On a field day at AgroBrasília, visitors learn about the ABC + Plan technology – Portuguese (Brazil)

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), on Friday (20), promoted a field day at the AgroBrasília 2022 edition, the largest agricultural fair in the Central Plateau. With the aim of demonstrating an ABC+ plan technology, the theme of the event was Integration of Crops, Livestock and Forests (ILPF): Increasing Productivity in Dairy Farming.

Mapa’s Conservation and Sustainable Agricultural Systems coordinator, Elvison Ramos, emphasized the importance of the initiative to provide more information to producers, students and technicians about this technology.

“The main objective of the field day is for visitors to see and learn that it is possible to grow corn and grass, harvest corn and then get grass. Thus we were able to reduce production areas and increase productivity.”

There, four tents were erected in a wooded area to receive visitors, who were divided into small groups. The first tent, organized by the National Rural Learning Service (Synar), was about the Technical and Administrative Assistance (ATeG) program in dairy farming. According to spokesperson Guilherme Scattone, the software is at the core of Senar’s industry work with producers.

In the second, representatives of Embrapa Cerrados demonstrated the results of production and breeding of dairy cows in an area adopting ILPF technology. Researcher Isabel Ferreira has provided data demonstrating the feasibility of the technology and how animals are responding in the Crop and Forest Integration Zone. A study by Embrapa Cerrados showed that a cow produces more milk per day when shade is provided to the herd, with gains of up to 24%.

In another space, the topic covered was “pasture diversification: a simple, low-cost alternative to intensifying livestock production systems”. Also conducted by Embrapa Cerrados, visitors learned about the benefits of having more than one forage grazing on one property and how to improve livestock production in the area.

At the conclusion of the circuit, in the Mapa tent, visitors engaged in a conversation about the Águas do Agro Program and the ABC Plan, the public policies implemented by the Ministry that help rural producers adopt sustainable technologies for the production and conservation of water and soil on the property.

Embrapa’s Technology Transfer Supervisor, Sérgio Abud, explained the advantages the ILPF brings to the product. “In the integration of crops, livestock and forests, we have the forest component, which is very important, because the shade of the forest provides care for the animal and the timber can be traded, in addition to fixing carbon. In this production system, greenhouse gases are emitted, so the forest side by side With all production processes they fix carbon, giving the environment more sustainability.”

An agricultural engineering student, Alciel Vieira, was attentive to all subjects. For him, participating in the event was an enriching experience. “It was a great field day. Practical experience always helps, we leave the classroom environment and communicate with producers and researchers from Embrapa, presenting them with news and the most up-to-date and showing what the future will be like.”

The field day is organized by Mapa, AgroBrasília, Embrapa Cerrados, the Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company of the Federal District (Emater-DF) and the Federal Control of Agriculture in the Federal District (SFA-DF).


The integration of Crop, Livestock and Forestry (ILPF) promotes the restoration of degraded pasture areas, adding, in the same characteristic, different production systems, such as grain, fibre, livestock, milk and agricultural energy. It seeks to improve soil fertility by applying appropriate techniques and farming systems to improve and intensify its use.

In this way, it allows diversification of economic activities on the property and reduces the risk of income frustration due to weather events or market conditions.

The largest agricultural fair in the central plateau

The AgroBrasília exhibition, which took place from May 17-21, aims to bring the latest technologies, systems and processes in the market to the field, covering the Midwest, Minas Gerais and some other states.

In the five days, producers, companies, researchers, students and agricultural professionals were able to learn about products, services and technologies in sectors such as agricultural machinery and tools, inputs and vehicles, biotechnology, animal and plant genetics, family farming, in addition to having rural training, research and extension institutions.

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