Porto beat Sporting to open semi-finals

Richard Odomis was the best player in the match with 16 points, eight rebounds and four assists.

Porto beat Sporting 87-68, in the first match of the Portuguese Basketball League semi-final, a unified victory with many notable personalities, over the league champion who made a lot of mistakes.

Richard Odomis was the best player in the match with 16 points, eight rebounds and four assists, also supported by strong performances from Jonathan Arledge (15 points) and Michael Morrison (14 points and seven rebounds), which pushed the “Dragon” to progress. The tournament, which has been running since the 2015/2016 season.

In Lisbon, Travant Williams added 12 points, 8 assists and four rebounds, and Shaker Smith “jumped” off the bench to make a strong showing (11 points), but these numbers were not enough for the team, who suffered 19 losses with the ball, allowed 44 points . In the “bottle” I only got 12.

In the return match from the final of the previous season, the “black” started better, as Diego Ventura and Travant Williams were in good shape, and the Portuguese added six points and four assists in the first half, while the American took 10 points and made three assists. Effective attack expenditures, which are indicated by 28 points scored in the first period.

On the “domestic” side, Jonathan Arledge was the most upset, with seven points, in an attack that sought to attack and finish near the basket, and at the end of the first quarter Brad Tinsley lost with a left knee injury. .

However, the “Dragon” returned to the attack in the following period, led by Arledge, Miguel Queiroz and Mike Morrison, and also by the defense that allowed only four points in the first seven minutes, to return to the advantage (30-28) and hold it until the break approached.

For their part, the “lions” made several mistakes, between losing the ball (11 break times) and wasting easy finishing touches, but they ended up going into the second half by a narrow margin (38-39), with four points from Joao Fernandez. And a trio of Diogo Araujo, respectively.

On their return from the locker room, Vladislav Wojdow and Charlie Clough came “with all the ropes” in contrast to the “Leonine” attack which again revealed the difficulties and added the “Dragon” partially 13-0, to return to advantage in a relaxed manner. (51-39).

In a kind of pause and answer, Sporting responded again and was four points away with Joao Fernandez, Antonio Monteiro and Shakir Smith who came off the bench for a very positive performance, and participated in the offensive and creative attack with Travant Williams, who showed wear and tear. With the passage of time.

However, it will be FC Porto that will end up increasing the advantage, with the trio of Miguel Correa and Francisco Amarante, entering the decisive stage with a 12-point advantage (65-53).

In the final stage, the “dragons” knew how to gain experience and splendor in playing by the hour and penalizing the given spaces, taking advantage of the dropping of the “lions” who ran after the score and made mistakes in the series.

The match was held at the Dragão Caixa Pavilion in Porto.

Porto – Sporting: 87-68.

Halftime: 38-39.

Under the judging duo of Luis Lopez, Pedro Rodriguez and Pedro Maya, the teams lined up:

Porto (87): Richard Odomes (16), Brad Tinsley, Jonathan Arledge (15), Michael Morrison (14) and Charlon Clough (11). Also playing: Joao Toure, Miguel Queiroz (08), Vladislav Vojtsu (07), Francisco Amarante (10), Joao Maya Thiago Almeida and Miguel Correa (06).

Coach: Moncho Lopez.

Sporting (68): Travant Williams (12), Justin Toyo (07), Sedogo Fofana, Diogo Ventura (06), Joao Fernandez (09). Also playing: Diogo Araujo (11), Miguel Cardoso (08), Daniel Rilvao (01), Antonio Monteiro (03), Shakir Smith (11), Joshua Button and Daniel Machado.

Coach: Louis Magalhaes.

Marker gait: 22-28 (10); 38-39 (range); 65-53 (30); 87-68 (end).

Attendance: About 1,000 spectators.

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