SSPDS and related music groups present a show in celebration of the portfolio’s 25th anniversary

May 20 2022 – 6:12 PM
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Using art as a tool to raise awareness and promote prevention of violence, crime and drug abuse, the “Prevenção e Arte” group of the Ceará Military Police (PMCE) gave a performance on Friday afternoon (20), during the week of the anniversary of the Secretary of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS). In addition to the technical segment promoted by the Chief Ministers, teams from the ICT Coordination of SSPDS (Cotic/SSPDS), Ceará State Military Fire Brigade (CBMCE) and 1st participated in the event. PMCE General Edgard Facó College (1st CPMGEF).

In addition to SSPDS World platforms and rescue simulations on the rise, the volume’s anniversary week included presentations by bands made up of professionals from associated institutions and SSPDS itself. On Friday, during the 25th anniversary of the SSPDS, bands from Cotic/SSPDS, CBMCE and PMCE performed great songs from the national music scene.

The first band to perform, on Friday morning, was the group formed by Kotek musicians, the “Kotk Band”, established in December 2021 and comprising five members, including singers, with instruments such as bass, bass, drums, and bass. The music group is made up of professionals from the Information Technology (IT) sector. For about half an hour, the band played a playlist consisting of Brazilian pop rock songs.

According to Luciano Freire, Cotic coordinator and founder of the music group, the “Cotic-Band” was formed to animate the meetings of the band itself. For him, attending the SSPDS birthday party was a surprise. “The band formed in December last year, when we got together at Christmas. I, who was already doing this wherever I went, tried to put the group together so we could have fraternity parties at Cotic. But the invitation to the event was a surprise,” said Luciano, singer. The band also said, “I said I owned the band and they let us.”

In the early afternoon, CBMCE’s music band was the second to be on the show for the film’s anniversary week. The band includes in its repertoire such songs as xote, samba and marchinhas. The band is divided into smaller groups of 16 people who participate in the performances. During the performance, several popular songs were played.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Marcio Mendonca, the conductor and commander of the musical fire brigade, the orchestra has 46 members, in addition to six officers, who perform in different venues. He said, “The band was created in 1994, and then completed 28 years of existence, playing daily for the Ceará community in various venues, mainly companies, schools, performing civil and military concerts, concerts and simple daily plays.” guardian.

The PMCE project “Prevenção e Arte” was also presented in the afternoon. The repertoire of the musical group included songs by artists who were successful on the national stage.

According to the trio, during the show, musical activities are part of a project that has a presence in schools, focused primarily on students. We also offer a lecture series on drugs, crime and violence. We intend to get closer to young people, to get closer to society in general. And if you want to know our work, just enter Instagram or Facebook. Third Sergeant Anderson, the group’s vocalist, said during the show that our way of advertising our project is through a music show.

The orchestra of the Military Police College of Ceará, General Edgard Vaco, ended the musical performances, around 15. There is a new group of the band in composition consisting of 80 students divided into two shifts. According to Sub-Lieutenant Marcio, who is in charge of the group, the orchestra at 1st CPMGEF has a music school that operates Monday through Friday both shifts with students from Elementary 1st, 2nd, and middle schools. “Today we are presenting only a small part of the squad with 15 third year students of the morning shift during exams. All students are properly registered and registered in the squad. Two of the trumpet, one from the morning shift and one from the afternoon shift,” the arresting officer said.

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