Raicca Ventura shows off her talent and gets praise from skateboarding stars: ‘The dream is to win the Olympics’ | skateboard

The girl who was afraid to fall into a vertical position of a teenager is more and more accustomed to conquests. At 15 years old, Raicca Ventura is further proof that talent shows up at an early age in skateboarding.

For me, skating is everything. I love skateboarding, where I forget things, life, and focus only on skateboarding – says Raika Ventura Esporte Espetacular, by TV Globo.

Focusing on Paris: Raicca Ventura is the new bet for Brazilian skiing

Focusing on Paris: Raicca Ventura is the new bet for Brazilian skiing

– When we had Raicca, I worked in a skate park and taught. Camila worked, too. So I took Raika with me on the road, since she was a child, since she was a child, she stayed with me – says her father, Elber Beretta.

– When we saw that she liked skateboarding, I asked my mother, grandmother, as a gift for Christmas. And my mother, a layman and everyone else, went to the supermarket and bought a plastic skateboard for the girl – remembers her mother Camilla.

– Wow, the skateboard you can’t even walk. He was walking. Then my dad saw that I was getting older, that I was becoming more interested, and he gave me some better pieces. After that I just walked in and then never got out again – Raika continued.

Raica Ventura scored the best goals in the women’s STU Criciúma semi-final – Photo: Thiago da Luz

She gradually developed and began to go to amateur competitions.

– At first, since there were not many girls walking, I asked to compete with the boys – the mother recalls.

– You were great. He only knew how to fall, he didn’t even know how to do the right maneuver – Raika straightens.

But the girl had a difference that made her progress rapidly in sports.

– She has always been a fight. Fall, get up, and get back up again. I think that’s what brought her skateboarding rule: not being afraid and facing challenges – says her father.

Raika Ventura with awards since the beginning of his skateboarding career – Photo: Marcel Merguez

But skiing professionally, for those without a care, is expensive. And although he achieved good results, due to the financial aspect, Raicca did not even have a chance to fight for a place in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

– We always had difficulties with it, on trips, and competition has a very high cost – says Beretta.

– To make the Olympic controversy they needed to go to the World Cup. CBSk submitted a letter that Raika received an invitation to participate in the race there in the United States. Therefore, she was very upset, very sad, that we could not take her there. It was very difficult for us to say no to her at the time – Camila completed.

– Since I had no care, or anything that would help, wow, I was so sad because I really wanted to run those worlds. I might have the chance to go to the Olympics. But then it didn’t because I don’t have that much money. But it’s good, next time I think everything will be fine – says Raika.

Raica Ventura and Chris Matthews on the track as they train in Sao Bernardo do Campo – Photo: Marcel Merguez

Coach and the United States

Skateboarding has always been a do-it-yourself sport, where each skater learns to ride alone or at most with the help of friends. But with the professionalization of the sport, and the entry into the Olympics, more and more athletes are seeking to work with a coach. That’s when Raicca exploded onto the national scene: when she started coaching by Cris Mateus.

– Cris has always seen a huge talent in Raicca. But she was very absent from the tournaments. As Camila said, she did not even have a chance to try for a place at the Olympics due to the lack of opportunity to participate in competitions. So Chris saw this and came to tell us, “Why didn’t Raika go to the competitions?”. He was already participating in competitions with his gang and his students. And then we were friends for a long time, he began to take Raika too – says Raika’s father.

Its development is daily. every day. Either it is maneuverability, or the antennas are higher, and the bezels are much wider. We always talk and exchange ideas. There are times when she almost gives up and I don’t, I go there, so let’s go – says Chris Matthews.

– I think it makes the difference. Because you’re walking there, without someone charging you, it’s going to be a trip. Now you’re walking around with someone charging you and looking at you and changing everything. Much improved – says Raicca.

Raicca Ventura said he does not expect to win at STU – Photo: Pablo Vaz / STU Disclosure

The time working with the new technician has already yielded significant results. Raicca was the first stage champion of STU, the Brazilian Figure Skating Championships, in park style.

– I was very happy when I competed there in STU, I was not hoping to win. “I’m just going to compete to do my best and have fun, which is what matters,” I said. But then I won and was very happy. Because I wasn’t expecting it anyway – recalls the skater.

Raicca, in this Olympic tournament, is hoping for financial support so she can compete in all competitions and fight for a place in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Pamela Rosa, Leticia Buffoni, Yendiara Aspe and Karen Jones. Each sent messages of support to the skater via amazing sport (See the video above).

With coach Chris Matthews just moving to the US, Raika will take advantage of his July break to spend an entire month training in California, close to Olympic medalists Sky Brown and Sakura Yosuzumi. By the way, coach Raicca and Sky have been in touch for quite some time. The Brazilian revelation also just terminated a contract with an agency. Thus, combining proximity to the best in the world and financial support that you have not even dreamed of today.

My dream, my dream, is to win the Olympic Games. I want to go there to win, I don’t want to go there to win an engagement medal, my coach says. I want to go out there to do my best and win this … these Olympics are there – concludes Raika.

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