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Fabricio dos Santos Silva: Killed when he accidentally entered the favela, his friends say. The case was investigated by DHpersonal archive

Posted on 05/21/2022 18:05 | Updated on 05/21/2022 19:36

RIO – “He loved helping people, if he saw someone shirtless, homeless, he would give the clothes he was wearing. Very good boy, silly. So much so that he didn’t run,” Sully Santos, emotionally, told the report. She is the mother of Fabricio dos Santos Silva, 24, better known as Salah and a player in the São Caetano amateur football team. Witnesses heard day It was reported that as a resident of Manguinhos, one of the regions of Commando Vermelho (CV), he was killed in the early hours of Saturday, when he entered Morro da Cruz, in Tijuca, the area where Terceiro Commando is. Puro (TCP) works. The case is being investigated by the Homicide Police (DH).

According to his mother, Fabricio was with two friends, in a bar in Manguinhos, when he heard about a party in Morro do Borel, also in the northern region. They called Uber, which brought down all three in Morro da Cruz: an extension of Borrell, dominated by the rival drug cartel operating in Manguinhos.

Also according to Sully, the friends fled when they learned they weren’t in Burrell. On the other hand, Fabricio was talking to a local resident, and asked him to keep calm and that she would help him.

“Friends called me and told me about it. He kept talking, he didn’t run. I went there, it was 4:30 in the morning, I wanted my son. I knocked on this resident’s door, and she didn’t answer. His slippers were lying on the floor.. to the police station.”

After she went to the neighborhood police station, she learned from the Military Police that a body had been found in Rua Leopoldo, in Andari, and had been taken to the IML Institute of Legal Medicine. “I went to IML and heard what I didn’t want: It was him. The girl just showed me a picture of her face, I recognized her. Sueli.

Fabricio’s wake will be on Sunday, at the Manguinhos Residents’ Association, starting at 9am. Burial is scheduled for the same day, at 2 pm, at Kaju Cemetery.

The sound indicates that the Scooby merchant was going to ask for death

Votes obtained by the report and attributed to traffickers from Terceiro Comando Puro (TCP) indicate conversations about the execution of Fabricio. In one of them, which will be the criminal Leandro Nunes Botelho, Scooby shows an orientation towards crime. “Let’s see who this crazy person is, let’s see which one is crazy over there, my partner. Take an overview: If he has a family on the hill, what is his. If he is from Manguinhos, the partner, there is no talk. There is talk, brother, not There is talk.”

Skopje is the leader of Morro dos Macacos, an area conquered by the Red Command merchants ten days ago. In addition to selling drugs, the criminal was charging for the Internet and other services for the population and losing a source of income with the invasion. He will currently be in Sao Carlos Hill, where he is trying to reclaim the place.

Amateur Cup salute

Fabricio was a player in the São Caetano amateur team and very active in tournaments. Pedro Firmino Cup, where his team plays matches, praised it on its page.
Separate a video of Espera eu Chegar composed by Mc Kevin, Chris and MC Caja between the following lines: “What is this cruel world we live in? Cowardice defeats purity. The enemy uses forces that oppress and oppress. Yes, go in peace my brother, stay with God.” I know I will find you one day.” In the pictures, Salah is shown scoring a goal.

At the end of the video, a message appeared: “Rest in peace. Cuba Pedro Firmino deeply regrets the death of the player Salah, who was the tenth shirt of the São Caetano team. Our sincere feelings to all family and friends.”

In addition to attacking the team, Fabricio was a kitchen assistant at a brine factory in Bonsusiso. According to his mother, he always carried a check in his pocket to prove that he was a worker.

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