Technical opinion: “For God’s sake, what a beautiful thing. I’m so touched. I love your voice and your assertiveness in singing, the way you carried yourself on stage with confidence.” (Michel Telo)

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