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princess kadar
Plastic artist Amira Kadar (Photo: Juarez Rodrigues/EM/DA Press)

Who has never stopped to enjoy the beautiful garden of an old house that, for years, housed the Lebanese Consulate in Belo Horizonte? So that the reader can get a better acquaintance with the white and light blue house located in Rua Santa Rita d’Oro. The house is 97 years old, the small entrance is in a small but lovely garden with palm trees, many orchids, a pond, two camellia trees – one white and the other pink – and in front of them very close to the corniche there is a lovely spot of kisses.

In this enchanted haven, plastic artist Amira Kadar and her sister, Lisi, have lived since their birth. That’s right, they are the daughters of Rosinha Sallum Cadar and Consul Antnio Cadar – the one who named an important street in the So Bento neighborhood. The couple had seven children, all of whom were born in this house: George, Adelmar, Liceu, Lisi, Emira, Amir and Leda.

The garden is carefully looked after by artist Amira Kadar, and it is undoubtedly a living art that the family donates to the city on a daily basis.

vernissage Tomorrow, Emira opens a gallery aimed at the general public, with a proposal to bring academic art into public access, to be seen and appreciated by people who, in general, do not visit art galleries. That’s why the restaurant Vila rabe, on Rua Pernambuco, chose Savassi, to display his work. Venus will be at 7pm, but Amira said she will be there on Tuesday as well to greet people.

(Photo: Juarez Rodrigues/EM/DA Press)

The paintings are unpublished, works produced in two years of pandemic-imposed isolation. “Normally, I spend most of my time drawing. During the pandemic, as we couldn’t get out, I immersed myself in drawing. I produced a lot. Even spending about 20-25 days to create each screen, I invested a lot of time. I was very happy with the result and I hope That people also like what will be shown.”

Sister Lisi says that the artist’s distinct appearance is remarkable. “When we go for a walk or even a short walk, you always see something to draw. That day, we were walking around and I saw a hut that was badly destroyed. I showed it to her right away, and told her how ugly it was and how it spoiled the area. As soon as he saw it, he said it was beautiful and he wanted To paint. She always looks beautiful in every way, one of her main qualities.”

Motivations Since she was young, the princess has always loved to draw. While the sisters were playing with dolls, she preferred to stay between papers and crayons. It was a pleasure. But picking up the brushes and venturing into the canvas was only later, when I was already a girl. She always admired the arts, her father and brothers encouraged her very much. “Once upon a time, we were all playing and a quiet princess was at the study table. After a while, I took out a notebook cover in which I drew a bouquet of roses. She must have been 5 or 6 years old. She was so beautiful that I ran away and went to show her to our father”, recalls Lacey.

Self-made, the artist chose the academic style, or he chose it. “Drawing is a way of life for me. I didn’t see myself doing anything else. I was drawn to it. I bought canvases and paints and brushes and started. I was experimenting, wrong, getting it right. My first drawings were small, with two sailboats, I don’t know where they are, because It was lost long ago, and I don’t even remember how old I was when I made it.”

As inspiration, she cites academics Edgar Walter, Raimundo Costa and Guido Fergani, who, in addition to being her reference, were good friends. The artist loves to paint scenes from the historic towns of Minas Gerais and is interested in doing it in a specific place, not taking pictures and going back to her studio. He made a point of saying so naturally, seeing the landscape. If I have to, I go back to the place three or four times, but I don’t do anything based on an image. I don’t like it, I’m working on seeing it, and living the experience. I think this makes a big difference to the drawing. The focus, the climate, the movement of the surroundings, and all this that I absorbed makes the painting come alive,” he says.

Believer Square “A lot of people approach me when I paint in the street. They stop, look at the painting, make comments. It’s really cool, but when I paint, I focus so much that I am absorbed in what I see, and unfortunately, I can’t interact with these people in the way However, I would like to thank everyone who comes very close to me, because I feel this energy, support and praise that they give me, reaches me and is reflected in my work.

I would like them to understand that even though they are not given the attention they deserve, I feel all this and really love it,” she says, saying that she is always in the company of her loyal owner, Dejanera, who has been helping her family for 23 years and always accompanying her on trips. She gives me support and calm and has often been my role model. When I paint, I cannot leave the subjects on the street for coffee, for a snack, and it is she who helps me with all this. ”

Princess paint landscapes, still life, shapes and flowers. When asked how she managed to paint the people she meets on the street, she replied: “When I see someone who inspires me, I ask them for permission to photograph them, I ask them to stay still for a while, and I do that. Then I finished. This painting (refers to one of the paintings that myriad that decorates the main room of the house) is a cactus vegetable store. When I saw this lady with this huge basket full of vegetables, I thought it was beautiful, and I couldn’t contain myself. I accepted. Then I gave her some money. After all, I was late. In his work a little, it was offset,” he recalls.

When she was young, she worked for 30 years at Banco de Crédito Real in the afternoons and spent her mornings painting in her studio. In the bank alone, he did about 12 exposures. His works have also been exhibited in the municipality of Belo Horizonte, in the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais and at the headquarters of the Petrochemical Industries Company.

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