“The father asked me to have an abortion and only took care of our son after a DNA test” – 07/05/2022

“I only had an affair with my son’s father once and the condom broke. We didn’t realize what happened and ended up getting pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant, it was a shock. I thought it wasn’t. Possibly, I took a drug test and thought I was wrong. The day The other, when performing a vaginal examination, pregnancy was confirmed.

A week later, I went to tell the guy I was in a relationship with that I was pregnant. He insulted me and asked me to have an abortion. At the time, it was five weeks. He even said that a child would spoil my body. After that incident, he disappeared, no longer looking for me.

I came home, I was confused and talked to my mother. She said it was my decision and I spent the whole night thinking. I decided not to take my son. I took the pregnancy on my own, although I was very afraid of people’s prejudices and judgments. My biggest fear was my family and what they might do and say.

My friends left. I cried every day and had anxiety attacks. It was the hardest nine months of my life. My body started to change and my glare was gone. I was not happy.

I was frustrated and decided to share my story on social media. In a short time, thousands of women who have gone through or been through the same thing as me are beginning to recognize themselves.

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Thate Luz and his son Brian: “The video has gained more than 22 million views.”

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“I registered my child without the father’s name”

The day I got Brian, I was scared, because some people said I couldn’t leave the hospital without the father’s signature. But it wasn’t. I registered it there and at no point did the employee ask about the presence of a father figure and I was not embarrassed.

When the baby was born, I had the idea that I would raise my son alone, but it didn’t go the way I expected. I remember not feeling loved. The chip you became a mother you still haven’t drowned in. This only happened a month later.

When my son was six months old, I thought of going after his father, as it was very difficult financially and mentally. Many people said it was my right and I should do it. I sent the child a picture by letter and I still write: “I’m glad I didn’t take it.” At the time he asked me if it was his and said Brian was lovely.

I decided to go to court and ask for a confession, but the process took a long time and I ended up giving up. I decided to take a paternity test and asked my guardian to go with me. He would procrastinate and often claim he had a lot of work to do.

The video on TikTok has had 22 million views.

A paternity test was scheduled for March, a year and eight months later. When he arrived at the scene, he took Brian into his lap, watched and talked to him. Since I already owned social media and featured every single mom’s routine, I posted the video and didn’t even expect it to have such a big impact. Like I said, many women got to know me and wanted to know about a DNA test. The post quickly went viral on TikTok and reached 22 million views.

After we drew the blood, we had to wait 12 working days. During this period, he even asked about the boy, asked for pictures and that was it. When the results came out, I told him and he went home to see the baby. At that time, he showed happiness and interest, but then disappeared. To this day, he has not communicated with him and has only seen my son twice.

Thaty Luz - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

That’s Luz: When I decided to raise my son alone, I was afraid of what my family might think”

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After he saw the post, my child’s father said he would sue me, although I didn’t mention his name or post any pictures. He claimed that I exposed him and that I made up everything. I’ve since blocked him and now he’s only talking to my mother.

He started paying child support after a paternity test and believes that’s why he’s playing his role as a father.

At the moment I’m working on content creation, video creation, sometimes partnerships, and working with specific brands. This way, I get resources to take care of my child. I also took a DJ course, and when he grows up, I intend to continue with his career.

Raising a child alone is very difficult and the hardest part is education. But there are also a lot of judgments, especially from other women.
I raise the flag that a woman does not need a man, but when it comes to a child, both have to take responsibility.”

That Luz, 29, content creator, from Brasilia (DF)

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