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What is real Curitiba? What charmed Brazil in their charismatic and attacking Serie A start-up at Coto Pereira, or what you don’t find when playing away from home?

Thanks to the strength of his fans in Curitiba, Gustavo Morínigo’s team had a winning position. When he’s not making good matches, like against the América-MG, he manages to secure victory in the fight. When the game starts poorly, as against Fluminense, he seeks strength in the stands and reaches an almost impossible turnaround.

Already away from home… On Saturday, Verdau repeated the inconsistent performances of the last matches against Avaye of the Brazilian and against Santos, in the elimination of the Copa do Brasil, it was “indifferent”, as defined by coach Gustavo Morenego. And lost to Atlético-GO, 2-0.

The sequence away from Alto da Glória elicits negative admiration. In the last five matches, he was Curitiba He did not win any of them and only managed to score one point in a draw with Atlético MG. use 6.7%.

  • Santos 2 x 1 Curitiba (Brazilian)
  • Atlético-MG 2×2 Coritiba (Brazilian)
  • Avai 2×1 Coritiba (Brazilian)
  • Santos 3 x 0 Coritiba (Brazil Cup)
  • Atlético Go 2 x 0 Coritiba (Brazilian)

On the other hand, in the same period and besides their fans, Alfiferdi only had victories and had a 100% success rate..

  • Coritiba 4×2 Maringá (Paranaense)
  • Coritiba 3×0 Goiás (Brazilian)
  • Curitiba 1 x 0 Santos (Brazil Cup)
  • Curitiba 3 x 2 Fluminense (Brazilian)
  • Coritiba 1×0 America-MG (Brazilian)

We have an enthusiastic fan base for the club. When she’s with us, she ends up being our twelfth player. Sometimes some guys from our fans get excited, and it’s true – said Willian Farias after Saturday’s game, asking for explanations for the victories at Coto and the defeats on the road.

Curitiba fans Coto Pereira – Photo: Publicity / Coritiba

The division between internal and external behavior worries coach Gustavo Morenego. The coach revealed that he had a chat with the players before Saturday’s match to avoid a poor performance at Estádio do Dragão. This time, in vain.

We know there is a lot of difference. talk about it. We have to match the situation at home, inside Couto, which is quite different. But it is not easy.

Gustavo Morenigo at a press conference

Against Atlético-GO, the team recalled the worst moments of the matches with Avaí and Santos. The missed chances to kill the match before the Dragon’s goal are similar to what happened in Santa Catarina.

After that, he underwent a lot of pressure and could no longer keep the ball, until he finally received the first goal, following the same text of the match at Villa Belmero, which cost him dearly with the onset of autumn in the Brasil Cup.

Defeat hurts, because we know we have the conditions to do things better – Morínigo evaluated.

The problem has been raised and it is annoying. Without the Copa do Brasil, Coritiba would have the advantage of being able to count on full weeks of action between each match until the end of the Brazilian championship, unlike teams competing in other national and continental leagues.

The team, well cemented in the Serie A row, has proven its ability to take on more qualified opponents – as it did against the current Brazilian champion, in Minas, just a month ago.

Mourinho has also proven himself by assembling an attractive elite squad. It remains to achieve the desired change in the situation. Only Coto Pereira is not enough. Coxa needs to score far to avoid approaching the risk of falling, which is normal for a newly promoted. Alto da Glória football should appear in matches away from the capital, Paraná.

For Curitiba’s “luck”, the next commitment will be against Botafogo, next Sunday, at 16:00, in the eighth round of Serie A for Brazil. The match will take place in Coto Pereira.

The next away match will only be played on another Saturday, June 4th, against Ceará, in Castellao.

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Curitiba Banner – Photo: Curitiba

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