5 reasons to watch Las Bravas

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First of all, it’s good to warn you: This is not a show that flies flags frothing with rage. exactly the contrary. Here the empowerment of women through football is shown in a light, fun, funny and naive way. We’re talking about “Las Bravas FC,” a Mexican series that was a hit on HBO Max.

If you have already watched the first season, you must already be looking forward to the second season. If you haven’t watched it yet, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on “Bravas” and their coach Roberto Casas discovering their value on and off the field.

1. Empowering women in sports

There are many series that feature sports themes and praise the players, but it’s rare to find one about women’s football. At the beginning of the series, Roberto Casas (Mauricio Uchmann) expressed the idea that “Women’s football is neither football nor women’sBut with the passing of the episodes, this prejudice is eliminated, especially when Roberto himself becomes the coach of Las Bravas.

While working with his team, he realizes that no sport has gender, and he learns from the girls that teamwork is vital to progress on and off the court. Let’s remember that Roberto is a “10”, that is, a “lone player” on the field, and he only sees how to score goals – or at least that’s his view.

And on the girls side, start with that We believe in your abilities Sharing the field with professional footballers led them to do their best and train to excel, but most of all, they understood the power that women have in the sport when they give their all in the field.

2. It shows how we can get out of adversity

Roberto Casas suffers a heart attack and loses everything and is left in ruins. But crises are the best moments to consider that every difficulty gives us an opportunity to advance. For Roberto Casas, this breakthrough came (although he didn’t feel it at first) when he returned to his homeland and rediscovered the roots he had forgotten due to fame.

This return also gave him an opportunity to rethink his life and the reasons why he has moved on until today. More importantly, despite the odds, discovering he’s the father of a teenage girl gave him another reason to keep growing.

During the episodes we also saw that the Bravas learned to overcome personal adversities. Tanya battles bullying, Mago fights with her family and struggles with losing her dreams, and Adriana suffers from boyfriend violence. These young women are also no exception to the struggle with anxiety and provocation. But they found it easy to put up with these problems together.

3. Humility appears to be more important than stardom

What Roberto Casas did not lack were followers, fame and money; But all this is useless if you do not have the ability to deal with these factors in a mediocre way. Those who took you to the top are the same people who will turn their backs on tough times.

Excellence is worthless if the people closest to you do not support you, which is a difficult lesson that the character played by Mauricio Uchmann faces when he encounters legal problems and needs to flee to his homeland. In Mexico, he was not well received as he preferred to be part of the Spanish national team, which made his career in Europe. Therefore, his return only elicited ridicule. Thus, Roberto had no choice but to humbly accept the new phase of his life.

4. Because it shows that dreams come true

As a child, Mauricio Uchmann wanted to be a Serie A player. However, life took him in the way of acting. And with Bravas he was able to fulfill one of his greatest desires and combine it with what he loved most. Through several interviews, Auchmann revealed that this project meant doubling her career as it gave her the opportunity to fulfill her childhood dream.

5. Because it’s a series with a great crew

The “Las Bravas FC” team consists of veterans such as Mauricio Ochmann, Mauricio Barrientos, Ana Jimena Villanueva, Irán Castillo and Juan Carlos Colombo, as well as talented and promising young actors such as Keyla Caputo, Ana Valeria Becerril, Esmeralda Soto, and Paola Cooma , Jerry Velasquez, Fernando Quattle, Alejandro Quetara and Ari Albaran.

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