Nintendo Switch Sports – Review

It’s strange to compare the Nintendo Switch Sports Edition to its Wii counterpart. Honestly, after playing the six built-in Nintendo Switch Sports games, I understand why they’re not offered the same way as Wii Sports: free to anyone who bought a console. Of course, it’s always a risk, losing in the order of millions of euros is hard, but if it weren’t for Reggie Phils Amy this would never have happened and the console probably wouldn’t have been visible and the commercial hit that turned out to be.

Bowling, tennis and Chambara (better known as Sword Play in Wii Sports Resort) are back at this new title. These games work similarly to the Wii Sports version, so they end up with simpler and easier moves than the other three games. Tennis is the usual slow game of placing the yellow ball strategically on the opponent’s court. In tennis, you don’t need analog, just gesture your arm with Joy-Con in your hand to simulate a racket hitting the ball. The game is very accurate and it is very rare for our gestures to be misrecognized by the console’s motion sensors.

Then I played bowling and surprisingly found two game modes: normal and private. Again, this sport would be a great game to invite friends over to, and throughout the night, play several sessions until you are declared the biggest winner of the party. What distinguishes a special situation? It contains obstacles in the middle of the path that include bridges that move, objects that appear and disappear, as well as turntables. It all turned out to be very fun and challenging, especially for those the smart Who already knows the trick to add strikes Straight. Thus, this mode requires you to give the ball an impact, in addition to having the additional accuracy of hitting the missing pins to get additional.

Among the frequent sports, we still have Chambara, which has changed its nomenclature on Nintendo Switch Sports. This method, which requires the opponent to be kicked off the platform, is played in three different ways: with a normal sword, with a charge sword, and also with two swords at the same time. In the first two modes, you play with a single Joy-Con and your arm gestures are used to make sword strikes, while pressing a trigger blocks the attacks your opponents will apply to you. Obviously, as the name suggests, Double Swords requires you to use both Joy-Cons, as they replicate the use of the sword in each hand.

Chambara’s goal is simple: to push your opponent with sword strikes from the platform where the battle is taking place, to make him fall into the water. The trick to winning a fight is to have a good defense and then go forward relentlessly on the attack. The defense is done with blocks and this is done with a sword at an angle. That is, if your opponent attacks you with the sword vertically, you have to defend with the sword horizontally. The idea is to be able to make your opponent’s sword nearly vertical. It’s fun and the game experience is completely experimental, while Charge Swords requires more strategy and patience before moving on to the offensive.

In this half of the six games included in Nintendo Switch Sports, the Kyoto house plays a lot with our nostalgia and even sets up some interesting news. Between bowling, tennis and chambara, whoever takes the trophy, of course, is the game in which we have to knock down the pins, especially because of the new game mode that includes, in addition to the smart ones already doing so strikes Closed eyes will have an additional challenge.

The novelties are volleyball, football and badminton, which are three interesting games where there is a clear winner. They are all fun in their own way, but while volleyball and soccer have a steeper learning curve, badminton stands out for its simplicity and the good times it offers. In volleyball, you have to learn four techniques and be prepared to implement them in the order in which they appear: receiving the ball after the opponent’s attack, passing, shooting and, if necessary, blocking near the net. As far as the concept of this game, playing volleyball involves hitting timing The right moves and in my sessions it was hard to hit the required times when the opponent was attacking.

It’s strange to make this comparison, but playing soccer on Nintendo Switch Sports is very similar to playing Rocket League. We have a huge ball that we have to kick or head kick, and we have to run around the field with the left analog stick. We also have a free kick mode, where you have to put one of the Joy-Cons on your leg strap (the accessory used for the Ring Fit Adventure) to take shots when kicking in the air. It’s definitely not the most fun game in this bunch, because it has the most erratic recognition of our moves.

The sports king of Nintendo Switch Sports is undoubtedly badminton. The movements are very easy to carry out, we just have to shake our arm as if we have a paddle in our hand and press the triggers when we want action drop fire A skillful or forceful kick of the steering wheel to land on the opponent’s field. do good gathering Long is particularly fun and increases pressure between players and anyone strong enough to withstand bumps on the steering wheel wins.

If you invest a lot of time in Nintendo Switch Sports, you will definitely want to customize symbol picture Your virtual representation in the game. These are much more elaborate than the old Mei dolls and have a lot of clothes to collect and trade. Graphically, the entire game has a neat presentation, but without great visual details. The game is made for fun, not visual fidelity.

It’s easy to determine which market share this game is targeting: it’s the same share that was amazed in 2006, when they introduced the disc that came with the console. Do you have parties with enough guests at home to play video games? Nintendo Switch Sports is a great option to spend a good evening. If you are expecting to find a product with complex and deep gameplay, this is not where you will find it. It’s a shame that not all games have the mechanics of bowling and badminton, but even the other four games will have you enjoying them for hours on end.

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