Sport outperforms Tombense and takes over the position of deputy leadership of the Brazilian series with

At the Ilha de Retiro stadium, in Recife, in a match valid for the sixth round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, Sport beat Tombense 2 to 0. Leão da Ilha’s second-half win was built with goals from Parraguez and Luciano Juba. As a result, Leão da Ilha scored 11 points and took second place in the competition. Gavio-Carcara has 5 points and remains in the penultimate position in the table.

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For the next round, visit Sport Chapecoense, at Arena Conda, in Chapeco, on May 13. Tombense faces Guarani, at the Estadio Soares de Azevedo, in Muriaé-MG, on May 14.

the game
First time
He only gave sports in the first 20 minutes

Playing at home and in combat to return to positions in the table, the sport began on Tombense and chances were ranked during the first 20 minutes of the match. But Luciano Juba (three times) and Jaderson were unable to translate those chances into goals.

A clear opportunity to waste the summits
Inferior to the match, Tombense was limited to defense. But when he went on the offensive to respond to the sport’s bombardment, Gavião-Carcará nearly opened the scoring on Ilha do Retiro.

In the 25th minute, in a foul on the right side, Manuel raised the ball to the goal, Igor Henrique jumped in the middle of Tombense defenders and header strongly into the corner. The ball passed licking goalkeeper Melson’s post and did not enter.

Almost a sports brand
Despite the danger, Sport continued to excel in the match and crushed it behind the first goal. At the end of the first stage, Leão da Ilha could have gone in the first half with an advantage on the scoreboard, but Tombense goalkeeper Felipe Garcia posted the kick from the Kayke midfielder. In the corner kick, the goalkeeper of the Minas Gerais team cleared the danger again.

Sports x Tombense

Sports in the lead (Image: clone/Twitter do Sport)

sports pressure

At the complementary stage, the sport came up with everything to open the score. Guderson and Everton Felipe could have opened the scoring, but both players failed at the time of the final conclusion.

sports goal
The intense search for the purpose of sport was enlisted. After a corner kick, Rafael Thierry was on the move and blocked, Barrages did not hesitate and took the opportunity to put the ball into the goal: 1 to 0.

sports amplifiers
Tombense tried and pushed goalkeeper Melson to defend, but without much danger. Unlike their rivals from Minas Gerais, the Pernambuco team continued to press and create good chances, which were soon rewarded with another goal.

In the 29th minute, Giovanni passed the ball to Luciano Juba on the outskirts of the area. The Leão da Ilha striker controlled the ball and fired his left foot. The ball was in the corner of goalkeeper Felipe Garcia and died in the net: 2 to 0.

Anger exercises, sports keep score and win the match
Tombense tried to minimize the damage, but created little and practically posed no danger to goalkeeper Melson. In addition to a good defense, Sport was close to scoring the third goal, but Bruno Matthias missed the opportunity. But the missed opportunity made no difference, as Leo won 2-0.

Sport 2 x 0 Jump – Brazilian Championship 2022
: Retiro Island, in Recife (PE)
date/time: May 6, 2022 at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time)
to rule: Edina Alves Batista (FIFA) (SP)
helpers: Daniel Luis Marquez (SP) and Gustavo Rodríguez de Oliveira (SP)
VAR: Leon Carvalho Rocha (GO)
yellow cards: Luciano Joba (SPO); Felipe Garcia and Joseph (TOM)
red cards:-
Objectives: Parraguez, 12’/2ºT (1-0) (SPO); Luciano Joba, 29′/Q2(2-0) (SPO).

Sport (Coach: Gilmar Dal Pozo)
Melson. Ewerthon, Rafael Thierry, Sabino and Lucas Hernandez (Chico, at 40min/sec); Willian Oliveira (Ronaldo Henrique, at 40min/2ºT), Bruno Matthias and Everton Philip (Giovanni, at 22min/2ºT); Janderson (Vanegas, at 40min/2ºT) and Luciano Juba and Kaiki (Paragues, first half).

Thompnes (Coach: Maria Hemmerson)
Philip Garcia; David, Edney, Roger Carvalho, and Manuel; Joseph (Ítalo Henrique, at 25min/2ºT), Gabriel Henrique (Matheus Paquetá, at 33min/2ºT), Gustavo Cazonatti and Igor Henrique (Everton Galdino, at 25min/2ºT); Jean Lucas (Marcelino, at 25min/2ºT) and Vinicius Mengotti (Reginaldo, at 33min/2ºT).

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