iFixit will sell almost every part of the Steam Deck

The era of fixing your own hardware is approaching, and the Steam Deck gaming laptop valve could be the best example yet – not only providing an easy-to-fix design, but it now looks Almost all parts It will be sold separately on iFixit.

Tonight, the company prematurely revealed a huge batch of promised parts on its website, and we were surprised to see them all so far. Motherboard with AMD Aerith chip At the heart of Steam Deck will soon be available for $350.

The motherboard on the steam surface.
Photo: iFix

In fact, iFixit will sell parts that can be considered upgrades to your existing Steam Deck — if you decide you prefer the anti-glare screen that only came with the 512GB model, or the quieter Huaying fan, you can buy them for $95 and $25, respectively. You can pay an extra $5 for the “Repair Kit” that comes with everything you need to make these repairs – which I recommend for the screen. If you already have a screwdriver and a screwdriver, you probably won’t need it for the fan.

Among other tools, the screen assembly comes with an iOpener microwave heating tool to break up the adhesive from the existing screen.
Photo: iFix

In fact, iFixit was willing to send you a full US price list for every item that would be sold in the first wave, 23 featured items in total:

iFixit Steam Surface Parts

SKU / link Objectivity price
SKU / link Objectivity price
2600021 Steam surface fan / part only $24.99
2600022 Steam surface fan / repair kit $29.99
2600031 Steam Deck Screen (512 GB) / Part Only USD 94.99
2600032 Steam surface screen (512GB) / installation kit $99.99
2600041 Steam Deck Screen/Screen Part (64GB or 256GB) only $64.99
2600042 Steam Deck Screen Repair Kit (64GB or 256GB) $69.99
2600051 Steam platform right thumb rail / part only $19.99
2600052 Right Thumb Stick / Steam Surface Repair Kit $24.99
2600061 Left thumb stick on surface/part only $19.99
2600062 Steam surface mount / left thumb stick combination $24.99
2600071 Rubber membrane for steam surface button 4.99 USD
2600081 D-Pad Rubber Membrane for Steam Surface 4.99 USD
2600091 vapor surface rubber membrane 4.99 USD
2600101 Steam Deck Speakers $24.99
2600291 Left trigger button on the steam surface 7.99 USD
2600301 Right trigger button on the steam surface 7.99 USD
2600161 The left bumper button is mounted on the steam surface 6.99 USD
2600171 Install the right bumper button on the steam surface 6.99 USD
2600181 steam back plate $24.99
2600191 The front panel on the steam surface $24.99
2600201 The motherboard on the steam surface $349.99
2600211 Daughter’s right dish on the steaming surface $29.99
2600221 Daughter’s painting on the left roof $34.99
2600231 Steam Surface Battery Sticker 4.99 USD
2600241 Steam Surface Screen Sticker 4.99 USD
2600251 Steam Deck AC Adapter (USA) $24.99
2600261 Steam Roof AC Adapter (EU) $24.99
260271 Steam Deck AC Adapter (UK) $24.99

GamingOnLinux It has a partial UK listing price plus.

One thing you won’t see right away is the Steam Deck battery, as it’s clearly a large piece of wear and tear for a battery-powered controller that can easily drain in a few hours. iFixit only has a placeholder link for Battery (and SSD thanks u/Fidler_2K @Reddit).

Here’s what iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens says On the edge About the battery slot:

We build a Steam Deck repair solution that includes all the step-by-step instructions and parts you need to repair your deck. Our initial release includes parts and tools to complete most repairs. We don’t have a solution to fix the battery on day one, but we are committed to working with Valve to preserve these devices as they age. Battery replacements will be necessary so that Steam Deck can stand the test of time.

He couldn’t tell when he would sell after the phrase “soon.”

There are also no touchpads, D-pads, or buttons on the menu yet, although iFixit sells the rubber diaphragms underneath. And there’s no internal metal frame, EM shields, or flexible ribbon cables. So it’s not like you can build a bunch of parts. But if you break the plastic frame, this can be an easy $25 fix, which you can’t say about most tools.

Steam Deck front and back panels cost $25 each.
Photo: iFix

By the way, the Steam Deck is very easy to get into: when my thumb got a little sticky, I was able to pull it out to clean by removing only seven screws (and I admit that by opening up tricky little plastic clips).

By the way: If you’re interested in the repair code and official parts, a story came out later this morning that you might want to read.

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