Porto beat Benfica and need a draw to be champions

El Clasico at the Dragao Arena is for FC Porto

Porto club came close today to reconfirming the title of national handball champion, by isolating itself in the leadership with a 32-28 victory in receiving Benfica, in the meeting of the 28th and penultimate round of the tournament.

At the Dragao Arena, in Porto, the national champions had already triumphed in the first half by 19-15 and showed indomitable persistence for 60 minutes, defeating the only opponent who denied them a place in the competition (they were defeated by a score of 33-36, in the 13th round).

The Croatian Ivan Sleskovic was the top scorer of the match, as he lit up his last match at home with the “Blues and Whites” with seven goals, while Alexis Borges and the German Uli Ramel, both with six goals, were distinguished by the “Essours”.

FC Porto climbed to the top with 82 points, and were one draw from securing their third championship in the past four seasons – the competition was canceled in 2019/20, due to the Covid-19 epidemic – for their advantage. In a direct confrontation with rivals Benfica, second place with 80 (another match), and Sporting third with 79.

The final duel between the greats in the competition began with quick and deadly attacks on both ends of the field, bringing many equalities until the 17th (10-10) minute, before the “dragons” began to develop in the tag career. in numerical inferiority.

A seven-meter free kick missed by Petar Djordic and Lazar Kokic and Alexis Borges “mistaken” against Nikola Mitrievsky confused the “Eagles” during the exceptions of Pedro Valdez and Victor Ituriza, who are ruled by Porto with three consecutive goals (13-10).

With the rebuilding of the seven, Magnus Anderson’s pupils continued to organize without the ball and punished Benfica’s offensive error with the advantages of four goals (15-11, 16-12, 17-13 and 18-14), a consistent difference at the end. The first half (19-15).

Gustavo Capedvil replaced Serge Hernandez on his return from the locker room and Cheema Rodriguez’s side continued to cut the distance in half (20-18), but the Dragons took some time to regain their strength and fired back into the count.

A partial result 5-1, combining shots from distance with arrivals from six meters away, FC Porto entered the last 20 minutes with six goals to the top (25-19), which will be preserved with the help of Pedro Cruz’s coolness in two seven-meter free kicks .

The attack on the seven-to-six strategy had the undesirable effects of Benfica, who collided with Nikola Mitrievsky’s defenses, lost the accumulated ball and paved the way for the killer North move, who won by nine goals (31-22), in the 48th minute.

Apparently the Incarnates still struggled to get the score back to the half-remarkable difference (32-28), at a time when the Dragons were already giving minutes to the underused players, and they felt the double championship around a corner.

A game at the Dragão Arena, in Porto.

Porto – Benfica, 19-15.

Halftime: 32-28.

Under the rule of Ruben Maya and André Nunes, the teams lined up and scored:

Porto (32): Sebastian Frandsen, Pedro Valdes, Victor Ituriza (5), Djibril Mbenge (5), Rui Silva (4), Lionel Fernandez (3) and Antonio Arria (2). Also played were Nikola Mitrievsky, Pedro Cruz (3), Diogo Oliveira, Daimaru Salina (2), Ivan Sleskovic (7), Diogo Branquino (1), Miguel Alves, Jesus Hurtado and Fabio Magalhães.

Coach: Magnus Anderson.

Benfica (28): Serge Hernandez, Jonas Kalman (5), Alexis Borges (6), Ole Ramel (6), Lazar Kokic (1), Demis Grigoras (2) and Rogerio Moraes (2). Gustavo Capdevil, Muhammadu Keita, Belloni Moreira (1), Paulo Moreno (1), Carlos Martins, Tadig Keljon, Luciano Silva, Petar Djurdic (4) and Francisco Pereira also played.

Coach: Kima Rodriguez.

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