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Recently, Instagram launched a series of features that increase the possibilities of interaction between users, as well as allow greater management of content such as photos, music and videos.

Among the functions are those that allow you to change the order of photos and videos in the feed and send polls in groups so that several people can make decisions together, such as where to meet.

The g 1 Detach some of these new functions and teach you how to use them.

Songs in direct messages

Instagram gains a feature to share snippets of songs in Messages – Image: Disclosure / Instagram

Instagram has a feature that allows you to send snippets of songs through the messaging section, known as Direct. The option was released on March 31 for users of the social network around the world.

With the novelty, it will be possible to copy the link of a song on streaming services and share a 30-second snippet. Instagram will display the album cover on which the song was released and a button for others to listen to in Direct.

The feature works through integration with Apple Music and Amazon Music – the social network will integrate with Spotify soon.

To use the service, do the following:

  1. copy the song link to the streaming service – the link must be 30 seconds long;
  2. When you send the link, the cover image of the album on which the track was released will appear;
  3. There will also be an option to send it to other people.

Feeding in chronological order

Instagram has started launching two feed options with posts in chronological order – Photo: Disclosure / Instagram

Instagram offers a feature that allows you to set the order in which posts will appear in the feed. It is possible to keep the current configuration, which was determined by the platform’s algorithm, or switch to the reverse chronological order, where the most recent appear first.

In tests at least since January, the feature was officially launched on March 23rd. The novelty will come to all users gradually.

To change the order in which posts are displayed in the feed, you will need to click on the Instagram logo in the app and choose one of the available options:

  • Homepage: The feed in the current model, where the Instagram algorithm requests posts based on what it thinks will attract the most attention and includes recommendations from accounts that users don’t follow;
  • following: the feed in chronological order with only the accounts that users follow, and without recommendations from the social network;
  • Favorite: An option in chronological order with a list prepared by users who have some profile, such as relatives and close friends.

It will be the option that uses Instagram algorithms by default and will be activated when the social network feed is opened. The change in Instagram addresses, at least in part, an old demand from users who prefer to view posts in reverse chronological order – which was used in the app’s early days.

Automatic subtitles for videos

After selecting a video, click on “Advanced settings”, and activate the “Display subtitles” option on the “Accessibility” tab. Then just click Share. – Photo: clone

Another novelty of the platform is the availability of automatic subtitles for videos posted in Feed.

The translations are detected and applied by artificial intelligence to facilitate the in-app experience and provide more accessibility.

Instagram encourages video creators to continue turning on the caption feature to make their content accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people to benefit from their experience on the platform.

Subtitles are created automatically. – Photo: clone

The goal is also to help people who need to use Instagram with the sound muted or not heard due to external noise.

At this first moment, translations will be available in the selected languages, such as Portuguese, English and Spanish, among others.

The more people use translation, the more AI will learn, which will improve the quality of the feature.

Here’s how to use the feature:

  • Select a video to be posted to a feed;
  • Click “Advanced Settings”;
  • activate the option “Subtitles display” on the “Accessibility” tab;
  • Then just click Share.

Automatically generated subtitles will also be enabled for video producers, but they will be optional for viewers.

After choosing the content to send (in the case of the image above, a photo), simply press and hold the share button to show the four people you interact with the most. – Photo: clone

Since February, Instagram has started offering the Quick Share feature to its users. With it, you can quickly share content such as photos and videos with other users with the four users you interact with most frequently.

To do this procedure, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Android and iOS smartphone;
  2. Scroll down or open the content you want to share with your friends in direct messages;
  3. Press and hold the send icon;
  4. If you receive the new feature, you will be able to see a new popup with the profile pictures of the contacts you interact with the most;
  5. Swipe to the preview image of the user you want to share the post with and let go of your finger.

To silence the message, it is necessary to put the Silent flag at the beginning of the text. – Photo: clone

In January of this year, Instagram made available a feature to send direct private messages – it’s called @silent.

By marking a message with this tag, the recipient will not receive a notification when they receive the message.

The goal is to allow users to send messages at unusual times without disturbance.

An Instagram group chat poll created. – Photo: clone

In doubt to decide on activities or programs with friends? Instagram allows you to create a poll directly in the group chat via the poll sticker.

Here is the step-by-step for creating a survey:

  1. Open a group chat – Open Instagram and on the main screen, tap the Messages button in the upper right corner. Then tap on the New Message button, also located in the upper right corner. Select two or more people you want to add to the group. Click on “Chat” and start the conversation.
  2. Click on the “Label” icon located in the lower right corner;
  3. select the “Poll” option;
  4. Ask the question and provide answer options.

Limit comments and messages

The first step to restrict comments is to choose the Privacy option under the Settings menu. – Photo: clone

Few things on social media are as unpleasant as receiving offensive or unnecessary comments – often from people we don’t even know.

Instagram offers a feature that helps prevent this problem: limit comments and messages.

Once you are in the Privacy menu, click Comments. – Photo: clone

To do this procedure, the steps are as follows:

  1. Open Instagram on a mobile phone or tablet;
  2. Go to the profile;
  3. Press the menu icon in the upper right corner, next to the “+” icon;
  4. Enter the “Settings” menu and click on “Privacy”;
  5. Enter the “Privacy” menu and click “Comments”;
  6. In the Comment Control menu, choose the profile whose comments you want to block.

Under Commenting Controls, choose the users you want to block. – Photo: clone

Click the Messages icon in the upper right corner of Instagram. – Photo: clone

Instagram has introduced a new wallpaper theme to make conversations more personalized: Lo-Fi.

In it, you can see a kitten relaxing in front of the city silhouette.

After choosing the person with whom you want to change the background of the conversation, click on the topic. – Photo: clone

To access, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Messages icon in the upper right corner;
  2. After choosing the person with whom you want to change the background of the conversation, click on the topic;
  3. Under “Chat thread”, choose “Lo-Fi”;
  4. ready! The “Lo-fi” theme has been applied to the chat wallpaper.

Under ‘Chat thread’, choose ‘Lo-Fi’. – Photo: clone

ready! The “Lo-fi” theme has been applied to the chat wallpaper. – Photo: clone

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