Dachshund characteristics – is this dog right for you?

Main dachshund characteristics Which you need to think about to adopt or not to adopt this dog is related to health, care and the environment.

This means that you need to monitor a number of issues to breed a healthy Dachshund.

These short-haired, long-bodied, “low-male” dogs are especially docile and loving. They love having their mentor in environments and never give up on affection and foreplay.

However, to take good care of your sausage, you need to consider building a healthy environment and a proper routine. Sausages need to be watched so as not to get fat and also need to take care against stubbornness.

In this article, Portal do Dog will help you understand more about the characteristics of the Dachshund. Read and learn more about this dog!

The main characteristics of the Dachshund

dachshund characteristics

A teacher with her dog – Photo: Freepik

The characteristics of the Dachshund are numerous. After all, this is a dog that can have multiple personalities. It all depends on how the dog was raised and how the teacher interacts with him on a daily basis.

However, in general, the characteristics of the Dachshund can be considered great for anyone who wants to have a residential dog. It lives well in smaller places.

In addition, he is a wonderful dog for children and gets along well with other dogs. In order for the cohabitation to be healthier, of course, you need to establish a social routine from the puppy.

Here is a list of dachshund’s features:

  • He loves the presence of the teacher and will always be around.
  • You may have problems with obesity.
  • He is a stubborn dog in some ways.
  • He loves to smell and has a big nose.
  • Baths should only be when necessary.
  • He’s a puppy that shouldn’t be jumping/jumping.
  • They learn hygiene habits quickly.
  • It can live well in small environments.
  • It is a great dog for children.

Next, understand more about each of the characteristics of the Dachshund.

He loves the teacher’s presence and will always be there

If you want to adopt a sausage, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of this dog is that it loves the presence of a teacher. And when the teacher is not around, he chases after her.

This is very cute and cute. But stalking mania can be born and separation anxiety can be born in sausages. Therefore, it is important that you understand how to motivate your dog to live alone in the environment and enjoy this way.

However, you will fall in love with your sausage and your sausage will fall in love with you in a matter of hours. The first meeting is enough for you to be the best of friends.

dachshund characteristics

Sausage Family – Photo: Freepik

Characteristics of the Dachshund – may have problems with obesity

Obesity is a very worrying factor for your sausage dog. This is one of the characteristics of the Dachshund that should interest the teacher the most. After all, obesity causes many health problems for all dogs.

As much as he is so cute and the dog looks lovely and chubby, the teacher can’t let him get to that level. After all, sausages can quickly become obese if they do not have a proper diet.

So beware of that. Try to understand more about sausage feeding and consult a veterinarian about the feeding routine. Otherwise, you will have an obese pet with fragile health.

Traits of the Dachshund – He is a stubborn dog in some ways

Sausages can be a very stubborn dog. The stubbornness of sausage is directly related to its protein. The more stubborn’s triggers, the more stubborn he becomes.

If you want to adopt a sausage, know that you will have to deal with it rigorously. That doesn’t mean you have to act violent, okay? Inertia has nothing to do with “fighting the dog”.

Acting rigorously means establishing a proper routine, with proper training and plenty of positive reinforcement. The sooner the better. After all, the dog’s accumulation of quirks decreases and stubbornness decreases.

Dachshund Traits – He loves to smell and has a very strong sense of smell

Sausage is one of the dogs that ever has a sharp nose. He is actually very curious and can smell a lot of things from afar. Therefore, while walking and hiking, it is necessary to keep the leash well controlled.

Since it is one of the characteristics of the Dachshund who loves to smell, you need to establish a routine for him. That is, take your dog for a sniff in the yard or on the street.

Stimulating the dog’s nose is very important. This helps to expend physical and mental energy. Both are important for you to raise a healthy, peaceful and non-destructive dog indoors.

After all, a sausage can, yes, become a destructive dog and can carry slippers.

Bathrooms should only be when necessary

If you want to adopt a sausage, you need to know that it is a dog that needs some important care. One such concern is the bathrooms.

Which means you can’t bathe a Dachshund every week or as often. After all, they have a strong tendency to develop dermatitis, which is a skin problem.

Therefore, try to establish a proper bathing routine so that the sausage stays clean, but without suffering from dermatitis. Bathrooms should only be when necessary, okay?


sausage – Photo: Freepik

It’s a puppy that shouldn’t jump/jump

As happy and restless as your sausage is in certain situations, you need to create a very healthy and comfortable environment for him. After all, they are dogs of a different body type and can get hurt in countless ways.

Therefore, avoid letting your dog jump from high places. Even if it seems “okay”, these hops are, in the long run, very harmful to the dog.

They have a different anatomy than other dogs, because they are taller and have a very low body. This means that the cushioning of the knees and the structure of the legs are completely different.

Dachshund Features – Learn Grooming Habits Quickly

Teaching a Dachshund’s grooming habits will be easy. In fact, of course, you need to think of preparation and positive reinforcement as ways to teach him to go to the bathroom.

However, they are a little easier to learn as they should and shouldn’t pee. They learn it faster, as long as you teach them consistently.

The daily routine is very important for sausages to understand situations and create a schedule of moments. So start teaching hygiene habits at an early age and your dog will understand everything.

It can live well in small environments.

Yes, one of the main characteristics of the Dachshund is that they can and love to live in small environments. Any apartments or smaller rooms. They have no problem with this and teachers can easily raise them in these places.

However, this does not mean that your sausages do not need to stroll outdoors. he needs. In order to live well in small and restricted environments, it needs to expend sufficient energy.

It is even very important that you create an appropriate ecological enrichment in the space, so that your dog can enjoy on his own. Even if the environment is small, he needs to “do things” so that he does not get bored.

Characteristics of the Dachshund – It is a wonderful dog for children

If you are looking for a good puppy for kids, sausages can be a great idea. They are docile and loyal dogs. They can live with children and be great companions.

It is safe to have sausages to keep with the kids. But for this safety to be enforced, the dog needs training and socialization. He needs to learn to live together.

And more: the child also needs to learn how to live together. Otherwise, children may react inappropriately to the dog, causing him pain and discomfort.

the child with the dog

Baby with a dachshund – Photo: Freepik

How is the health of the dachshund?

If you want to adopt a sausage dog, you need to understand more about his health. However, don’t worry: there’s nothing wrong with that. But he does need some special care to be a healthy dog ​​in the long run.

Here are some precautions you should take:


It has a very long and short spine. This makes him need comfortable floors. He cannot live in high places and cannot jump off things.


One of the characteristics of the German dog is that it needs skin care. Excessive bathing can cause your dog’s skin to become inflamed, and he may suffer from it. Bathe only when necessary.


A sausage is a dog that can become obese very easily. Therefore, I only feed him in controlled quantities. Also, spending energy and walking are important to maintaining your health.

Take care of your dog!

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